What Goes with Khaki Shorts?

What Goes with Khaki Shorts?

Khaki shorts white t-shirt and sun hat

Khaki shorts white t-shirt and sun hat

Whether you are going for a sporty-chic look or a light academia aesthetic, khaki shorts will be your new best friend.


Some people think that khaki shorts are only for golf players or retired businessmen, but in reality, they work for everyone. You can go for a classic look with them, or you can compliment them with a top that takes your outfit to the next level.


If you are on the lookout for inspiration on how to rock your khaki shorts, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you some outfit ideas for both men and women to nail their khaki shorts looks.

1. A Classic White Linen Shirt


This is one of the most traditional pairings for khaki shorts, and you can make it look formal or informal, depending on the occasion. If you button the linen shirt up then you have a perfect combo for a gathering with colleagues, meetings, or going to a fancy restaurant. Now

if you leave at least 3 buttons unbuttoned then the outfit is perfect for a party at the beach or going to get some drinks.


Since the white shirt would be made out of linen, it would have an old-timey feeling to it, that you can style with dark brown shoes and a leather belt to enhance the look. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and round earrings for women can be great accessories for this outfit.

2. A Patterned Shirt


For a youthful look, there is nothing like rocking a patterned shirt with your classic beige khakis. This is one of the options that let you play with the combinations the most, as you can use any type of pattern that you like.


A shirt with polka dots, one with the blue sky and white clouds, or vintage patterned shirts are the go-to for this type of outfit. But you can also stick to a more classic one and just use a shirt with stripes.

3. A Navy Look


Going for a full navy look is taking khaki shorts back to their roots. Using a t-shirt with white and red or white and dark blue stripes is a great start for the navy look, but there are other things that you can add.


A blue blazer or light coat to go on top of your shirt is great, even more, if it has golden buttons. Since this is a pretty old-school outfit, you can rock it with ballet flats, oxford shoes, or leather sandals.


This look can work for a fancy day on the beach, or if you use it without the blazer it’s perfect for work or going to summer brunch with your best friends.

4. The Traditional Polo Shirts


We couldn’t make a list of the best pairings of khaki shorts and not include one of the best combinations: the polo shirts. A good polo shirt can enhance your look and take it to a whole new level, or it can also help you to tone things down.


You can go for some bolder options like salmon pink, teal, vibrant yellow, or light green polo shirts, or stay on the traditional side with a black, white, or gray one. We wouldn’t recommend using beige, as it is already pretty similar to the color of the regular khaki shorts, though if you are going for a monochrome alternative then it would work out great.

5. Hipster Look With A Flannel Shirt


Some people think that flannel shirts were only a hit of the 90s or the 2010s, but in reality, they never left. With the help of this clothing item, you can go for a hipster style, or make it grunge.


For men, the khaki shorts and flannel shirt combo work better if you button your shirt up. In the case of women, you can use a white tight shirt or a sleeveless shirt and keep your flannel unbuttoned.

6. Play With The Hats


During the summer, hats are your best friends to complete a look and protect yourself from the heat of the sun. Depending on the type of hat that you use, your outfit will make a different statement, so we will guide you a little bit on it.


For a fully informal look, use the classic baseball cap. There is no way of going wrong with it, and if you have a white shirt then you can use any color for the cap. For a day at the beach with a fancier take you can use a boonie hat, a sun hat, or a floppy one.


Now if you are going for a formal look, then a Panama or a boater hat will help you seal the outfit.


7. Play With The Belts


Even if your khaki shorts aren’t loose and they fit perfectly you can use a belt to improve your outfit. In this case, you can use any type of belt if you are combining your khaki shorts with a white shirt, but if you are using a patterned one then we recommend sticking to more neutral or traditional belts.


For women, a braided or crocodile belt is one of the best pairings to go with your khaki shorts, and they can be as wide or thin as you like. For men, a dark brown, dark blue, or black leather belt with a frame buckle style is a must.

8. Play With The Shoes

The best dress shoes for khaki shorts are oxford, derby, and monk, as they will help you nail the formal look. For a more laid-back outfit, you can use your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals.


If you are going for a day at the beach, then flip flops, Crocs, or any similar type of footwear will work too.

In Conclusion


Styling your khaki shorts is more simple than what people think, so don’t be intimidated and start trying new clothing choices to take your outfits to the next level.