Bata Shoes Factory and Stores South Africa



Bata Shoes Factory was established by 3 siblings who had just come into a small inheritance, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia. This was on 24th August, 1894. Bata was one of the world’s foremost shoe manufacturing company. It had a team of stitchers and shoemakers who created not only footwear for those around their town, but also for retailers from distant towns and cities.

About 10 years later, Bata Shoes Factory began producing at least 2200 pairs of shoes daily. Utilizing helpful creative and skilled workforce and modern equipment. These helped them keep up with the increasing demands for their products. With more innovative ideas, Bata’s shoes grew and it’s sales increased to 2 million pairs per annum, by the year 1917.

In Zlin, Bata constructed housing, colleges and hospitals across the manufacturing facility for its people and their families. This was a design it would eventually come to mirror in different parts of the world in years to come. Bata  also provided low cost housing  and food at some point during difficult times, because its founder Tomas Bata firmly believed that business needed be of service to the general public.

Since its inception in 1894, bata has been at the fore of innovation; not in  the manufacturing  of new styles, but also in the advent of business models that allows for a quick response to the ever-changing needs and wants of its  customers. The result being that Bata  enjoys a track-record of being a leading producer and retailer of quality shoes, and proudly offers its services to a million clients every day.

Bata’s reach is a global one; its presence is also a localized one. Its ground-breaking global production facilities in Bata centers around the world in order to respond to the peculiar needs and wants of customers in their home countries. Because of this, Bata feels it an honour, to be a local enterprise in every country it offers its services. Bata is still guided by the same core principle has helped it accomplish so much for over a hundred years: to recognise its clients and to create the exceptional feasible products to meet their desires.

For over a hundred years, Bata has been at the forefront of footwear design. Today, specialists in bata’s shoe innovation centres round the world still maintain the culture of innovation, as they dedicate themselves to creating new shoe making materials, as well as improving on current shoe technology, and also creating new shoes that blends style with comfort.

With a retail network of about 5000 retail shops in over 60 countries, which stocks top quality fashion shoes for women, men and youngsters; Bata  South Africa is a leading shoes producer and store in the this part of the world.

The Bata retail chain additionally consists of ladies handbags, school and travelling luggage and sports shoes.

Bata’s motto statement is “to be successful as the most dynamic, flexible and market responsive worldwide organization, with footwear as its core business.”

Bata shoe Factory, which operates in over 60 countries and in five continents, and was founded by Tomas Bata, in 1894, started its operations in South Africa in 1959.

Today, Bata is one of the major retail outlets in South Africa that trades in footwear and accessories for guys, women and youngsters.