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Cayleigh Berry with Tomy Takkies by BATA

Tomy Takkies needs no introduction. It is a company well reputed for its giant strides in the shoe making industry, globally. Here in South Africa, especially in Durban, you will find Tomy Takkies’ factory which has been established since a few decades back. The company’s footwear and accessories are supplied from here to virtually every part of SA. The factory in Durban is the one stop place to get they best of all kinds of footwear. As they are all being manufactured in their numbers, over here.

In the cradle years of Tomy Takkies, here in South Africa, the company left no corner upswept, in its bid to stamp its shoe making authority across the lands of Mzansi. However, it cannot be said that other top grade footwear manufacturers didn’t also make their name here in South Africa. A lot of them did. But Tomy Takkies has really held its own. And the people over here in South Africa love Tomy Takkies shoes and its other kinds of footwear. As the materials used by Tomy Takkies in manufacturing its footwear products, are sourced from unique places. Today, Tomy Takkies has also begun to source for manufacturing materials from unique regions around the country. Its products range from those for adults, to those for kids. And they all come from this factory.

Tomy Takkies has a lot of stores in South Africa. All you need do is check for these stores at major SA cities such as Cape Town, Durham and a couple of other small cities too. There’s a Tomy Takkies store in the largest mall in both Cape Town and Durban, known as Gemshoes Wholesale market. This place offers so much variety of shoes that you probably might not even have tried on before. Stores such as this one, can be found in malls, with their prices put at a fixed rate and standard. Tomy Takkies factory churns out as much as 50,000 shoes in South Africa alone. And because of high demand more stores have been opened across the country, to make it convenient for its customers.

Besides the stores in real-time, there are a lot of online South African online websites that have South Africa. Zando is one of such stores, here in SA. It provides you virtually all types of Tomy Takkies products and their various sizes too. All of which can be purchased at no stress and can be delivered at your doorstep, with of course a feasible delivery charge. This has made a lot of South Africans to prefer the online stores these days. Another reason why they prefer the online store, is the absence of a Tomy Takkies store in their respective areas.

Tomy Takkies has always been on top of their game, with the kind of top quality materials it uses in manufacturing its footwear, from the top quality leather material to other ones. The company has also done its best to ensure that its products are of top quality and almost without flaws. Because of this care taken in the production of its footwear, Tomy Takkies footwears do not come cheap. But the customers themselves are not perturbed by this as they are all about the quality, design comfort which Tomy Takkies shoes have to offer. Hence, it comes highly recommended. You should try it.


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