11 Brands Similar to Dr Martens

11 Brands Similar to Dr Martens

Dr. Martens is simply amazing: they go with anything, they are comfortable, and they can take any outfit from zero to a hundred. However, they can be a little bit expensive, and sometimes you just can’t find the perfect size for you.


For that reason, it’s always a good option to have an alternative to a beloved brand. With that in mind, we prepared a list of the 11 best brands that are similar to Dr Martens. Here you will find some cheaper alternatives, others with more creative designs, but all of them have some sort of similarity to Dr Martens.

11. Circus NY


This brand specializes in women’s footwear, and they nail every aspect of it. You can find boots and booties available during the whole year, and they come in a large variety of shapes and colors. Of course, the black ones are more similar to Dr. Martens, but they also have a silver and gold line that takes your boots to the next level.

10. Unionbay


We are starting this list with one of the cheapest alternatives to the classic Dr. Martens. Unionbay sells all sorts of clothes, but every year for their fall and winter collection they launch some amazing boots that you can find both on their website or at their stores. The ones that we love the most are the Lester fashion combat boots, it is so popular that you can find them all year round.

9. Bates


Some people think that Bates only makes work boots, and though that it’s their main selling product, it is by no means the only one. They have some pretty fashionable boots too, but their strong point is that they are way cheaper. Besides that, they have some waterproof options, and others that are made with a super comfy interior, so there is something for everyone. They may not have the most innovative designs, but there is a pretty great balance between price and quality.

8. Marc Fisher Footwear


This brand has a similar price to Dr. Martens, but you will be able to find some more creative designs. What makes Marc Fisher footwear stand out is its color variety, especially nailing the white combat boots. In their designs they usually alternate and use different fabrics, having a finished product that will make all heads turn to you.

7. Birkenstock


You might know this brand for their sandals, but they also sell footwear that is pretty similar to Dr. Martens. Some people like to call Birkenstock the summer alternative to Dr. Martens (thanks to their amazing clogs, sandals, and flip-flops), but they have boots that you can use for the colder months of the year.

6. Bruno Marc


This brand offers a large variety of footwear, and some of its lines are pretty similar to Dr. Martens. They specialize in sneakers, but you can find dress shoes, combat boots, and boots. Compared to Dr. Martens this brand is cheaper, but some people argue that the quality might not be as good. If you prioritize a good price and you are aware that they may only last a couple of years, then this brand is still a great alternative.

5. Danner


We wanted to include Danner on our list because they have some amazing designs. We know that they are more expensive than Dr. Martens, but when it comes to quality and designs they are way ahead. Its most popular products are boots for different sports, such as for use in the snow or for hiking. They have a sole with a good grip, so it is perfect for you if you live in a place where snow falls, since you will not slip in these fantastic boots.

4. Fluevog


We couldn’t make a list of similar brands to Dr. Martens and not include Fluevog in it. This brand is also more expensive, but they made every single product with the highest quality leather that there is on the market. We love their red leather combat boots, but you can stick to the traditional black ones too. If you are looking for elegant designs, or if you want some boots with higher heels, then you have to check out Fluevog.

3. Blundstone


With this pick, we wanted to show a brand that is similar to Dr. Martens in every single way but doesn’t get nearly as much recognition. Blundstone has some traditional designs, the price is similar to Dr. Martens, and the same goes for the quality of their products. You can use Blundstone footwear to work, go to class, or use it for your everyday activities.

2. Steve Madden


If you are obsessed with shoes then you are probably already familiar with Steve Madden. This brand offers designer shoes at different prices, and they have some of the best off-season discounts that you can find on the market. Their Meteor-e black leather and Amulet Black designs offer some creative twists on what would be classic combat boots. From rhinestones to mirror-like colors you can find everything you can imagine here.

1. Soda Shoes


They are known for making some crazy designs, and they recently went viral for their cowboy boots. However, Soda shoes also offer a wide variety of products that are similar to the ones that you could find at any Dr. Martens. Soda Shoes is a brand that knows how to translate trends into footwear. They made that a few weeks ago with a line inspired by the Barbie movie, so you can imagine how innovative they are. For a colorful and diverse variety, you have to check this brand as an alternative to the traditional Dr. Martens.

In Conclusion

We still love Dr. Martens, but we can deny that sometimes it is refreshing to look for other alternatives. All these brands offer similar products to Dr. Martens, but they give them their spins or they are cheaper.

Keep in mind that when it comes to footwear the best option is to choose the one that you feel most comfortable in, both in style and wearability.