Jordan Footwear Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Jordan Footwear Bronx Catalogue

Jordan Footwear is a South African brand with a fascinating history. The shoe factory was founded by Alfred Jordan in 1899, after having worked for a shoe factory called Panther in the Cape winelands town of Wellington. He resigned from the factory with a lot of experience and mission to establish his own shoe manufacturing business, which was to be named after his family name.

The first shoe factory began operations in a small building with only 12 workers, and Alfred Jordan was the sole owner in charge of production, management and quality control. For nearly 40 years, the Jordan factory produced at least 30 pairs of shoes a day. By this time, Edwyn Jordan, the founder’s son had taken over the firm and he seized the opportunity to expand the firm by purchasing a bigger size of land to build a big factory which was capable of turning out 300 pairs of shoes in a day.

When Edwyn Jordan died in 1961, he had already made an arrangement with his son Ted Jordan who was the next heir to the Jordan business empire, to merge Jordan & Co with Jagger Shoes, a company run by Ted Jordan. Like his father, Ted believed in innovation and modernization of the production process. It was in the 1960s and shoe factories in Europe were using advanced machinery which increased daily output by about eight times. The current machinery being employed in the La Blois Cape estate at the time was outdated and could not meet the demand. A modern plant was purchased from Europe and shipped to the Cape Colony. Although the shoe manufacturing plant was expensive, it proved to be the right and profitable solution which increased output to over 1,000 pairs of shoes a day.

The modern Jordan footwear stores and factory shops are found in most areas of the Western Cape and other provinces in South Africa. Distribution centres are found in Botswana and Namibia. Jordan is one of the most popular shoe companies in South Africa. You have six brand names to choose from – the Bronx shoe brand is available for men, women and safety footwear. Other shoe brands are Milano Anton Fabi, Olympic and Tshisa style.

Bronx is a popular brand for men that is known for its durable leather, tough rubber soles and high quality stitching. Shoes for special occasions, work, school and office are available. The Bronx brand for women was introduced in 2005. It features the same high quality of material that is observed on men’s shoes, but with uniquely styled designs for sandals, flats, sneakers and heels.

So how does one get the best price on Jordan footwear? By following the tips below you can get a bargain on the Jordan brand that you are interested in.

Jordan Shoes Weekly Deals and Offers

Jordan shoes and sneakers are sold at various retail stores in South Africa. You can find the brand at departmental stores such as Edgars, Meikles, Woolworths and Truworths. These departmental stores run weekly promotions where you are likely to find a sale on various types of shoes. The shoe section is where you will find all types of shoes.

Jordan & Co also sells shoes through various distributors and agents. These are usually shoe stores that sell imported footwear.

Jordan Factory Shops and Stores

There are several Jordan factory outlets and stores in South Africa. Cape Town is the headquarters of the shoe manufacturing company, and hence you can find a lot of outlets in places such as Somerset West, Bellville, Elsies River, Goodwood, Tokai, Woodstock and Montague Gardens.

Jordan Shoe Catalogue

It’s easy to go through a selection of Jordan shoes because there are catalogues for each brand. You can find these catalogues on the company’s website. Visit the Jordan & Co store online, and browse through the media. Select the trademark that you would like to see and view the pictures.

Milano Anton Fabi – This brand is for stylish young men who need to keep up with the latest fashion trends. If you care about exclusivity and impressions, then this is the brand to go for.

Bronx – The traditional Bronx is designed for men, and it has gained a reputation as a tough, solid and classy shoe.

Olympic – The Jordan Olympic brand is the sports footwear brand for athletics, hiking, weightlifting and other disciplines.

Safety Footwear – If you work at industrial sites such as construction, civil engineering, steel fabrication, chemical plants, manufacturing and cargo moving, then you know that you need to be protected by wearing safety shoes.

Today, Jordan employs over 750 people, and the factory makes over 2400 pairs of shoes in a day. The company produces ISO certified products which also comply with SABS.