Life without a Computer Sucks! My Cave Life Experience

It’s funny, my laptop is dead, damaged by water last month. I feel like I am back to the cave, disconnected from the world. It was damaged at the same time with smartphone while I was attempting to repair a leaking tap. I negligently unscrewed the compression valve while the main supply was on. A powerful burst of water shot up to the roof and rained over the table, drenching my laptop and smartphone within a few seconds. Water was all over the floor, as I ran outside to shut off the main supply. When I came back inside the house, everything on the table was ruined with the exception of the Bluetooth speaker.

Days, weeks and months of life without a computer would follow. You feel empty and naked without your smartphone and laptop, but it was also an opportunity to learn new things. I vowed not to send my damaged electronic devices to the repair shop. I would learn to disassembly and repair these by myself via YouTube tutorials.

To cut the story short, I managed to DIY-repair my phone after allowing it to dry for a few weeks. Not so lucky with my laptop, although I followed online instructions. It’s been two months, I have no computer as we speak because I want to leave no stone unturned before I send it to the repair shop. Yes, that’s how stubborn I am. I like to wait it out a little bit longer while I am brainstorming some solutions. I believe many things can be fixed at home if you have YouTube to guide you.