8 Brands Similar To Crocs

8 Brands Similar To Crocs

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying the incredible success that Crocs had over the past few years. Not only are their products super comfortable, but they managed to create a name of their own based on the brand: they aren’t sandals or flip flops, they are Crocs.


However, it is also true that the price of this beloved summer footwear went up as it became more famous. Luckily for us, there are cheaper alternatives that you can find.


If you are looking for a better price, or if you want to have something similar to Crocs but with more innovative designs, then you are in the right place. Here, we will show you 8 brands similar to Crocs that you will love.


Hunter Garden Clogs


This British brand is mostly known for its winter footwear (like rain boots or cold insulated shoes), but in the past few years, they delved into the world of summer sandals.


Some of their products are what you would call high-end Crocs, and they aren’t more expensive, especially if you take advantage of their online discounts.


Hunter Garden Clogs offers a much fancier design, with some traditional options and some bolder ones. If you were looking for Crocs that you can use in a nice restaurant or a fancy hotel, then the Hunter Garden Clogs are the right fit for you.

Kane Revive


The Kane Revives are for athletes that need good footwear to rest their feets in. They were created to be a resting footwear after practicing any type of sport, but they are pretty fashionable so you can use them on other occasions too.


This alternative has more holes than the classic Crocs, which means that the airflow is way better and you won’t feel like your feet are sweating.


Still, what makes this brand stand out is that they are eco-friendly, so whenever you buy a pair of Kane Revive you know that you are buying a sustainable product.


Suicoke Mok


If you prioritize comfort over looks, then the brand Suicoke Mok is the best alternative for you. Some people might argue that they aren’t as pretty as the original Crocs, but the truth is that its soles are way better and that you will be able to walk for a longer amount of time without feeling any pain.


Their main targeted audience are men, but you will find some feminine alternatives too in their catalog, so there is something for everyone. In this case, the products are more expensive than the original Crocs, but there is a great balance between price and quality.


Merrell Hydro Moc


If you are going to the beach, or a water park, or you simply love being around water during the summer, then the Merrell Hydro Moc is the perfect brand for you.


Not only are they waterproof, but they also have a sole that prevents slipping. Besides that, they have large holes so that the water drains faster and you won’t feel like you have squishy feet while walking in them.


When it comes to the price, it is pretty similar to regular Crocs, but they are made with better materials so a pair of Merrell hydro mocs will last you longer than the Crocs.


Birkenstock Super Birki


We know that Birkenstock specializes in all sorts of summer footwear, but we are obsessed with their Super Birkis, and they are also a great alternative to Crocs.


The main difference that you will find between Super Birkis and Crocs is that the first ones don’t have holes. Still, thanks to the materials that they are made with, you won’t feel like your feet are sweating or anything like it.


They are a fantastic option if you are looking for a type of shoe where you can feel that your feet are secure and like you are always standing on solid ground.


Jefferson by Native Shoes


If you want a completely different take on the aesthetic of the traditional Crocs, but you want a similar product, then you have to check the Jefferson by Native shoes.


The designs of these Crocs alternatives are more similar to your regular sneakers, like Converse or Vans, but they are made with the same material as Crocs.


They are advertised as a hybrid, or the perfect marriage between Crocs and Sneakers, and we couldn’t agree more. You can find them in different sizes, from kids to men, women, and some unisex options. Besides that, they have a large variety of colors that you can choose from, or stick to classic black.


Keen Yogui


These are for the trendsetters that aren’t afraid to take some risks when it comes to fashion. When you are one of a kind, you need footwear that allows you to showcase that, and the crazy designs of the Keen Yonguis will help you to get there.


The designs are way more creative than the ones that you could find on Crocs, though you can find some more conservative options here too. From a classic all-black Keen Yogui, to the rainbow ones, there is something for everyone.


The Keen Yogui has holes and some other openings, which makes them fresher than other shoes, though your feet might be a little bit more exposed to the sun, so be careful for that part.


Ales Grey Rodeo Drive Slip-On


They come all the way from Italy, made with mostly recycled materials, and are one of the most stylish pics from this list.


At the end of the day nothing beats the classics, so if you want a clog that you can use anywhere and at any time, then you gotta try the “Rodeo Drive” slip-on. They mostly come in neutral colors, like white, gray, black, and nude, but it is said that they might add some pastel colors for their upcoming catalog.


They have a similar price to the classic Crocs, or even more expensive in some cases, but the quality is a thousand times better. They are ultra-lightweight, waterproof, and antibacterial to prevent any infection that you can get during the summer.


In conclusion


These are just 8 brands similar to Crocs, and as you can see there is a lot of variety to choose from. Whether you prioritize comfort, you want to be more stylish, or you are an athlete, there is something for everyone.