10 Brands Similar to Lilly Pulitzer

10 Brands Similar to Lilly Pulitzer


If you want to feel like you are in a Barbie movie, then Lilly Pulitzer is the brand that takes you there. The brand is mostly known for selling colorful clothes and innovative patterns: from dresses to shirts and winter wear. If you want to wear something disruptive, if you like creative and vibrant outfits, or if you are a fan of the preppy-chic aesthetic, then Lilly Pulitzer is your go-to.


However, Lilly Pulitzer is an extremely expensive brand, not everyone can buy their items and in some cases, it might not be worth it. Some people targeted this brand and argued that only rich or privileged persons can have access to it.


For that reason, we prepared an article with 10 brands that are similar to Lilly Pulitzer, so that you get to rock that style but save some money in the meantime.

10. J. Crew


You can find a J. Crew store almost anywhere nowadays, or buy on their official website. Either way, they have some options that are pretty similar to Lilly Pulitzer and are almost half of the price. J. Crew has a solid preppy-chic collection all year round, but during summer or spring, you can find some options with more vibrant colors.

9. Lauren James


We don’t have any doubt that almost every college student in the US has at least one item in their closets that is from Lauren James. They are mostly known for their graphics with university logos or similar fonts, so if you are in for a comfy and laid-back look then you have to check this brand out.

8. Lacoste


Lacoste might have a similar pricing to Lilly Pulitzer in some cases, but they nail the preppy aesthetic. Nothing beats a colorful Lacoste polo shirt or polo dress. This brand is coming up with newer collections and items every season, but they also embrace their tradition, so for a classic yet trendy look Lacoste is the right fit.

7. Cider Women’s Clothing


This is an online brand that has worldwide shipping, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get some of their items. The strength of Cider is in its wide variety of sizes, from extra small to plus size, and in all cases you will get an amazing product that fits your particular body shape. For this fall and winter season, they launched a rewind academic collection with clothes that are worthy of being used in the halls of Harvard or Cambridge, plus they cost less than $30.

6. Simply Southern


Simply Southern designs are more traditional than the ones that you could find on Lilly Pulitzer, but if you like classics then you will love it here. They have some patterned t-shirts with some crazy phrases written on them to crack some laughs up, but they also have regular and basic everyday clothing items. It is a cheaper brand than Lilly Pulitzer, but they don’t sell the best swimwear on the market.

5. Ralph Lauren


We know that this brand is more expensive than Lilly Pulitzer, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great alternative. If you have the money, then it might be better to spend it on this brand rather than on Lilly Pulitzer. Ralph Lauren has decades of experience creating elegant clothing for every occasion, and they have some of the most amazing blazers that you will see.

4. True Grit


This pick is for the men in the audience. If you are looking for the more masculine version of Lilly Pulitzer, then you can find that in True Grit. The prices are similar, but this brand focuses on making fashionable everyday clothes for men, with some bolder alternatives for those who like to make fashion statements.

3. Vineyard Vines


This brand has so much in common with Lilly Pulitzer that some people confuse them with each other. When it comes to the pricing it’s pretty similar, but they have some more classy outfits. They don’t go that much for the bolder or colorful options, they stick to the traditional ones and they rock them.

2. Karen Millen


Similar to what happens with Ralph Lauren, Karen Millen is also a more expensive alternative, but you will have endless options to choose from while buying there. We know that this brand is good at everything that it makes, but their formal dresses take all of the praise. If you have a wedding, a formal work event, or you just have to look elegant for some reason, then you have to buy in Karen Millen.

1. The Lucky Knot


This brand specializes in navy-style clothes, without losing a high-fashion touch in them. Although you can find something from everyone, their targeted audience is women between the ages of 25 and so on, which means that there are youthful options and other more conservative. The price is lower than the ones that you would find at Lilly Pulitzer, and their swimwear is one of the best in the whole country, so they are the perfect summer brand.

Other Options


These are the brands that we find are more similar to Lilly Pulitzer, but still, you can find some clothing items that fit your needs in other stores. If you have a low budget, then we recommend looking for some outfits in H&M or Forever 21, as you might find some items that meet your needs. Checking outlets or going thrift shopping is also a great alternative when you are on a tight budget, and you may find some hidden gems there.

Now if you have some room to invest in clothing, then you can check other stores that may be more expensive, like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Tory Burch.

In conclusion


These are just 10 brands that are similar to Lilly Pulitzer, but we know for a fact that a lot of clothing brands offer collections that can be a great alternative to that brand. Remember that as long as you feel comfortable, any outfit will look good on you.