Ackermans Competition


Ackermans is a popular fashion store for cheap clothing, footwear and accessories. Ackermans stores are found all over South Africa and they are always packed with shoppers looking for bargains. It is the place to go if you are on a tight budget and you need some affordable clothing to push you through the season.

You are already getting a bargain if you shop at Ackermans because it’s one of the cheapest stores that you can find, in the same league as PEP stores. To get even more bargains, you should join the Ackermans competition. There are at least nine Ackermans competitions that you can participate in and they are listed below:

Ackermans Style Squad Competition – Fashion Design Contest – Win a Tablet

This is a fashion design contest for young people between 9 and 15 years.  Two winners will be selected and they are supposed to prevail through the three qualifying rounds, running from the beginning of September to August of the following year, so the contest runs for nearly a year. A male and female will be chosen as winning participants.

The competition is open to South Africans, and only one entry per participant is allowed. A guardian or parent is required to supervise and represent the teenage participants, from signing up for the competition using an email address and submitting the entries.

The first round will run for a month from the beginning of September, and it is open to every teenager who wishes to participate. A lot of entries will be received at this stage. In order to participate, the teenager has to request the help of his / her guardian to create a unique email address which will be used to sign up on the Ackermans online store. After signing up as a member of Ackermans store, you have to fill in an entry form for the Style Squad competition.

When filling in the entry form, you are required to submit your photo as well. It should be less than 2MB in size, JPEG or GIF. Participants should be fluent or at least literate in the English language.

Based on the creativity of the submissions, 50 participants will be chosen for the second round.

The second round begins on 1 November. The second round of the Fashion Design competition is the semi-final stage where 50 participants, 25 boys and 25 girls will be tasked to demonstrate their creative potential. Participants will receive design materials (stationery etc) to be used in the competition. This will be sent to the semi-finalists along with instructions to submit your designs.

The judges will pick 20 finalists from this group, consisting of 10 boys and 10 girls. Winners of the second round will be announced at the beginning of December.

The final round will commence in early January of the New Year. It will pit 20 finalists emerging from the second round against each other. This is the stage where 2 winners (a boy and girl) will be selected. Each of the 20 participants will receive design materials from the Ackermans team for creating and submitting entries.

Winners will be announced after the closing date for entries, as from 13 June to 1 August.

The 20 participants reaching the finals will each get a prize consisting of a tablet with 2GB of free data valid for six months, 5 Ackermans vouchers worth R380, being featured on the Ackermans website Style Squad list and an email address.

Being a finalist also allows you to participate in the final draw where you have a chance of winning R10,000 in cash prize, R10,000 in educational policy, R5,000 for your school as well as the opportunity to be a part of the Ackermans Fashion Design team. By joining the Ackermans Design team, you will be required to produce your own fashion designs and ranges, which will be displayed and offered for sale in Ackermans stores.

A lengthy period of participation spanning 6 months is expected from finalists. As a finalist, you will be required to participate in the following activities for the duration of the competition:

  • The finalists will be required to complete activities online via the tablets that are given to them for reaching the final stage.
  • The finalists are required to complete at least 4 activities for the duration of the competition
  • Every month there will be an activity that you are supposed to complete.
  • Finalists will be required to perform as virtual fashion models. In this case, Ackermans will give vouchers to all finalists and they have to buy fashion items from the store for modelling.
  • Finalists shall wear the fashion items and take pictures of themselves, including their designs. The pictures shall be uploaded via the tablet on the Ackermans competition page. Pictures should be less than 2MB in size, and must be JPEG or GIF.

The participant’s performance will be based on the monthly activities outlined above, and two winners will be selected for the grand prize which includes the following:

  • The Grand Prize winner will join Ackermans stores as a Fashion Designer. The winner’s designs (summer and winter wear) will be displayed in Ackermans stores.
  • The Grand Prize winner will attend photoshoots to showcase their designs for winter and summer wear.
  • Accompanied by a guardian, the winner will make a trip to Cape Town to visit the Ackermans Headquarters. Here, the winner will work with Ackermans staff to put final touches on their fashion designs and ranges. After collaborating with the Ackermans in-house fashion team to produce the final design, the winner will be required to attend a photoshoot to showcase their Winter and Summer collections on separate occasions. In addition, the winner will be featured on the Ackermans website as a Style Squad winner.
  • Ackermans will make arrangements for winners who do not stay in Cape Town. The company will pay for flights, transport, meals and accommodation for the winner and his / her guardian.

Win Ackermans Magazine Voucher

This competition is open to members of the Ackermans A Rewards club. South Africans are eligible to participate. Winners get an Ackermans magazine voucher.


Get R100 on your Ackermans Card

If you have an Ackermans Store Card, you can use it to your advantage by participating in rewards promotions. To enter the competition, simply buy items with a minimum value of R350 from Ackermans stores and you will get R100 on your card. Dial the competition code on your mobile phone and follow the instructions to enter the competition. This promotional offer usually takes place in February and March.

Win R2000 in Airtime

The Ackermans Customer Satisfaction Survey gives you a chance to win R2000 in free airtime. To enter the competition, you have to participate in the survey. Dial *130*602# on your mobile phone to participate in the survey. Complete the questions, fill in your details and submit. You will receive a notification telling you that you have successfully entered the competition.

Alternatively, you can join the competition by texting the words ‘MySay’ to 33722 on your mobile phone. This is a monthly competition, which runs from February to the end of June. Lucky participants will win a R2000 airtime voucher or alternatively a R2000 voucher by Ackermans stores.

Get 500 Pulas on your Ackermans Card

This offer is open to residents in Botswana. It applies to first-time purchasers who apply for an Ackermans store card. To qualify for this offer, you have to buy items equivalent to 500 points or more at Ackermans. You should submit your card application during the promotional period which takes place in February and March.

 Tag a Friend and Win Facebook Competition

In this competition, you have to tag a friend on a post published by Ackermans on their Facebook Page. Under the competition post, tag a friend in the comments section. After the two month promotional period running from February to March, the sponsors will chose 4 winners, who will each receive an A601 ZTE Blade. The same prize will also be given to the winners’ tagged friends. All winners will receive a Facebook Message telling them that they have won a prize.

Valentine’s Day Facebook Competition – Win a Hamper

This is a competition for Valentines season. To enter the competition, you have to join the Ackermans Facebook Page and submit a comment under the contest post, following the given instructions. There are five prizes to be won, and each winner will get a hamper worth R100. This promotion takes place between 14 and 20 February.

Ingrams Facebook Competition – Win a Hamper

This is a competition to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To enter the competition, you have to like the Ackermans Facebook Page and under the contest post, you have to post a picture of yourself holding an Ingrams product. Five winners will be chosen and each winner will get an Ingrams hamper, which will be sent by courier.

Shoprite Checkers Competition

Shoprite Win a Car Competition

The Shoprite Group owns Checkers stores in South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa. The majority of people prefer to shop at Shoprite supermarkets rather than Checkers stores because the prices are much more affordable. If you need richer and better supplies, or a bunch of fresh goods, you will have to visit Checkers, although the prices are slightly higher.

By participating in a Shoprite Checkers competition, you can win a car, shopping vouchers or a supply of brand products from the shops. From September towards the end of the year, you can find a lot of competitions to join, including the New Year.

Besides the opportunity to win a car each year, Shoprite also runs the biggest competition of all – the “Class Of” competition where more than R5 million in school fees has already been won and shared between hundreds of learners in various schools across South Africa.

Shoprite Win a Car Competition

This is a competition that many people are looking forward to because the prize is a vehicle. It’s not only one vehicle, but 150 cars will be won by lucky participants. Various hatchback and compact models from VW, Toyota, Nissan, KIA, Honda etc are up for grabs. You may win a VW Up in one year, the following year might be a KIA Rio hatchback or Opel Corsa bakkie. There is no better way to celebrate the festive season than winning a new car.

In 2016, Shoprite had 150 VW Up hatchbacks for competition winners. The competition started on the 28th of November and culminated on 24 December. Between this period, 150 lucky winners were chosen on daily basis.

To enter the car competition, you simply have to buy items worth at least R100 from any Shoprite or Checkers supermarket. Alternatively, you can also buy any participating brand listed below. Buying items valued at R100 plus any participating product will enable you to enter the competition twice. After purchasing the items, you should write your name and cellphone number on the receipt. Drop the receipt in the competition box inside the store. Alternatively, you can enter the competition via your mobile phone. Dial the USSD code on the receipt. If you meet the requirements, you will receive an instant mobile notification advising you of a successful entry. Participants can enter the competition as many times as they can, but entries are limited to only two per day.

List of Participating Brands

  1. Oros
  2. Maynards
  3. Enterprise
  4. Albany
  5. Ace
  6. Tastic
  7. Fattis
  8. Golden Cloud
  9. Jungle
  10. Morvite
  11. Ace Instant
  12. All Gold
  13. Crosse & Blackwell
  14. KOO
  15. Black Cat
  16. Doom
  17. Ingram’s
  18. Sunlight (Powders Handwash and Auto/Dishwash Liquids and other HHC Lines included under the Sunlight brand)
  19. Omo Powders Handwash and Auto
  20. Surf Powders Handwash and Auto
  21. Ricoffy
  22. Cremora
  23. Nescafe Cappucinos
  24. Nestle Quality Streets
  25. Ultramel Custard 1L
  26. Nutriday Smooth Yoghurt – 6 x 100g Smooth


Win Shoprite Vouchers

Shoppers may participate in the Shoprite Voucher competition which is held around the end of September each year. Brands will give away a supply of products to winners, including vouchers to spend on selected products.

Win School Fees Voucher (Essay/Drawing Competition)

The Shoprite “Class Of” competition comes with the biggest prize valued at R5 million, that has to be shared between 420 lucky students around the country.

To enter the competition, you have to be a learner at a Primary, Secondary or High school. Learners in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to participate. Participants are required to write an essay or draw a picture of what they aspire to be when they grow up. Basically, the learner has to write about his or her future goals and ambitions in adult life.

As an example, some of the winners of the Shoprite Class of 2016 competition are Aaron Nzenzo, Levontai Prince and Thaakira Baradien who want to be a president, surgeon and teacher respectively.

There are more than 420 winners overall, so you have a chance at claiming a prize if your essay or drawing is creative, imaginative and impressive to the adjudication panel.

Parents should be eager to see their children participating in this competition because it’s an opportunity to get free tuition for your kids. Imagine spending a year without worrying about school fees. You will save a lot of money and you can have peace of mind knowing that your kid will not be sent away because of non-payment.

Every learner who is interested in joining this competition, should download entry forms on the Shoprite store or you can visit your nearest store to get the forms.

OK Foods Competition

OK Foods Win a Bakkie Competition

OK Stores is one of the largest retailers in South Africa where consumers can buy food, groceries, furniture, home appliances and liquor. The OK Foods division has several stores around the country and it runs special promotions and competitions on a weekly basis. The major competitions are published on the OK Foods online store, and winners are announced every month. There are competitions from January to December where grand prizes such as Bakkies and over R600,000 of shopping vouchers are won.

Most of the times, the only requirement to enter an OK Competition is buying qualifying products which allow you to participate in the draw. If you already shop at OK, then you always enquire from the cashiers or shopping assistants if there is any competition. They will probably give you some promotional leaflets or banners, which you can read through to find some items which you can buy to enter the competition.

The following are some of the OK Competitions that you can join. To keep updated on current promotions, you should join the OK Facebook Page and read the store news blog.

Win R500,000 Shopping Vouchers – Big OK Price Freeze

This is the biggest overall amount that is awarded in any OK Foods competition. This annual competition is designed to reward as many people as possible for shopping at OK. The big prize is shared among South African contestants and each winning participant will get an OK shopping voucher. The prize cannot be converted into cash, but you can only use your voucher to shop at any OK store nationwide.

The R500,000 OK Voucher contest, also known as the “Big OK Price Freeze”, starts early in the year and the deadline for entries is 2 August. So basically, you have more than 7 months to enter the competition. Just make sure that you enter as many times as you can to increase your chances of winning a prize. Whenever you are doing your weekly shopping or filling up your trolley, include items that will allow you to participate in the contest. Keep all your receipts because they might be needed as proof of entry to claim your prize.

Joining the OK Voucher competition requires a few steps. When you reach the Point of Sale machine in any OK shop, the cashier will scan your items and a unique contest entry number will be indicated on your receipt if there are qualifying goods in your basket. You have to dial up the entry number on your cellphone and you will receive instructions and confirmation. Instead of dialling up the entry number, you can send a text message to the dialling code that is indicated on the till slip.

Holders of the OK Loyalty Card have automatic entry to OK Foods competitions. They don’t need to go through the hassles of buying participating products and sending entry codes. If you want to receive such benefits, you have to join the OK Loyalty program.

OK Facebook Page Competitions – Win R1,000 Shopping Voucher Every Week

As part of seasonal competitions, OK also runs competitions on Facebook. Facebook contests increase the number of fans and followers. Every week, shopping vouchers worth R1,000 are awarded to 4 winning participants. If you are on Facebook like most people, you should definitely never miss a chance to participate because the entry requirements are often as easy as being one of the first people to leave a comment on a post, in response to a quiz posted by Administrators.

OK Win a Bakkie Competition

This is one of the most popular competitions that OK shoppers are eager to join. The prize is big and it’s probably the biggest prize that you can win in any OK competition. Up for grabs is a Bakkie. A bakkie is a small and tough utility car which is shaped like a pick-up truck for carrying goods in back space. The reason why people love bakkies is that they are affordable utility vehicles which are good for transporting big items such as fridges, beds, tables and other bulky goods. A bakkie doesn’t look like a regular truck, but it is small and shaped like a car for attraction. It’s a lightweight and versatile low-rider that can fit any occasion.

In 2016, a total of 16 Nissan NP200 bakkies were up for winning in the OK end of year Christmas competition. You have to wait until October to enter this competition and by 27 December, entries will be closed.

Participation Requirements:

The competition is open to residents of South Africa or Namibia. To enter the competition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of South Africa or Namibia.
  • Buy a selected product from OK supermarket that allows you to enter the competition. A list of participating products is published by OK. You should download the list and see which items you can buy. There are at least 42 items on the list and most of them are basic household consumables which you buy on a regular basis.
  • Pay at the till and write your name, postal address and phone number on the receipt. Drop the receipt in the entry box provided in the store. Instead of writing your details on the receipt, you can ask for an entry form on which you are required to write the invoice number on your receipt.
  • Participants must have a bank account with a South African bank.

Competition Rules:

  • To enter the competition as many times as you can, you have to purchase items on separate receipts, but make sure that each receipt includes the participating product.
  • Entries should be dropped at OK Foods stores or supermarkets. (OK Furniture and OK Enjoy are excluded from this competition.)
  • The approximate date for announcing winners is towards the end of February after New Year. Check the winners on the OK Foods website on 27 February.
  • If you have been announced as a winner, you must visit the OK store where you dropped your entry form or receipt. Talk to the staff and they will tell you the date for collecting your prize.
  • The bakkie cannot be converted into a cash prize.

OK Easter Competition – Win R2,000 Vouchers

Easter is a Christian holiday where believers commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent rise from death. It is also a national holiday which allows people to take a break from work and spend time with loved ones or visit places.

By participating in the OK Easter Surprises competition, you can walk away with OK vouchers valued at R2,000 to give to your loved ones. Sixteen winners are chosen for this prize.

Win a Cooler Box in the OK Liquor Competition

Do you enjoy drinking alcohol on your weekly outings? Why not take a break from visiting your local pub or bar for a change, and step into an OK Liquor shop to buy your favourite brandy?  In the OK Liquor promotion, you can win a cooler box on display. All you need to do is buy a participating product. Products that have been promoted in the past include the 5 Year and 10 Year KWV brandy.

CarMag Competition

Win a Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Challenge CarMag Competition

CarMag is one of the top car magazines in South Africa. It is the go-to-place to check the latest car models released by auto makers. You will find valuable reviews on a range of cars from BMW to Toyota or Audi to Volvo. Whether you are looking to buy a SUV, sedan, sports car, hatchback, 4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive or AWD, you should first watch a test drive on CarMag or even book a road test on a model of your choice.

CarMag is a shopping guide for vehicle purchasers, allowing you to get prices and specifications on all the latest models, including the best cars to buy based on a number of criteria. It can be difficult to choose a car, and CarMag avails all the necessary information to come to an informed decision. While you are subscribed to the car magazine, you will get the latest news and trends in the automotive industry, including events and motor shows around the world, starting with South Africa.

The best thing that can happen to a CarMag reader is not only getting the best purchase in the car market, but there is an opportunity to win a prize while you are reading a monthly copy of your magazine. The CarMag competition gives you a chance to win a dream car e.g. a Toyota Fortuner worth R454,000 or a Mercedes Benz C-Class Cabriolet. If a car is not one of the prizes on offer, you have a chance to win other equally attractive prizes such as a ticket to a Motor Show, a trip to Dubai, a trip to F1 Grand Prix, gift boxes, holiday vacation, Smartphone or brand new premium Yokohama tyres. This is just an example of prizes that you can win among the more than 60 competitions that CarMag has hosted in the past.

Let’s take a look at some of these competitions:

Win a Ticket to Cape Town Motor Show

Provided that there is a motor show in the New Year calendar, you can be one of 10 people that will be lucky enough to win a ticket to the Cape Town Motor Show. This gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the unveiling of new cars on the market. You will be able to watch new vehicles in action and even get a test drive. Who knows, you may love what you see and go home driving after paying an initial deposit. Tickets to CT Motor Show are only R200, but this is a big sum of money to some people. By entering this competition, you will save R200. The ticket is for two people, so you can choose somebody to go with.

Win a Ticket to Johannesburg International Motor Show

This gives you a chance to attend the Johannesburg Motor Show, but you also get a cash prize and one year subscription to CAR magazine.

Win a Movie Ticket

Who doesn’t love going to a Movie Theatre? Of course, modern technology has blessed us with home theatres for personal entertainment. If you have an LCD flat screen or laptop, all you need to do is insert a flash drive and you will be watching movies all day, without leaving the doorstep. But it gets boring with time. Who wants to spend all day locked up in a dark room alone?

Even though Movie Theatres or Cinema Houses are old fashioned, it never gets old to go out once in a while to watch an interesting movie with others. The experience of a packed house while watching a blockbuster movie is simple unbeatable. It’s an opportunity to satisfy the need for mingling with the crowd, and feel like a social human being.

CarMag offers readers a chance to win a ticket to a movie. It’s a double ticket for two people, and 75 prizes are offer. Depending on the competition, you might win a movie ticket to a theatre in Cape Gate mall, Gateway Mall or Mall of Africa. All winners will be served with cool drinks and popcorn during the movie. For a good viewing experience, each person gets some cinema glasses to put on.

Win a Car Book

If you love reading CarMag, then you are already a bookworm. The difference is that you are reading a topic that you are passionate about. If you love cars, then it’s more likely that you would love to read real stories of car drivers, racing tales, championship journeys and behind the scenes incidents.

One of the best books that you might want to read as a car racing fan or car enthusiast is Behind The Chequered Flag, by Henry Schultz. By joining the CarMag competition, you will get a chance of owning this book, and save R675 in the process. Three winners will be selected from the draw.

Win a Trip to Dubai

Dubai is one of top tourist destinations in the world. Everybody who has visited the place or seen pictures on TV or internet will tell you that it’s a beautiful city, which also happens to host the world’s tallest building, the magnificent Burj Khalifa. The 830 metres high tower which hosts offices and hotel rooms is a marvel to watch. You can actually climb to the highest floors and watch the wide cityscape. For those who love astronomy, there is a telescope that allows you watch distant stars at night. Dubai is the residence of the rich, architectural splendour and modern affluence.

You can win a trip to Dubai by participating in the CarMag competition. The total value includes air tickets, meals, accommodation and expenses for two people.

Win a Car

One of the perks of watching the CarMag competitions page is that you can find opportunities to win a car, it might be a Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes Benz C-Class Cabriolet or any type of model. Winning a car is the best experience you can ever have because you will be the owner of the car for a long time. Holidays and cash prizes vanish within a few days but a car is for the long haul.

Win a Holiday at a Resort

Most people love holidays but holidaying can be costly if you don’t plan well. That’s why a lot of people in the low and middle income groups opt for cheap holidays. You now have a chance to get a dream holiday by entering a CarMag contest. All expenses are paid by the promoter, including selected meals. You might win a holiday to a lodge, game park or hotel resort. The holiday is for two people, so you should invite a friend or partner to join you.

Win a Smartphone

It’s exciting to win a good looking Smartphone that you would have saved money to buy. In the CarMag contest, you can win an LG G5, Samsung Galaxy or other high end touchscreen. If you have an old model, winning the latest touchscreen is like an upgrade.

 Win Yokohama Tyres

This is a prize that fits the car magazine niche. If you would like to win tyres from brand names such as Yokohama, Hankook, Firestone and Goodyear, then you will be happy to join the tyre competition.

CarMag 60 Years Anniversay Competition

Daily prizes will be dished out on CarMag’s 60th birthday. There is an assortment of prizes to be won each day from the 1st of February to the end of the month. Already, winners have been announced for a Shelby fashion hamper worth R2000, CCTV system, Nutribullet blender, Xbox 360 combo and Kyalami book among others.


Nestle Competition

Nestle Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab – 2017 Competition

Nestle is a producer of condensed milk, powdered milk, infant formulas, dairy products, cereals, chocolates, coffee, drinks and other high energy healthy food stuffs . No breakfast is complete without Nestle. Your favourite Cremora, Nespray milk, Ricoffy and Milo that you enjoy each morning are some of the common products on South African shelves produced by Nestle. Thanks to Nestle management, you can enjoy these nice foodstuffs and at the same time partake in competitions and promotions that help you save money.

There are at least 7 competitions that you can join in South Africa. You can check the details on the company’s website or in local advertisements, either in print media, TV and radio. Depending on the Nestle competition you are participating in, lucky winners will get up to R10,000 in cash prize or win the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet, airtime, shopping vouchers, holiday getaways and travel rewards.

Here are some of the competitions to join:

Nespray Everyday Good Habits Competition

Sponsored by Nestle South Africa Pty Ltd, this competition runs for at least 2 months from the beginning of the year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a South African resident or citizen in possession of a South African ID
  • There are no minimum age requirements, but if you are under 18 years old, you will need the permission of your parents to participate in the competition as well as claiming the prize.
  • Submit your entry during promotional period, before the deadline.

Prize Details:

The prizes to be won may vary depending on your selection. However, you can be assured that one of the following three options will be awarded to winners:

Win School in a Box Package (Samsung Galaxy Tab)

This prize is given to the first group of 50 winners who are selected in the draw. The School in a Box package contains a Samsung Galaxy Tab, 16GB micro SD card, keyboard cover, ear buds, screen protector, solar panel by Diamond World and tablet case. There are 50 packages to be won in the South Africa competition, so you have 50 lucky people waiting to claim their prizes.

Win R10,000 Cash Prize

This prize is for the second group of 50 winners who are selected in the second draw. Nestle will award a R500,000 cash prize to be shared among 50 winners, so each winner will get R10,000 in cash prize.

Win R1,000 Airtime

If you have not been selected for the School in a Box package or R10,000 cash prizes, then you will fall in the third group of randomly selected participants. This group is will win FREE airtime to the value of R50,000. Each person will get R1,000 in airtime.

Entry Requirements:

To enter the competition, you must do the following:

  • Buy a NESPRAY or NESPRAY Tummy pack
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and call  *120*304050#
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your NESPRAY package, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.

Other Details:

  • You can buy the NESPRAY products any store.
  • Each USSD (cellphone) entry is charged 20c per 20 seconds session.
  • To prevent fraud, you have to use your own cellphone that is registered in your name by the network provider. This is an important requirement. Using a phone other than your own will lead to disqualification and your prize will be forfeited by the sponsors.
  • The cellphone number that you use to enter the competition is the same number that will be used for all communication purposes, including contacting you, identifying you and awarding the prize. Make sure that your cellphone number is always reachable during working hours.
  • You are not allowed to use different numbers to enter the competition.
  • Using the same number, you can enter the competition multiple times, but you have to buy a NESPRAY pack each time.
  • You might be asked to produce your NESPRAY packs and receipt as proof of purchase, so keep your packs. Do not throw them away.
  • Winners will be contacted via the cellphone number used in entering the competition. The participant will be required to provide further details to prove his or her eligibility.


2017 Nestle Competition – Opening Date:  16 January, Closing Date: 9 April, Draw Date: 18 April


Nestle MILO Back to School Competition

This competition runs for at least one and half months starting somewhere in the middle of January.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a South African citizen or resident in possession of a South African ID, Drivers License or Passport.
  • Be at least 18 years old

Prize Details:

This competition involves three types of prizes to be won by randomly selected participants in each group.

Win R2,000 Sportsmans Warehouse Vouchers:

The first group of selected winners will each get a shopping voucher. A Sportsmans Warehouse voucher worth R2,000 will be given to 42 winners. Sportmans Warehouse is a popular retailer of sportswear, apparel and sporting equipment. The winner has 24 hours to claim the prize and is required to bring the store receipt of a MILO pack that they used to enter the competition. Failure to provide the receipt or MILO pack will result in the prize being forfeited. No more than one person from the same household may claim the prize.

Win Prepaid Airtime Voucher:

In this category, you stand a chance to win AIRTIME prepaid to your account if you have an MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Virgin Mobile or 8TA number. A whopping 2100 prizes are available to be won. To redeem the prize, you must have a prepaid number. The prize cannot be redeemed on a contract account, so you have to find or buy an alternative number to redeem your airtime. The amount of airtime won will be revealed to winners via an SMS notification, and credited to your account instantly. The airtime should be used within the 90-day validity period.

The number used to enter the competition is the same number that will be credited with Airtime won by the participant.

Win ABSA Cash Prize:

A total of 680 winners in this group will get a cash prize from ABSA. Each winner will receive an SMS from TMARC and ABSA, with PIN numbers, withdrawal amounts and instructions to withdraw the money from an ABSA ATM.

Entry Requirements:

To enter the competition, you must:

  • Buy a MILO pack
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and call  *120*6652*WXYZ# where WXYZ are the last four digits of barcode on your MILO pack.
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your MILO package, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.


Nestle MAGGI 2 Minute Noodle Back To School Competition

This competition runs for about a month, from the end of December to the beginning of February.

Prize Details:

There are 100 prizes to be won. Winners get a Samsung School in a Box Essential Education Kit worth R2, 999.00. This kit contains a Samsung 7 tablet, 16 GB micro SD card, keyboard case, screen protector, earbuds by Danny K, solar panel and insurance cover for accidental damage to the screen.

Entry Requirements:

To enter the competition, participants must:

  • Buy a pack of 73g MAGGI 2-Minute Instant Noodles or a 5 PACK package
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and call  *120*11122#
  • Enter the last four digits of barcode on your MAGGI pack.
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your MAGGI package, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.


Nestle NESCAFE Ricoffy Competition

This competition runs for approximately one month, from the beginning of December to the beginning of January in the following year.

Prize Details:

Participants can win prizes in any of the following contests:

Win R500 Spar Voucher – 100 prizes are available. Each winner will get a R500 voucher to shop at SPAR supermarket.

Win R10,000 Cash Prize for Educational Institution – This prize will be given to a school, college or learning institution that you wish to donate to. A total of 5 prizes are available.

Entry Requirements:

To enter this competition, you must:

  • Buy a 750g Nescafe Ricoffy or  box of Nescafe Ricoffy with 3 containers
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and call  *120*5676#
  • Enter the last four digits of barcode on your NESCAFE Ricoffy pack.
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your NESCAFE Ricoffy package, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.


Nestle MILO Cereal Consumer Competition

This competition runs from the beginning of October to the end of December of the same year.

Prize Details:

Participants can win prizes in any of the following contests:

Win a Travel Voucher

This promotion gives you a chance to win a travel voucher. These are travel rewards in the form of holiday trips, hotel stays and vacations. A total of 3 prizes are available. Each lucky winner will get a travel reward worth R30,000.00.

The prize is valid for one year, and within this period, the winner must book a vacation or trip via a selected travel agency that is approved by Nestle. Failure to book a trip within the validity period will result in the prize being withdrawn from the winner.

Win R150 Cash Prize Daily

In this daily competition, a prize of R150.00 will be given to the winner. A total of 920 prizes will be won.

Win R500 Cash Prize Weekly

In this weekly competition, a prize of R500.00 will be given to the winner. A total of 65 prizes will be won.

Entry Requirements:

To enter this competition, you must:

  • Buy a NESTLE MILO product
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and dial *120*2676#WXYZ# where WXYZ is the barcode of the NESTLE product.
  • Enter the last four digits of barcode.
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your product, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.


NESTLE KLIM Competition

This competition runs from the beginning of October to the end of December of the same year.

Prize Details:

Participants can win prizes in any of the following contests:

Win R5.00 Airtime

In this competition, 10,000 people will have a chance to win an Airtime Voucher worth R5.00

Win R100,000 Cash Prize

In this competition, one person will have a chance to win a whopping R100,000.

Win R50,000 Community Prize

This prize will be given to a community of your choice in South Africa.

Entry Requirements:

To enter this competition, you must:

  • Buy a pack of KLIM
  • On your cellphone, enter the following digits and dial *120*5546#
  • Enter the last four digits of barcode from your KLIM pack.
  • Answer the resulting questions, and enter the required information e.g. barcode on your KLIM product, ID and other personal details. Upon finishing this process, you will be accepted as a participant.



Please note that the prizes and rules for any Nestle competition is subject to change.For UPDATED details of the above-mentioned competitions, visit NESTLE


Media 24 Competition

Mercedes-C-Class-Cabriolet 2016 (only for illustration) – Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Media 24 owns News 24, a popular South African news site that publishes trending stories and headlines in South Africa, Southern Africa and around the world. You might be one of the people who visit the news site daily, but did you know that you can win prizes as well?  You can find at least five competitions on the site with various prizes in the form of trips, holiday vacations, cars, books, gifts and cash prizes. Most of the time, a News 24 competition requires you to sign up as a subscriber on the site, and you should be in possession of a South African ID. Here are some of the competitions that you can participate in:

To keep updated on the latest competitions and promotions, you must sign up for the News24 newsletter, and visit the competitions page on a regular basis.

Win a Mercedes Benz

Believe it or not, but a Mercedes Benz C-Class Cabriolet is up for grabs on News24 in the Watch and Win competition. To win this luxurious and innovative car that many can only dream of, you have to do a simple thing. News24 requires you to read recommendations by Beautiful News on their site. These are sponsored stories which appear at the end of each news post or article. According to News24, you have to click through on a sponsored story and watch a video. You should then fill in a questionnaire and submit the form to complete your entry. You can enter the competition as many times as you can by watching a new video on sponsored articles.

R1,000 Monthly Draw

This competition is run on Health 24. To enter this competition, you have to sign up for email updates on health tips. Cash prizes of R1,000 are given to lucky winners every month.

R5,000 Shopping Voucher

In this contest, participants are required to take an insurance survey, and they will enter a draw to win a R5000 shopping voucher from Takealot. Takealot is a popular online store with millions of products. The online retailer has won two ecommerce awards in South Africa. Just like Amazon, you can buy items online and the store will deliver them at your residential address. With R5000, there is a lot that you can buy. The competition is run by Media24, entries are open for almost two months, and winners are announced on News24 social media accounts. Winners will be contacted via email or telephone, and you should like the News24 Facebook and Twitter pages to keep in touch with updates.

The deadline for the 2017 insurance survey competition is 11 March. To be eligible for this competition, you must be over 18 years, and be a South African resident. To enter the competition, you must take an insurance survey on News24.

Previous competitions that have been held by News24 include the 100 Ways R100K, City Press Weekly Keyword competition, the ATKV holiday giveaway and Leisure Books reading hamper.

City Press Weekly Competition – Win a Trip

In one of the City Press weekly competitions, you can win a trip to a football match in Europe. In 2015, winners of the City Press Weekly Keyword competition had an opportunity to fly to the UK to watch Manchester United at Old Trafford. The prize covers expenses for two, so the winner has to choose somebody to go with on the trip. The package includes airfare, accommodation, daily breakfast, road shuttles, tickets to the game, insurance cover, general support and a R10,000 allowance to be spent by the partners as needed.

Make sure that your travelling documents (passports) are ready and in order because the competition sponsors are not responsible for any costs related to processing and securing your passport or VISA. Extra expenses that are not covered in the package will be your responsibility, for example if you opt to live in alternative accommodation, visit places of entertainment, restaurants, clubs and bars, you will pay the bills out of your own pocket. This also includes phone calls and meals that are not included in the package.

When you come back to South Africa, you will have something to remind you of this trip and show friends – some genuine Manchester United memorabilia for the trip winners.

ATKV Easter Holiday Competition

Would you like to stay in a chalet or caravan park for two days? In this competition, people who book a room at ATKV resorts during the promotional period (4 months) will get a chance to win a free Easter holiday over the weekend. You don’t have to worry about food because braai meat and drinks will be available at no cost to you and your companions. Accommodation is free. If you are a frequent traveller or vacation goer who books accommodation at holiday resorts, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Win a Book Hamper

Are you a book worm or somebody who likes visiting the book club or library on a weekend? If so, then Leisure Books, a well known South African book club has something for you. Join Leisure Books club and start checking out thousands of books like a kid in a candy shop. Member benefits include discounts on books and magazines, but you can also join the competition to win a book hamper worth R1,500.

Even if you don’t win the R1,500 hamper, you can win in other ways. Leisure Books has lots of offers in various categories for adult and kids entertainment. You can save as much as 50% on various items sold in the bookstore.

When you enter the competition, you will get a colourful catalogue that is packed with deals and offers on a wide range of books.

Media 24 Competitions

Media24 is the company behind some of these competitions. Media 24 may run a competition in conjunction with another partner, for example the Weekly Keyword competition was sponsored by General Motors. External competitions may also be featured on News24 and other sites, for example the ATKV Resorts competition.

Media 24 also maintains 10 print magazines and at least 19 local newspapers, among them City Press, Daily Sun, Drum, You and Fair Lady. Five of the local newspaper publications are free.

24 web properties include:

  • Media 24
  • News 24
  • Health 24
  • Parent 24
  • Property 24
  • Careers 24

Health 24 Competition


Health 24 is part of a portfolio of websites owned by Media24.The website specializes in health information, medical advice and lifestyle. There are experts dispensing professional advice in various medical conditions such as cancer, asthma and diabetes. Lifestyle experts are also there to advise you on fitness, dieting, stress, parenting, home finance and other issues that are of importance to your life and well being. If you are an avid reader of the website, you will come across a lot of competitions with cash prizes.

The Health 24 competition offers readers in South Africa a chance to walk away with something for their loyalty to the health magazine. Winners are announced on the website after the deadline for submissions has closed. So how much money in cash prize can you win on Health24?

R5,000 Health of the Nation Competition

It all depends on the competition, but one competition with a huge cash prize that you should look out for is the
Health of the Nation Survey. Just by completing a survey, you will be able to participate in a competition offering a cash prize of R5,000.00 to the winner.

R1,000 Monthly Draw

Health24 has an ongoing monthly competition that rewards subscribed readers. The cash prize is R1,000 and the only conditions to enter this monthly draw is to sign up for the Health24 newsletter which is sent to readers on a regular basis. To enter the competition, go to the website and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a sign-up form. Enter your email address and click the Sign Up tab. After confirming your email, you will be subscribed to the newsletter and ready to receive updates.

Winners of the monthly draw are contacted via email, so use an email address where you are logging in frequently. You have 3 months to claim the prize, after which the prize will be forfeited if nobody has claimed the prize within this period.

As you can see, signing up for the Health24 newsletter allows you to receive health tips, and you are also automatically entered into the competition.

Marie Clare Competition

Marie Clare – Isabella Garcia Skincare & Makeup Hampers

Marie Clare is a well known fashion and beauty magazine for women. This glossy magazine runs competitions on a regular basis. The Marie Clare South Africa magazine has a lot of competitions from a range of brands in jewellery, skin care, hair products, home furniture, travel, home appliances, hotels, vacations, fragrances, stores and supermarkets.

Winners are announced on the magazine’s website. There is at least one Marie Clare competition each month, and you will be hit with an avalanche of competitions on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day including tons of contests for summer holidays.

Let’s look at some of the contests that are featured on the magazine:

Win Jewellery

Jewellers such as Georgini run special promotions on the fashion magazine, giving readers a chance to win classic and expensive necklaces, rings, earrings and other body ornaments. If you are a lady who loves jewellery, a wide range of collections for women comprise one of the prizes that is given away every month. Sets of jewellery with a value of R4,000 and even above are there for the taking.

Since Marie Clare is an international magazine, you have a chance to win jewellery from top jewellers in Europe such as Emozioni. Items worth R5,000 can be won comprising of high quality diamonds and other precious metals.

Win Skincare and Makeup Hampers

Dozens of skincare and makeup hampers are won each season by lucky readers. If you are a subscriber, you should be running into these types of offers throughout the year. Buy a copy of the magazine in shops and supermarkets or have it sent to you by post. The free and easy way is browsing the online magazine on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Isabella Garcia is one of the skincare brands that run competitions on Marie Clare.

Win Queen Size Beds

Home furniture such as queen-size beds is given to lucky winners who are subscribed to the Marie Clare magazine. About six beds are up for winning at any time. Have you ever thought of buying a bed worth at least R10,000? There is a difference between a R10,000 bed and R3,000 bed. If you are serious about comfort, class and quality, then you will not make any compromises. You have to get that R10,000 queen size bed. Money is a problem for most people, but you can opt for a cost-free method of acquiring what you want. Enter the competition to win a queen size bed by several bed suppliers such as House & Home, Sealy, Dynamic, Simmons, Serta and Genessi.

Win Spa Vouchers

Spa vouchers are one of the things you can win in a Marie Clare competition. Mangwanani is one well known prestigious and upmarket spa that allows magazine readers to win vouchers as much as R4,000 or more. As much as 15 spa vouchers are put up for grabs. Who knows, you can win a voucher for Valentine’s Day to give to your loved one, or a spa retreat and booking for a day or two to get that oriental massage which is administered by skilled masseurs.

If you have ever wondered what goes on in exclusive spa retreats such as Trogon House & Forest, Summerfields Rose Retreat and Fairlawns Boutique, then you might win a holiday or session at one of these resorts.

Win a Samsung TV

A home without television is a boring home. Everybody loves entertainment, it is one of the best ways to kill time. Now you have a chance to win a Samsung TV which could have cost you over R15,000 in cash. Samsung is one of the hottest names all over the world including South Africa where everybody wants to own the high-end Galaxy touchscreen. Now, everybody is watching if they can achieve the same success with television. Along with a Samsung television, you will get DSTV Explora, which has a vault of entertaining movies and programs.

Win Perfumes and Fragrances

Where there are perfumes, there are women. It is becoming harder and harder to choose a bottle of perfume with the right fragrance because there are hundreds of brand names on the shelf. The variety is also infinite, with classic perfumes from Europe, exotic perfumes from Arabia and Asia. To differentiate them from the rest, some perfumes are named after the inventor. One of the names that you would like to get is Alaia Blanche, a brand new fragrance from Azzedine Alaia. In the Marie Clare competition, as much as eight bottles of perfume are given away to lucky winners.

Win a Shopping Voucher

A lot of high-end stores that you can find at shopping malls around South Africa are featured on Marie Clare. Whenever there is something exclusive and worth mentioning, you will read about it, whether it’s a competition, promotion or special item. Do you like shopping and are you one of those people who makes a weekly trip to the shopping mall as a pastime activity? If so, then you should join Marie Clare to enter various competitions where participants stand a chance to win shopping vouchers up to R5,000. With this voucher, you can go shopping at an upmarket shopping mall like Cavendish Square in Cape Town.

Win a Holiday Trip or Vacation

One of the best rewards of being a Marie Clare subscriber is winning a holiday vacation at a resort that you have always dreamed of. As the season for holidays approaches, there is no shortage of promotions for holiday getaways, flight tickets, vacation trips, hotel stays and attractions. You can win an excursion to one of the top attractions in South Africa, for example a holiday for two at the Kruger National Park. You will be staying at a luxury lodge and getting all the 5-star benefits that come with the booking. In this case, you don’t have to book, you are VIP and the vacation package is ready for you. All you need to do is pack your bags and wait for pick-up time. Vacation packages worth R18,000 are won by readers every season, and depending on the competition you can have up to 7 days of holidaying.

Pick n Pay Competition

If you are a competition addict, then Pick n Pay has a lot of competitions to participate in. Participating in many competitions increases your chance of winning a prize. It’s like spreading your basket to minimize risk. When you join Pick n Pay contests in South Africa, your only headache is deciding which one to join. There are about 30 competitions running in any season throughout the year. As you know, Pick n Pay is a big shop and it makes sense for this commercial retailer to give back to the community through competitions where customers can win big prizes. Depending on the competition, you can win prizes as big as a Toyota Hilux or something special like an expensive case of JC Le Roux wine valued at R2,500.00

Here are some of the Pick n Pay competitions that you can join:

Pick n Pay Store R200 Free Credit on Opening an Account

Are you a Pick n Pay shopper with no account? If so, then you can take advantage of the Pick n Pay account promotion to get a free R200 credit on your new account. All you need to do is open a store account during the promotional period starting around the beginning of December up to the end February in the following year. You can open an account by visiting the online store on your computer and signing up with your email. Another alternative is visiting the local store and filling up the registration papers. I t doesn’t cost anything to open an account.

Offer Details

After opening a new store account, that is if you have not been registered before, you have to buy items (e.g. groceries) with a minimum value of R500 from Pick n Pay stores. As you reach the cashier with your basket or shopping trolley, pay for your items and make sure that they are worth at least R500. A free credit amount of R200 will be added to your account as a reward for the purchase. The free credit is only given to customers who are buying for the first time through their Pick n Pay store account, so make sure that your transactions are made through your new account.

To check the credit that has been added to your account, log into your store account at the end of the month and view the monthly statements. The free credit does not appear soon after purchasing, but it is reflected in the balance at the end of the month. This credit can be used to buy anything from the stores. You cannot withdraw the credit or cash it out. It’s only for shopping at Pick n Pay.

Eligibility & Qualifications

In order to qualify for this R200 offer, participants must meet the following conditions:

  • Open a new Pick n Pay account during the period of offer validity.
  • Buy items with a total value of R500 or more through your Pick n Pay account.
  • Be a resident of South Africa
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Participate in your personal capacity as an individual, not a group, team or organization
  • Be a registered Pick n Pay smart shopper
  • Submit full and accurate details about yourself and identity


  • There is no limit to the number of times that you can enter the promotion.
  • Accounts opened outside the validity period do not qualify for this offer.
  • Opening Date for 2016/2017 promotion: 9 December 2016
  • Deadline: 28 February 2017


Pick n Pay One Year Free Delivery Competition

Are you a regular shopper at Pick n Pay and do you want to save time, energy and money on delivery i.e. driving to and fro, or paying a taxi? If shopping is a pleasure but delivery is a headache for you, then you should join the Pick n Pay Win Free Delivery For a Year competition.

You will like this offer if you buy most of your groceries on the internet on Pick n Pay stores. In this age of smartphones and tablets, trendy shops such as Pick n Pay give you the convenience of shopping online, in the comfort of your home. By simply visiting an online store, you can pick your groceries, checkout and pay online using your credit card or other payment methods. Within a few minutes, the Pick n Pay delivery van will be on its way to drop the package at your doorstep. You can make orders from your smartphone or computer anywhere, at work, while travelling or watching TV at home. However, this convenient service comes at a cost, you have to pay a fee for every delivery that is requested.

Joining the Pick n Pay Free Delivery competition will give you a chance to win free delivery for the whole year. You can imagine the amount of money that you can save. Pick n Pay makes use of Aramex for its delivery services. If you buy online, you will pay at least R50 for delivery of a slot or sleeve, and up to R99. Let’s say you shop on a weekly basis, that will be R2600 a year for delivery only. If you do your shopping two times a month, you will pay R1200 in a year.

Offer Details

The offer validity period is from the beginning of December to the end of January in the following year. There is only one winner for this competition. According to Pick n Pay, the free delivery is for weekly shopping and you will save an amount of R4160 in delivery costs in a year for shopping online.

This offer will be in your name and account, it can’t be substituted for another prize or name. Free delivery is available for all purchases regardless of the amount spent. You will get free delivery whether you buy a few or many items.


You have to meet the following requirements in order to participate in the competition:

  • Subscribe to the Pick n Pay email newsletter for updates and offers. Signing up gives you automatic entry to the competition, but you have to log into your email to click the confirmation link. Use this link to sign up – Click Here
  • You have to submit your email registration before the deadline
  • Be a resident of South Africa
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Participate in your personal capacity as an individual, not a group, team or organization
  • Submit full and accurate details about yourself and identity.


  • Opening date for 2016/2017 competition – 5 December 2016
  • Closing date for 2016/2017 competition – 31 January 2017

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Competitions

Smart Shopper is a rewards program for Pick n Pay customers. A reward program provides incentives for shopping at a particular store. It is a way to keep customers. Free credits are awarded to the customer’s account for buying a minimum value of items from the shop. This credit is currency which can be used to purchase something from the store. To earn free credits or points, you have to sign up for a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper account. Anybody can sign up, there are no special requirements to get the account.

The benefit of a Smart Shopper account is that you earn money, but you are also eligible to participate in Smart Shopper competitions that allow you to save money and win big prizes worth thousands of Rands. There are many Smart Shopper competitions run by different companies and brands in conjunction with Pick n Pay. Some of the brands running contests on Pick n Pay are Rhodes Fruit Juice, Showmax, Uber, Mondelez, ILLovo, Albany and Avios.

To join a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper competition, you have to get a Smart Shopper account first i.e. join the rewards program. After that you can participate in several contests under the program. There are more than 20 contests to choose from. You can enter all of them and as many times as you can depending on the rules. Here are some of the contests that you can join:

Pick n Pay Albany Smart Shopper Competition

This competition is run by Pick n Pay and Albany (Tiger Consumer Brands).Are you a health conscious individual who believes in natural green diet, then you should join the Albany competition to win a Nutribullet. A nutribullet is a kitchen device used to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and used by many a household to make smoothies. Although many users like to classify this device as a blender or juicer, the way it works is actually different from these devices. It doesn’t simply blend or squeeze out juices from fruits and vegetables, but it goes further in its extraction, breaking down cells and extracting the vital nutrients at the deepest level. The device breaks down the tougher contents such as seeds, skins and fibre into a fine and smooth consistency that is ready for absorption and digestion. A nutribullet looks like a shell-shaped vacuum flask, sitting nicely on your table.

Offer Details

The Albany competition runs from the middle of January to the end of February of the same year. Albany and Pick n Pay are giving away eight Nutribullets. There are 8 winners for this competition, so you should participate with confidence knowing that you have increased chances of winning. The prize is a Nutribullet nutrient extractor valued at R2000.


The requirements for entering this competition are listed below:

  • Buy one loaf of Albany Ultima bread using your Pick n Pay card (The Smart Shopper card)
  • Have a Smart Shopper account from Pick n Pay.
  • Be a resident of South Africa
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Participate in your personal capacity as an individual, not a group, team or organization
  • Submit full and accurate details about yourself and identity.


  • The opening date for the 2016/2017 competition is 16 January 2017
  • The closing date for the 2016/2017 competition is 26 February 2017
  • You have a right to enter the competition more than once.

 Pick n Pay Avios Smart Shopper Competition

Do you like travelling and are you a member of Avios Travel? Would you like to earn points on your Avios traveller account that you can use to travel cost-free? If so, then you should sign up for this competition run by Pick n Pay and Avios.Points earned on your Pick n Pay smart shopper account or card can be switched to Avios whenever you reach the minimum balance. This means you can use your Pick n Pay rewards to buy a travel ticket or holiday package on Avios.

Offer Details

The ability to switch points from Pick n Pay to Avios is available for those who already have an Avios account and are participating in the company’s Travel Rewards programme. Members of the British Airways Executive Club also qualify for this offer.

To start benefiting from this arrangement, you have to link your Avios or British Airways account to Pick n Pay. There are several ways of linking your Pick n Pay account to third parties and partners such as Avios. If you have internet connection at home or work, go to the Pick n Pay online store. Log into your Smart Shopper account and follow the link to switch your points to Avios.Online linking can also be done via a smartphone or tablet. Make sure that you have a data plan on your device. Go to the Apple store or Google Play store to download the Pick n Pay app. Log into your Smart Shopper account via the app and link your accounts.

For those who don’t have internet, visit your local Pick n Pay store and ask the assistant to link your accounts.

When you are done linking your accounts, you can start switching points between your accounts as you wish, provided that you have the reached the minimum. You should note that the exchange rate determines the amount of points that can be switched. 100 Avios points also known as Avios are equivalent to 800 Pick n Pay points, so that means 1 Avios is equivalent to 8 Pick n Pay points.

To switch points, sign into your online account via the website or mobile app. You can also switch points at the Smart Shopper desk at Pick n Pay. After the debit transaction, allow a maximum of 10 days for the points to be reflected in your account. Once the points are switched to your Avios account, and in case you change your mind, you have 7 days to reverse the transaction.


The minimum entry qualifications for this competition are outlined below. Since this offer is only available to members of the Avios Travel Rewards programme and British Airways Executive Club, you will not be eligible to participate if you are not a member. You should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a member of the Avios Travel Rewards programme or British Airways Executive Club
  • Have a Smart Shopper account at Pick n Pay.
  • Be a resident of South Africa
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Participate in your personal capacity as an individual, not a group, team or organization
  • Submit full and accurate details about yourself and identity.


Pick n Pay – JC Le Roux Competition

JC Le Roux is one of the brands with offers and competitions on Pick n Pay. It has won prestigious awards and has been praised for its high quality wines. The House of JC Le Roux is situated in Stellenbosch, in a region known as the Cape Winelands.Every bottle of wine that comes out of this winery is a product of experience, experiments and research spanning hundreds of years. The secrets of JC Le Roux are only known to the wine makers, who prepare and package each wine range with meticulous attention and highly selective process.

If you are a lover of Pick n Pay wine, then you should not miss this opportunity to win a case of JC Le Roux wine with a price tag of R2500.00.

Entry Details

Not much is required to enter this competition. You just need to fill up the form on Pick n Pay online store and complete a quiz. If your answer to the quiz is correct, you will be entered for the draw where 5 lucky winners are chosen. The deadline for joining the competition is 5 February 2017.

Contact Details for Pick n Pay Competitions

If you have any queries or if you need assistance with any Pick n Pay competition in South Africa, you should contact the call centre – 0800 11 22 88