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About Us:

Just like anywhere in the world, consumers in South Africa, Asia Pacific and South America love deals and discounts. Individual shoppers from developed countries like USA go to well-known offline and online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon to get the lowest price on a product. Similarly, there are many retailers in SA that offer weekly deals and specials on a variety of products, these include food and clothing deals which are sought after by many people.

However when it comes to international brand names, the cost of importing your favorite product (i.e. duty and tax) increases the product price by nearly two or threefold. Also, the release of the product to foreign markets is often delayed unless you have a friend or contact in the USA who can buy the product for you and send it to you while it’s still hot and trending. Most of the times, if you are planning to get the product from your local store, you will need to wait. The product will hit the local shelves after 10 or so months.

Fortunately if you are in South Africa, you can obtain that hot product from local factory shop outlets. However, not all products are found at the factory shop. Also just because it’s a Nike or Puma factory shop doesn’t mean it will produce the same items all over the world. Some items are meant for a specific geographic market only e.g. USA or Europe. In this case, the only way to get your favorite brand name is using a foreign agent or friend to buy for you. This is where Assisted shopping and Package forwarding comes in >> Read More

Just like vehicle manufacturing, companies like Toyota, Audi and VW will produce cars for specific markets such as India, Asia and Europe before those cars are available in Africa and South America. Even if there is a local manufacturing plant, it won’t have the capability or capacity to produce the latest cars.

Compared to other countries in developing countries, shoppers in South Africa are extremely lucky because the country is heavily favored by international brands who like to setup branches and factories in the country. These investors often choose SA as the regional capital for diversifying their market.

People in search of brand name deals approach factory shops, which are scattered all over SA in cities such as Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London. These shops don’t only sell to wholesalers and retailers, but they also sell to individual customers who visit the factory shop.

We have prepared a guide that will help you locate these deals.

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On this blog, you will find information on customer support for a variety of companies and businesses on the internet as well as offline.Popular organizations are listed as well as websites.

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