Tracy Tutor Net Worth and Salary – How Rich is the Real Estate Agent? How Much Does She Make?

Tracy Tutor Net Worth and Salary – How Rich is the Real Estate Agent? How Much Does She Make?

Tracy Tutor Net Worth (2)

Tracy Tutor – Top Real Estate Agent in Luxury Homes and Reality TV Star (Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles)

Tracy Tutor net worth

At this time of writing Tracy Tutor has a net worth of $20 million. So how does she make her money? Tracy is the daughter of a well known construction mogul Ronald Tutor who is worth $1 billion. Following in the footsteps of her father, Tracy has a career background in the construction industry, having worked for her father’s company (Tutor Perini Corporation) for 3 years before settling in the related field of real estate which became her major specialty and source of income. Tracy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of California, something which is not related to her pursuits in the Real Estate industry, which is proof that she has always been interested in TV and showbiz. For sure, this top real estate agent dabbles in Reality TV as well. She appeared in Season 10 of the reality-tv series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (MDLLA) in November 2017, a show which films California-based real estate agents selling luxury homes for the rich in Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills. The TV series MDLLA has been shooting since August 2006, produced by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey and streamed through BravoTV.

Like most Bravo Reality TV stars, Tracy gets paid per episode, appearance, per week or day depending on the contract. The amount you earn is commensurate with your experience and talents. She also earns a salary and commissions from her work as a real estate agent in California.

Tracy sold her house for $21.9 million in 2019 which had initially been listed for $23.9 million. In April 2021, she bought a new $8.2 million house listed for $8.675 million in Beverly Hills Estate which she then renovated for an estimated average sum of $1.5 million.

What are Tracy Tutor’s businesses?

Tracy is one of the most accomplished and experienced realtors in California. She has been with Sotheby’s International Realty for 9 years beginning in 2001. Sotheby is a Luxury Homes brand of NRT which is the largest real estate firm in the USA by size and sales volume. In 2010, she left the company to start her own consultancy. After nearly four years as an independent agent, she finally secured a lucrative position as a Real Estate Advisor at Douglas Elliman, a company which made it to the top as the number 1 luxury homes real estate brokerage in the USA. According to Indeed, an associate broker earns an average salary of $119,111 a year at Douglas Elliman.

As a Douglas Elliman consultant, she has been hired by high profile architects, property developers, real estate brokers, luxury resorts and hotels to secure deals, netting in high value projects such as the Scott Gillen Malibu homes worth $500 million in evaluation. Another one of her biggest scores is the more than $400 million worth of real estate sales on behalf of the 5-star Amangiri Luxury Resort in Canyon Point, Utah. The prestigious Dubai Royal Atlantis Resort featuring an imaginative water feature based architecture and the 5+ star Costa Palmas Resort in Mexico boasting one thousand acres of luxury beach homes have appointed Tracy as their brand ambassador. She is earning millions by the looks of it, if you consider the commissions from high value sales.

All in all, Tracy is into real estate and reality TV, but she is also in the wine business. She is the co-owner of UnSweet Wine, a brand of sugar-free wine. The female owned company was co-founded by Tracy and two Swedish partners, Malin Eklund who works as a media producer/marketer and Lisa Agerman who is a fashion marketer and brand manager. Malin Eklund is also a reality TV star co-starring in MDLLA with Tracy. Unsweet Wine is produced and distributed by a Swedish winery called Wine Team Global, and Tracy intends to introduce this brand back home in the United States.

Tracy Tutor Instagram and website

She has an Instagram Page with 275,000 fans at this time of writing. Her profile describes her as a real estate agent, author, speaker and luxuriator. She has a Facebook Page with 75,000 fans and Twitter account with a modest following. If you are interested in her real estate background and luxury home selections, check her associate profile on the Douglas Elliman company website. She also runs her own personal website on TracyTutor. Like many other reality-tv stars, you can also find her on BravoTV.

Who is Tracy Tutor married to?

Tracy was married to Jason Maltas for 13 years. They divorced in December 2017 after Jason Maltas had expressed his disapproval for being aired on the MDLLA reality show, something which he regarded as a violation of privacy. The couple have two daughters. Jason Maltas is also from a construction background working as a manager. In 2020, Tracy started seeing Erik Anderson, her new beau. Even though they got divorced in 2017, Tracy and Jason appeared together on the latest episode of MDLLA in December 2021. Does it mean Jason actually likes appearing on Reality-TV as long as nothing is said about him? Lol.

What does Tracy Tutor’s boyfriend do?

Tracy’s second boyfriend Erik Anderson is a personal trainer and owner of The Body Shop, a provider of fitness training and gym equipment. They were set up by Fredrik Eklund, her business partner and MDLLA co-star who also appears in MDLNY tv series.


Tracy found love again in her new beau Erik Anderson, but many people were not aware of what she meant when she said “I think now, more than ever, it’s time to say F…k it”. As it was revealed by tabloids, she was talking about the age difference between them. Tracy is actually 20 years older than Erik Anderson. They hooked up when she was 46 and Erik was 26.


Tracy Tutor grew up in California. She was born on 11 August 1975 to construction billionaire Ronald N. Tutor and a woman from a previous relationship. She has two daughters.