OK Furniture Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

OK Furniture Hidden Amaroks Facebook Competition

OK Furniture is a popular store that is known by everyone who has a piece of furniture in his or her household in the Southern African region. The store supplies furniture and home appliances at a cost that is affordable for most low and middle income groups.

The furniture company was founded in 1927 when it was then operating as OK Bazaars. After operating for 46 years as a publicly listed company, the company attracted the attention of South African Breweries who acquired a major stake in the furniture group. Later on during 1996, the new owners changed the name to OK Furniture, making it a subsidiary of the group. A year later, the company was acquired by Shoprite Checkers who are the current owners.

In the early days, OK Bazaars had over 100 stores nationwide. Today, the firm is in charge of more than 550 stores and factory shops with 54% of them in the SADC region. Other divisions connected to OK Furniture are Rainbow Finance and OK Power Express. Rainbow Finance is the place to go to when you are looking for credit financing and insurance products. OK Power Express deals with home appliances, electronics and cellphones.

So how does a buyer find deals and offers at OK Furniture? It is a smart thing to look out for opportunities to save when you are shopping. There are a lot of ways to get furniture and home appliances at a bargain.

OK Furniture Weekly Deals and Offers

Just by visiting the online store, you can find low-price deals on a range of furniture products such as beds, tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards and lounge suites (sofas / couches).The OK store sells a variety of products on one platform. You can visit the appliances section to check domestic appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, ovens, stoves, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances.Electronice gadgets such as television sets, HIFI, DSTV, DVD players and car audio are also found.

Friday deals give you the opportunity to save every weekend, on a range of items such as bicycles, beds, LED TVs,cellphones, freezers, stoves and hifi.Every month, there are deals for the season. The biggest deals are towards the Christmas holidays. Even in months such as January where people under constrained budgets, you will find lower prices to suit your circumstances. Discount offers run for up to 10 days or more.

If you are an outdoor handyman, OK also sells braais, lawnmowers and other garden tools. Although the supply is limited, it is one of the places to get flooring covers such as tiles, carpets, vinyl and laminated boards for your construction projects. If you are interested in laptops, tablets and computers, they are found in the Multimedia section, but not all stores sell computers. Most stores are into furniture and domestic appliances, which is the main specialty of the firm.

Sign Up for OK Newsletter Offers

In this digital age, internet-savvy stores such as OK allow you to sign up for regular updates on special offers. Whenever special deals and offers are on the way, you will receive an email advising you to act on the offers before the promotion ends. Email subscribers are probably the first customers to get news of the latest deals. To sign up for deals, go to the online store and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a sign-up form that allows you to enter your email address. Enter your email and click the [Subscribe] button. OK will send you a verification link, which you must open to get confirmation. Deals on furniture, home and kitchen appliances are promoted on weekends, holidays and towards the end of the month.

OK Layby

OK gives everybody the chance to buy what they want with money that they have. It’s always much cheaper to buy cash because there are no interest costs but if you can’t afford cash payments, there are flexible alternatives such as Lay-by which allow you to pay an affordable deposit amount. OK stores offer a 6 months layby payment plan for people who wish to buy on credit. This lay-by is interest free, so there are no additional costs on your behalf.

OK Furniture Spot the Difference Facebook Competition

OK Competitions

While shopping at any OK stores, you can join competitions where gift vouchers and prizes are given to winners. The OK Foods department runs competitions such as the Win-A-Bakkie competition, Celebrity Birthday Dash, Pick a Door and R2000 Voucher contest.

Spot the Difference Competition – This competition is run by OK Furniture. You have to join the OK South Africa Facebook Page in order to participate. A set of pictures which look similar is posted on the Facebook Page and you have to spot the difference between the two pictures. OK Vouchers worth R200 are given to the first 5 people who comment on the post with the right answers. It’s as simple as that. Just be quick to post your answer as soon as the post is published because over 200 comments are received at any one time.

Find Hidden Amaroks in Catalogue Competition – This is another OK Furniture competition. Basically, you have to find hidden items on the picture, for example, two Amaroks (cars).Comment with your answer on the Facebook post and you could be one of the lucky 3 people to win a R200 OK voucher.

OK Furniture Birthday Competition – To celebrate the birthday of OK Furniture which began as OK Bazaars in 1927, the company runs a competition where participants can win a R500 voucher. In one of the competitions which is run every year on Facebook, you have to choose a balloon which contains a hidden object. The winner is the first person to comment with the right answer.

Compare Product Prices

If you are shopping on the online OK Furniture, you can compare the prices of furniture that you are interested in. This is useful if you have not decided on a product to buy or if you are overwhelmed by the available choices. When you are browsing new products, add the product to the comparison list by clicking the button below the product picture. This will show you the best product to buy in terms of lowest price. You can also add the product to your wish list for later consideration.

OK Furniture Credit Card

The OK Furniture credit card allows you to buy online as well as in-store in your location. In order to get this card, you have to submit an application and OK will determine your eligibility. Go online and fill the application form with your name, surname, ID, residential address and contact details. You will be required to upload an electronic scanned copy of your ID, pay slips for the past 3 months and proof of residential address (i.e. a Municipality Water, Electricity Bill). The online application allows you to buy OK products on the internet only. If you wish to use the card to buy things at a local store, you are required to visit the store with your original documents (The South African ID, payslips for the previous 3 months and a utility bill which shows the address where you are residing).

OK Furniture Catalogue

Ok publishes catalogues for their stores in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Visit the South Africa store website, which is the regional website for Southern Africa. Select your country and download the PDF catalogue, containing the latest products and prices. Updated catalogues for end of year sales, monthly sales and special holiday sales are published for your shopping convenience. You can save as much as 1000 Rands by checking the catalogues. For example, you can save R400 on HIFI, R1000 on lounge suites, R700 on fridges, R500 on laptops, R600 on queen beds, R300 on TV stands and R70 on microwave ovens.

Refund Policy

If you buy items from OK, you have 7 days to assess the condition of the new product. Within this period, you can return the item and ask for a refund or get a new item.

OK appliances have a warranty. If your appliances happen to malfunction or fail to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, you have a replacement guarantee on your side. You can also choose to have the item repaired at no cost to you, provided that the warranty is still in force.

If you feel that the warranty is short, you can increase the length of the warranty by buying an extended warranty. Items on warranty are guaranteed to be repaired within 21 days.

OK Furniture Stores and Factory Shops

At the moment, there are over 462 OK stores and factory outlets in South Africa, from Acornhoek to Zeerust.

Weylandts Furniture Stores , Factory Shops and Offers

Weylandts Catalogue - 2017 Nelspruit South Africa
Weylandts Catalogue – 2017 Nelspruit South Africa

Weylandts is a furniture store with a special emphasis on sophistication, exclusiveness, rawness and premium quality. The store was founded in Namibia, in the city of Windhoek by a man named Edgar Weylandt.It has been operating since 1964, starting with a store in Windhoek and then later on spreading wings to Australia and South Africa where the store has 9 furniture outlets in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Knysna,Umhlanga,Durbanville and Nelspruit. The single and only store in Australia is located in Melbourne.

Like most companies which are successfully run by families through decades, the legacy of Edgar Weylandts has been carried on to the present generation through his son who has managed to create a brand with a growing distribution in Southern Africa. The modern furniture stores and factory shops supply handcrafted furniture ranging from tables to beds. It is also a great resource to find high quality sanitaryware, kitchenware, light fittings and outdoor fittings with an exclusive design. In case you are looking for professional guidance in setting up your new bedroom, living room and kitchen, Weylandts has interior design specialists on call.

Weylandts is not just a regular furniture shop like OK, but it is a creative and lifestyle concept, targeting the client with taste, high standards and fondness for good living. If you are planning to build a multi-million rand house in Klein Kuppe, Cape Town or Sandton, you will benefit a lot by hiring lifestyle interior designers to make input on your residential development.

Although interior designers can achieve a lot by working with architects in producing the final design, they can also pitch in at a later stage, when the house is ready for occupation. Upon requesting a quote, the company will dispatch estimators and designers to survey your home. They will take pictures of the rooms, which they will use to determine the best remodelling design and makeovers. Within a few hours, they can suggest the best way forward.

Interior design services are not only for newly built homes, but they are needed in old and existing homes too. You will need them when you are relocating to your recently purchased home or moving from one rented property to another. In rented homes, the extent of renovations and makeovers that you are supposed to make is very limited, due to the landlord’s restrictions.

A look at Weylandts range of products and projects reveals an integration of four main themes – Africa, nature, decluttering and space accentuation.


The influence of African art and design is apparent on most Weylandts products such as chairs, tables, stools, sofa cushions, wall finishings, plant vases, carpets, sofas, canvas art, ornaments, lamps and accessories such as the Madagascar nest basket.


There is a natural raw touch and texture in most Weylandts furnishings. A visitor that enters a room designed by the experts from this company, will experience a raw yet prestigious feel from the environment. Woody chairs, beds, drawers, couches and tables are the main essence, with an integration of green flora. A vase of exotic and indigenous plants here and there is placed at strategic locations.


Weylandts believes in space that is free from clutter and noise. This can be observed in the way its signature furniture is designed and how the sets are arranged in the room. The sets are designed and strategically placed to achieve tranquillity, as well as provide a neat environment that provides peace of mind, orderliness and organization. By minimizing pieces of furniture in a room as well as placing objects with a visual thinning effect, what is left is a pleasant room that makes you feel like you are in a spacious 5 star hotel.

Effect of Space

A Weylandts interior design achieves the effect of space, thanks to the minimalist decor and organization. You feel like you are in a roomy presidential lounge for VIPs. A spacious environment allows you to relax, heal and expand your imagination.

You can find Weylandts stores on https://www.weylandts.co.za/stores/

The furniture shop has 12 stores in three countries – 2 in Namibia, 1 in Australia and 9 in South Africa. The stores are open at all days of the week, from Sunday to Saturday.

Weylandts Furniture Stores 2017


Tel: +27 21 914 1433
Toll Free: 0860 103 400


Cape Town Stores

Head Office,

2nd Floor, Block 3,

Northgate Park,

Intersection Section Street/Koeberg Road,

Cape Town

Tel:  0860 103 400


22 Bella Rosa Street,

Durbanville 7550,

Tel: 021-914 1440


Intersection Alfred Street/Hospital Street,

Greenpoint 8001

Tel: 021-425 5284



Johannesburg Stores

Intersection Fourways Blvd/Short Street,

Fourways 2055

Tel:  011-467 8001


12B Kramer Road,

Kramerville, Sandton

Tel: 011-262 4747



Pretoria Stores

Shop 45,

Brooklyn Mall Design Square,

309 Veale Street/Middle Street,

Niew Muckleneuk 0181

Tel: 012-346 0418




Sawtooth Building/Sawtooth Lane,

Thesen Island,


Tel: 044-382 0650



Nelspruit Stores

5 Weir Street,

Riverside Park,

Nelspruit 1200

Tel: 010-900 4551



Umhlanga Stores

9 Tetford Circle,

Umhlanga Ridge 4319

Tel: 031-584 7906



Namibia Stores

3 Tobias Hainyeko Street,


Tel: 264-64 402 344


Intersection 27 Joule Rd/Parsons Road,

Southern Industrial,


Tel: 264-61 221 967


Wetherlys Furniture Stores, Factory Shops, Brands and New Owner


Wetherlys is a brand furniture store owned by the Ellerines group of companies. The Ellerines group of companies comprises at least six brands which include Beares, Ellerines, Wetherleys, Geen & Richards, Furniture City and Dial-a-Bed.

Ellerines Holdings Limited (EHL) owns more than 300 furniture shops in South Africa and over 80 shops in foreign countries. Of the stores in South Africa, 63 belong to the Beares brand and 217 belong to the Wetherleys brand.

The history of Wetherlys dates back more than 40 years back when a family in Auckland Park, Johannesburg ran a small furniture business from their home. The family specialized in crafting wooden products, ranging from antiques to home furniture. They also supplied related imports obtained overseas. For a company that has more than two decades in the business, they have established trust among South Africans which is evidenced by more than 200 stores , branches and factory shops scattered all over the country.

To make it easy for customers to choose from their wide selection of furniture products and accessories, the company publishes monthly catalogues which often include discounts on high quality products. They also run clearance sales every year and on a seasonal basis to reduce the amount of stock which has stayed idle for a long time.

The last and biggest clearance sale run by the store began in January 2014 and ended in early 2015. The company was closing down for good, so they sold products at a giveaway price. An assortment of furniture for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and outdoors was sold to customers for discounts as high as 75%.

Store Closure and Liquidation

On 19 June 2015, the Ellerines Group announced the closure of its stores in South Africa. This included the Wetherlys brand whose founders are known for introducing the first sell-from-home retail concept, where the store sells items from its own warehouse, rather than renting commercial retail space. However, as the company grew, several stores were opened in all provinces and towns across South Africa.

The closure of the Furniture group saw many of its brands being sold to bidders in South Africa. Since Ellerines was financed by its parent company African Bank, which owned a major stake in the business, they were forced to liquidate their assets after African Bank went bankrupt, with debts amounting to 1.3 billion Rands.The company was placed under liquidation on 7 August 2014, and all stores have ceased operations.

The following brands were sold in the liquidation process:

Wetherleys furniture was sold to Shoprite for an undisclosed amount. However, at least 300 workers who were employed by the furniture company were allowed to keep their jobs under the new owner. Although Shoprite did not reveal much about the acquisition, it’s clear that they took over the firm including its inventory.

If you are an account holder with Wetherlys, your products should be delivered by Shoprite and your account payments should be made with African Bank.

Beares furniture was acquired by the Lewis Group for a sum of 93.7 million Rands.The deal involved 63 stores owned by the brand.

Dial-a-Bed, one of Ellerines’ brand was acquired by CoriCraft for an undisclosed amount.

Many people might be wondering why an established and widely distributed company like Ellerines had to close down, but the credit crisis which devalued the South African Rand by almost twice the initial rate in the 2014 – 2015 period was partly to blame.Ellerines was the major target affected by the credit crunch among all furniture manufacturers in the country. Other furniture giants which were affected by the credit crisis to a lesser extent are the JD Group which was forced to re-structure and consolidate its brand portfolio.

Survivors include the Lewis Group which came out unscathed, but took the opportunity to capitalize on the fall of Ellerines by acquiring the Beares brand for 93.7 million Rands.However, the Lewis Group is more careful about future expansion, preferring to minimize costs by focusing on small stores.

Another big survivor is the Shoprite Furniture department, which capitalized on the liquidation of Ellerines by purchasing all 217 stores belonging to the Wetherlys brand.

In order to pay off its R1.3 billion debt, Ellerines Holdings also opened its foreign assets for sale. These are stores outside the country numbering up to 80, and whose estimated worth is 400 million Rands according to a potential buyer who has shown interest. If the deal goes through, Ellerines will be guaranteed of liquid cash over the half-a-billion rand mark. Since the value of the Shoprite deal is not known, one can only guess that it’s over 500 million Rands or else it would be impossible to reach the target.

The New Wetherlys Store 2017

In case you are a Wetherleys customer, you should remember that the company has sold its stores and brand to Shoprite South Africa. You are more likely to find the same exclusive and high quality furniture that you were used to at Shoprite Furniture. So basically, Shoprite is the new Wetherleys.

When big companies and corporations are making acquisitions or changing hands, the SA Competition Commission will intervene to make sure that job losses are minimized. The previous staff and employees have been retained, so as an old customer you can be confident that you are getting the same customer service.

The company’s Facebook Page and Twitter Profile are no longer updated since operations are now run by Shoprite.

If you are looking for Wetherlys Catalogues or Weekly Specials, you may as well check the Shoprite Furniture catalogues.The Shoprite Group owns OK Furniture, with about 387 outlets in South Africa and neighbouring countries.