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Superga Catalogue 2017 – 2790 Cotropew Espadrill by Superga R1999

Superga is a footwear brand with a long history. The shoe company is originally Italian and it was established in 1911 as a manufacturer of tennis shoes. It is well known for its early innovative vulcanized rubber sole sports shoes, especially the 2750 tennis shoes which became a hit with European buyers in the 1900s. Due to its early success, the company founded by Walter Martiny decided to introduce new products, producing different types of footwear and sportswear other than tennis shoes.Today, you can find Superga stores and factory shops in Europe, USA, Brazil and South Africa. In South Africa, there are 10 brand stores including an online shop dedicated to South Africans.

In a bid to acquire capital financing for expansion, Superga had to find a partner. A merger between Superga and another Italian firm Pirelli, a well known tyre manufacturer was finalized in 1951. Boosted by the popularity of the 2750 tennis shoe model, the company introduced a new line of innovative tech sports shoes and eventually diversified into clothing. The modern store continues to give major focus on shoes, but you can also find accessories like travelling bags, sports bags, jackets, track suits, sweat pants, sweaters, knitwear and t-shirts.

South Africa is the only African country with a Superga brand store and factory shop, which shows you how lucky you are, if you are a fan of the brand. Brand buyers are loyal customers who cannot wait for a new line of Superga models to be released, but you don’t have to pay the full price all the time. Did you know that you can get the latest release of footwear at a much cheaper retail price even if the demand is high? It doesn’t require much effort on your behalf except following a few tips outlined below:

Superga Gift Vouchers:

Teens, young adults and mommies love gift vouchers, especially when they are dished out in competitions run by stores and supermarkets. If you like Superga products, you don’t have to travel far to get gift vouchers, they are available in your favourite store. What are gift vouchers and what do you get from them? Essentially, it’s just a way to give you more at a lower price than you would pay when doing your regular shopping. Instead of going into a shop and taking items off the shelf one by one, you can simply look for a gift voucher. This is especially important when you are shopping for a gift or present for your loved ones. Vouchers are product hampers with a single price tag on them. The basket is filled with various items selected by the store and wrapped with plastic or aluminium foil. It’s an opportunity to buy multiple items at a reduced price, for example a 30% discount on all items is applied. However, you will not get a discount when you are buying these items separately.

Superga gift vouchers may contain any items from the store – sneakers, jeans, socks, t-shirts, bags etc.

2750 Netw By Superga R999

2750 Netw By Superga R999

Superga Sales and Weekly Specials:

The store holds numerous promotional sales on a weekly, monthly, seasonal basis, therefore you have an opportunity to save money throughout the year. Flexible payment terms are available for all types of buyers, these include lay-by, cash, credit card and monthly instalments from 12 to 36 months. Superga’s motto is “people’s shoe of Italy”, meaning that you can get all types of footwear for different occasions and situations. This includes footwear for men, women, teenagers and kids. One of the most popular promotions is the Superga Black Friday sale, which has some of the best offers. For selected styles of fashion items, you can get R300 offers in the store. All stores in South Africa have the same offers on display, so on a Black Friday, you can visit one of your local stores to take advantage of this one-day sale.

Shoe catalogues for monthly and weekly specials are also available for regular shoppers. Each and every concept store has collections for winter and summer styles, which you can browse through to get inspired. As an Italian brand, you can only expect footwear of high quality fabric, threading and fixing techniques. From leather shoes to canvas sneakers, you can find shoes for the office, street, party and the beach, including all types of specialized sportswear for running, golfing, tennis, football and basketball.

In order to keep updated with price discounts on various fashion items, you have to bookmark the promotional sales page on Superga website. Open the link on your web browser and add it to your bookmarks on Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

 Superga Celebrity Collaborations:

Just like Nike, Puma and New Balance which make use of celebrities and famous stars to endorse their sportswear, Superga has an array of international stars such as Bradley Cooper, and Binx Leona Walton to provide input in the shoe design process. The stars collaborate with the Superga team to create concept shoes which are sold under the star’s label. You can find celebrity collaborations on the Superga online store. Each year, new brand ambassadors are hired to create a new line of products and designs.

In addition to international stars, the company allows local stores to employ domestic stars, for example, Superga South Africa employed Poppy Ntshongwana to be the face of the brand in the 2015/ 2016 period. The shoe model resulting from the collaboration is named after the celebrity, for example, you can find the Poppy sneaker for women in local stores, as well as the Chulaap Afro Pop Superga 2790 Fanchu designed by Chu Suwannapha, a well-known South African fashion and fabrics guru. At the time of its release, the shoe was going for R999.00 at R94 monthly instalments.

Superga Brand New Release:

Most of the time, people are informed about the latest footwear when they are already on sale. You can have an edge over other buyers by signing up for a Superga newsletter. This newsletter informs you of the latest sneakers, clothing and accessories that are on sale or which are to be released in the next few weeks. You gain access to weekly deals, bargain offers, and discounts on selected items sold by clearance branches. You have nothing to lose by subscribing to the brand newsletter, it only takes your email address, and within a short time you will start receiving updates.

This is the best way to make sure that you don’t lose out on deals that are offered throughout the year. You should also keep an eye on the local website and read the company blog on a regular basis. New projects and products are usually announced online. Check the homepage for fresh items released by the store.

Social Media – The Superga Facebook Page for South Africa has over 873,730 likes. If you have a Facebook account, you can follow the Page and get updates on great deals and sales. Since a lot of people log into Facebook on a daily basis, you can keep watch for deals on your Smartphone, without requiring to visit the store.

Superga Shopping Account:

If you have shopped online previously, then you already have a Superga customer account, which you created on checking out. If not, then you have to create a new account by making an online order. Put items that you want to buy in your shopping basket and check out. Enter the required details i.e. name, residential address, credit card and payment method. Pay instantly or later. An invoice will be generated which you can pay later. Make sure that you pay before the expiry date of the invoice, otherwise your invoice will be invalid after the deadline.

Inside your shopping account, you can update your details to reflect your current status. Make sure that you put your real name, because it will appear on your receipt.

In case you are only interested in window shopping, you can add the items that you are browsing on a wishlist.

Superga Competition:

The Superga competition run by the South African brand store provides an opportunity for local shoppers to win brand new items. To enter the competition, fill in the form on the website and read the instructions.

Shoe Size Help:

As a tip for online shopping, if you are buying shoes online, you have to find out your real size before purchasing or else the shoes will be shipped to you and they might not fit when you wear them. It’s easier buying offline in your local store because you are able to try them, but you don’t have this opportunity on an online shop.

Commonly used shoe sizes are the US, UK, European and Metric sizes. Check your current shoe size including its regional category. A lot of modern shoes have a size label sewn under the shoe lip. This label shows you the size in equivalent conversions, for example UK – size 10 is equivalent to USA – size 11, EUR – size 45 and metric size 29 cm.

Superga Stores and Factory Shops:

You can find better deals at a factory shop outlet in South Africa. Start with a factory store, then go a brand store and finally a retail outlet like Zando, Tiendeo and Spree. The following brand stores are open in the following malls in South Africa:

Contact details:  Phone +27 11 608 0023 or


The Zone – Rosebank

Sandton Shopping Centre – Sandton

Menlyn Mall – Pretoria

Clearwater Mall – Roodepoort

Africa Mall – Midrand


Pavilion Shopping Centre – Durban

Gateway Theatre – Umhlanga

Western Cape:

Canal Walk, Century City – Cape Town

Eastern Cape:

Bay West Shopping Centre – Port Elizabeth


Riverside Mall – Nelspruit