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Queenspark Fashion Catalogue

Queenspark Fashion Catalogue – 2017

Queenspark fashionwear is a local South African brand specializing in the manufacture of stylish clothing for men and women. It is also a major cosmetic retailer where you can find creams, lotions, perfumes, hair and skin care solutions. As one of the leading stores in South Africa, you can expect men’s and women’s wear of the highest quality. Within the store, there are various labels covering a wide range of needs for people of different styles and tastes. Queenspark opened its first store in 1980, so that’s over 30 years of experience and service.

Queenspark stores and factory shops are found all over South Africa. There are 56 stores in South Africa, and Gauteng province alone has 25 stores. There are 2 stores in Namibia and one in Kenya.

Most of the times, a brand store is perceived as highly valued because of the high grade fabrics and materials that are used in the manufacturing process. This is certainly the case with Queenspark, but did you know that you can get the finest garments at the lowest price?

All you need to do is to be on alert for opportunities to save money. There are various ways of saving money when shopping at Queenspark:

Current Promotions:

The fashion store makes it easy for visitors to get access to deals and offers through running seasonal promotions. Expect lower prices and discounts during holidays like Christmas, Easter, Black Friday and Valentines Day. As the season changes from winter to summer, you can expect winter sales and summer sales respectively. The generation Y shopper no longer needs to make weekly trips to the town mall to check current deals, but he or she makes use of the internet to keep up-to-date with promotions. Via a Smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone or any internet enabled touchscreen, you can track deals and promotions that are currently on offer. Visit the Queenspark web store to get the latest deals. There is a page dedicated to promotions, and depending on the season in which you are shopping and your location, you can get low-priced deals on men’s’ shirts, jewellery, handbags, dresses, trousers, lipstick and other accessories. On the online store, go to the News tab and click “current promotions”. Look for opportunities to save money on items that you are planning to buy.

End of year sales are done during the month of December. This is the best time to get a bargain because unsold stock needs to be cleared, so prices are likely to go down by a high margin.

Queenspark Store Card:

A store card allows you to buy specific items at low prices, that is if you are a loyal customer who frequently purchases at the store. The sales staff will give you a card if you buy items above a specified threshold. The card usually comes with a balance, say R200, which you can use to buy items of your choice in the store. However, you have to spend the balance before a specified date, otherwise the credit will disappear after the deadline.

To be eligible for a store card, simply visit your local Queenspark shop and buy clothing or cosmetics worth a qualifying amount. The cashier or sales consultant will register your details and your name will be entered into a database. This short registration gives you a personal account that allows you to enjoy benefits such as free shopping credit, rewards, offers and deals.

The secret of getting the most out of your store card is being a loyal customer. Make it a point to buy from the same shop on a regular basis, so that you can earn more credits. At the end of the year, you will realize that this strategy actually saves you a lot of money compared to scattered shopping where you buy items from different brand stores, and never get recognized for your shopping efforts.

To access your card credits, log into your online account at Queenspark fashion store.

Queenspark VIP Member

There are benefits to becoming a VIP member. Not much is asked of you to become a VIP member. Once you register an account online, you will start getting deals and offers that unregistered members don’t have access to. If you are a regular visitor at Queenspark fashion stores in your town, you take advantage of online subscriptions. It’s totally free, go to the website and fill in your name, email address and cellphone number, and submit. That’s all, you will receive confirmation, and instead of physically visiting the store to check the latest deals, you can simply check your email from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Queenspark Brochures and Catalogues

Monthly catalogues are printed and distributed at all Queenspark stores in South Africa. Collect your catalogue whenever you visit a store in your area. These fine catalogues showcase the current collections and promotions that you can take advantage of. You can also find catalogues in editions of your local newspaper.

If you are on the internet, simply visit the online shop and download a brochure. This is a catalogue in PDF format. It’s probably the easiest way to access offerings provided by the shop. There are summer collections for men and women as well as winter collections.

Queenspark Store Card Competition

One of the benefits of getting a Queenspark store card is that you are eligible to enter big competitions such as the annual car prize draw, which is held towards the end of the year, from 17 October to 24 December. Persons over 18 years of age are allowed to join the competition, and you must have a South African ID.However, the main requirement for participants is that they should buy items worth R1,000 or more on a single receipt at any Queenspark store. Make sure that you use your store card to make purchases. You can enter the competition as many times as you can, provided that you have a receipt worth R1,000 or more. This practically increases your chances of winning a prize than participants who enter once.

The winner of the competition is announced 21 days after the deadline for entries, around the second week of January in the New Year.

The name of the prize winner will appear in the news media as well as the Queenspark blog. In case you are a lucky winner, you can collect your prize at your nearest Queenspark store.

Social Media

Queenspark is very active on social media, especially on Instagram where the company publishes cosmetics and fashion deals. Join the Queenspark Instagram page via Facebook and get updated on giveaways and discounts for handbags, sandals, necklaces, jeans and makeup kits. You can save anywhere from 25% to 75%. A lot of female shoppers are on Instagram and Facebook, where they spend most of their time sharing posts and liking status updates. As a result, you are more likely to bump on deals that your friends have liked and purchased.

Queenspark Factory Shops

Queenspark factory outlets use only the best material and techniques to produce elegant designs. So when you pick up something from the brand store, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the price because you are getting value for money. Retail prices are usually higher than factory prices, so in order to get the lowest price possible, you have to find a factory store in your town or city. You will get amazing prices on original fashion items that are manufactured by the local company. Find a store in your area now.


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