Woolworths Announces Exciting Month-end New Price List and Promotions for 2024

Shop Smart and Save Big with Woolworths Latest Weekly and Monthly Specials

Woolworths has just unveiled its latest price list and promotions for 2024, offering customers the opportunity to stock up on pantry essentials and save on their weekly grocery bills. From fresh produce to pantry staples and sweet treats, Woolworths has something for everyone. Take advantage of these amazing deals and promotions to fill your kitchen with quality products at unbeatable prices.

Here is a list of 25 items with their prices and savings for your convenience:

1. Large Carrots 1 kg – Buy 2 for R25 Large Carrots 1kg – R14.99
2. Wheat Biscuits 1 kg – R20.00 Save R5.00
3. Fresh Milk 2L – R25.99 Save R3.00
4. Chicken Drumsticks 1kg – R35.00 Save R7.00
5. Basmati Rice 2kg – R40.00 Save R10.00
6. Canned Tomatoes 400g – Buy 3 for R20.00 Canned Tomatoes 400g – R7.99
7. Olive Oil 1L – R50.00 Save R8.00
8. Granola 500g – R30.00 Save R5.00
9. Tuna Chunks 200g – Buy 2 for R30 Tuna Chunks 200g – R17.99
10. Peanut Butter 500g – R15.00 Save R3.00
11. Instant Coffee 200g – R45.00 Save R5.00
12. Biscuits Assortment 1 kg – Buy 2 for R40 Biscuits Assortment 1kg – R24.99
13. All-Purpose Flour 2kg – R18.00 Save R4.00
14. Pasta Sauce 500g – Buy 2 for R30 Pasta Sauce 500g – R16.99
15. Crackers 250g – R12.00 Save R2.00
16. Cereal Bars 6-pack – R25.00 Save R5.00
17. Frozen Vegetables 500g – Buy 2 for R25 Frozen Vegetables 500g – R14.99
18. Instant Noodles 5-pack – R10.00 Save R2.00
19. Canned Beans 400g – Buy 3 for R15 Canned Beans 400g – R5.99
20. Jam 500g – R8.00 Save R2.00
21. Chocolate Bars 100g – Buy 2 for R15 Chocolate Bars 100g – R8.99
22. Breakfast Cereal 750g – R35.00 Save R5.00
23. Tea Bags 50-pack – R10.00 Save R2.00
24. Salad Dressing 250ml – R15.00 Save R3.00
25. Energy Drinks 4-pack – R20.00 Save R5.00

With these incredible offers, Woolworths is making it than ever for customers to shop smart and save money on their grocery essentials. Whether you’re looking to stock up on pantry staples or treat yourself to some indulgent treats, Woolworths has you covered. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals and promotions – visit your nearest Woolworths store or shop online today!