Shaunie O’Neal Net Worth and Salary – How Rich is the ‘Basketball Wives’ Star? How Much Does She Make?

Shaunie O’Neal Net Worth and Salary – How Rich is the ‘Basketball Wives’ Star? How Much Does She Make?

Shaunie O’Neal Net Worth (2)

Shaunie O’Neal – Reality TV Star and Executive Producer of  “Basketball Wives”

Shaunie O’Neal Net Worth

At this time of writing Shaunie O’Neal has a net worth of $35 million. How does she make her money? First, she earns money from her work as the executive producer of the popular reality TV show “Basketball Wives” and its other installations such as the LA version. She is also involved in a TV series that portrays her family life – Shaunie’s Home Court. But that’s not the only source of her income. She also runs a Cannabis business, has her own shoe brand. With her experience in film marketing obtained from her job with Fox Entertainment, she handled film marketing for her famous ex-husband and basketballer Shaque O’Neal.

But Shaunie’s windfall came after the couple divorced. In September 2007, her husband Shaque O’Neal went to the Circuit court to file for divorce but the couple reconciled and didn’t go through with the divorce. Amid accusations of infidelity from both sides, problems arose once again, escalating the divisions and tensions between the couple. Shaunie decided to file for their final divorce in November 2009, leading to a court settlement granting her 50% of Shaque’s net worth based on a pre-nuptial agreement. Shaque O’Neal was worth $300 million at the time of divorce, so Shaunie got $150 million richer. Shaque was also ordered to pay $100,000 per child every month in child maintenance.  Based on the number of children involved, Shaunie collects $5 million a year in child support payments which will come to a halt when the full amount ($100 million) is reached. Official details of the child and alimony settlements were never revealed nor confirmed, but Shaque earned $20 million a year excluding his property and multi-million dollar earnings in endorsements. Other sources say the settlement  was $240,000 a year, consisting of $10,000 per child in monthly maintenance and $10,000 per month in alimony (spousal support).

Shaunie earns $150,000 a year from her position as the Executive Producer of ‘Basketball Wives’, and if you add $120,000 a year in alimony payments, that definitely adds up her income.

What are Shaunie O’Neal’s businesses?

Besides being a reality TV producer, Shaunie revealed her other business interests in style, never missing the opportunity to include the ventures on her reality show. Like the typical glamorous character who does not leave anything to waste, in 2018, Shaunie appeared with other “housewives” mates in a trailer of her reality show travelling to Amsterdam in Europe to get a sample of the famous weed that would be behind her Cannabis dispensary business. The housewives are seen in the video exploring the streets of Amsterdam, taking a whiff of the stuff in the shop and marvelling at the legalized world’s oldest profession in the red zone. Shaunie suddenly remembers she came here for business – to look at the supply side and product offering of the lucrative cannabis business that she would launch when she returns to the USA. It’s a $130 billion dollar industry where several well known US celebrities have mulled getting into.

On 22 November 2018, Shaunie announced on her Instagram that she is venturing into the real estate business. She appeared on a photo post signing some papers with her partners, a contract that will see her acquiring properties down the line with her 5 kids.

In 2011, Shaunie launched her shoe collection at Tru, Hollywood. The event was attended by her circle of friends and mates from Basketball Wives. The products on display was an assortment of women’s heels and boots, a business collaboration with a Chinese company.

Shaunie O’Neal Instagram and website

Shaunie has an Instagram Page with about 1.4 million followers at this time of writing. She also has a personal website hosted at IAmShaunie where she describes herself as an entrepreneur, executive producer, real estate investor and mother of 5 kids. She can be booked for appointments and meetings on her website for all those who are interested in business, women empowerment, parenting and showbiz.

Who is Shaunie O’Neal married to?

Shaunie was married to famous basketballer Shaque O’Neal on 26 December 2002. The couple has six children, of which two are from previous relationships. The elder son Shareef and his three siblings, Amirah, Shaqir and Mearah were born to both parents, while Myles and Taahirah were born from previous relationships. Taahirah is Shaque’s daughter and Myles is Shaunie’s elder son.

Shaunie dated Marlon Yates after divorcing Shaque O’Neal in 2011. Their relationship ended in 2016. Like most events in her life, Shaunie spoke about Marlon in her reality show. Shaque prohibited Shaunie from talking about him in her reality show after the divorce, by making her sign a legal non-disclosure agreement.

Shaunie got engaged to Pastor Keion Henderson on 11 November 2021, her newfound boyfriend she has been dating since 2019 after breaking up with Marlon. Keion is six years younger than Shaunie.


Shaunie O’Neal  was born on 27 November 1974 in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA. Her maiden name is Vashaundya Karlette Nelson, born to  mother named Louise and unknown dad.