Jen Shah Net Worth and Salary  – How Rich is the RHOSLC Star? How Much Does She Make?

Jen Shah Net Worth and Salary  – How Rich is the RHOSLC Star? How Much Does She Make?

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Jen Shah – Reality TV star “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”

Jen Shah net worth

At this time of writing, Jen Shah has a net worth of $3 million. So how does she make her money? She is an actress and star of the TV show “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” abbreviated as RHOSLC. The reality TV series made its debut in November 2020, an extension of the original “The Real Housewives” show which launched in 2006. After being arrested outside the premises of the RHOSLC studios in March 2021 and charged with defrauding hundreds of clients out of $5 million in a telemarketing scheme over the past 10 years, Jen Shah bragged about earning $50,000 a month, which adds up to an annual salary of $600,000, a sum which has been disputed by many experts and those around her.  Koa Johnson who worked as the star’s designer in the past said Jen borrows much of the expensive clothes she wears on the reality show. This includes coats, jewellery and the assortment of luxury cars she rides. Her entourage travels with about 20 luggage bags of which 17 have her stuff, and the star is often seen at an airstrip, boarding a private jet with husband and family.

How much does Jen Shah spend on parties?

Known for her glamorous lifestyle and love for luxury, the star claims to have spent $82,000 in hosting a Chalet party and she has about six Chalet parties in a year, which rounds up to $492,000. Jen says she can invite friends for special occasions and treat them to $50,000 dinner or pay flight tickets to bring in exotic dancers from the island of Tonga.

What are Jen Shah’s businesses?

The TV personality claims to have several businesses with her business partner Stuart Smith, three of which are marketing consultancies she has been running for 20 years. She is into fashion, beauty, cosmetics and skincare. One of her marketing businesses is called Shah Squad Marketing.

Jen Shah Instagram and website

The mother of three has an Instagram page with at least 161,000 fans. On her profile, she describes herself as an entrepreneur in “direct response marketing”. Some of her brands in various niches such as fashion and nails are listed on the page. These include JAX Fashion, Shah Lashes and Shah Beauty. The reality TV star has a Twitter Page with about 46,000 followers. Her fashion brand is hosted on the website JXAFashion. Fans on Reddit have questioned why Shah Squad Marketing has no website, raising legitimacy concerns for this company. Jen is also on the website called Cameo, a platform for outsourcing custom celebrity videos for any occasion.

Who is Jen Shah married to?

She is married to husband Sharrief Shah who makes a living as college football coach. Sharrief is one the highest paid coaches in the NCAA earning $450,000 a year.


Jen Shah and her business partner Stuart Smith were arrested in March 2021 for running a marketing scheme which defrauded clients of about $5 million over a span of 10 years. The marketing scam targeted an older audience aged 55+, enticing them with non-existent services such as tax filing and web design which were never delivered. The company run by Jen Shah and her partner Stuart Smith would sometimes instruct clients to deposit payments in offshore accounts whereby the clients’ information was sold to other companies in an endless cycle of fraud. If convicted, Jen Shah and her partner face a total of 50 years in jail on charges of wire fraud and money laundering, with wire fraud carrying a maximum of 30 years.  The troubled reality tv-star was released on bail in April 2021. Her next trial is set for March 2022 after it was postponed from 18 October 2021.

Although his partner Stuart Smith has pled guilty to fraud charges, Jen still maintains her innocence.


Jen Shah was born on 4 October 1973 to Sione Kaisa Lui and Charlene Bonnie Lui, with 5 other siblings. She is from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA. She is of Pacific Indian heritage born to Polynesian parents hailing from Tonga and Hawaii. A former member of the Mormon church in an all-white congregation, she later on converted to Islam after being dismayed by the Mormon Church past steeped in racism and white supremacy.