Jenni Button Fashion Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Jenni Button Collection

High quality couture is the name that comes to mind when you hear the name Jenni Button. Haute couture is a French term which refers to luxury designer clothing for women. This is the type of clothing to go for if you are looking for exclusive fashion made by skilled sewers. The investment in unique fabric, skilled craftsmanship and time needed to put up a custom-designed outfit ensures that no-one else but the client has that type of fashion. As a result, you are not going to find haute couture at your favourite fashion shop like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Edgars, Truworth or Mr Price.

In a regular fashion store like Macy’s, you will find mass produced clothing in different sizes and collections. If you can’t find your size, then bad luck for you. You have to wait for the next batch, which may be available next month or next season. Most of these fashion retailers don’t take custom orders. When you do request a custom order, they may take your order only if your size is available and is actually produced by the clothing manufacturers. If not, you may as well forget. These stores make money from mass produced standard outfits sold at a lower price tag, therefore they won’t lose sleep over one customer who wants a custom outfit.

High-end fashion stores operate differently and they cater for one type of customer – a woman who needs to invest in custom clothing which is perfectly suited for her body shape and measurements. The designer will take time to produce this type of outfit, which requires hand crafting, fitting and sewing skills. Due to these requirements, haute couture is more expensive than regular fashion. This is the type of fashion requested by celebrities, the affluent and other people of high status.

Jenni Button International is a high-end fashion store based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by Jenni Button, a South African fashion designer from Cape Town. The store has branches in London, Paris and New York.

If you are looking for premium hand-crafted clothing for women, Jenni Button is the shop to visit to make a consultation or get new arrivals. The store also includes a section for menswear.

Shopping on the online store is easy because the interface has a clean minimalist design that allows you to find what you are looking for in an instant. You can view the latest trunk sale, check the latest arrivals or simply visit the store to shop by season or category. There are winter and summer collections. Fashion items include dresses, tops, pants, jackets, kaftans, nightwear, bags, wallets, swimwear and scarves. Jewellery like necklaces, earrings and rings is also on offer. On this store, you will find dresses featuring an exclusive handcrafted design that is not found anywhere. The price of dresses which range from $70 to over $300 depending on the style, is quite affordable.

If there is a Jenni Button trunk sale in your nearest location, you can attend the show to capitalize on discounts that will be on offer to attract customers.

To get hold of the latest arrivals in fashion, you have to check the online store on a regular basis or you can simply sign up for updates with your email address. Visit the online store and scroll to the bottom of the website. Enter your email in the subscription form provided.

You can also find fashion collections and updates on the Jenni Button Twitter and Facebook Page.


Jenni Button Stores and Factory Shops

The women’s brand has fashion stores in several South African cities. You can visit the stores to find low-price deals:

  • Durban – Gateway Theatre of Shopping  – Tel: 031 566 3713
  • Cape Town – Cavendish Square – Tel: (021) 683 9504
  • Sandton – Hyde Park Corner  – Tel: (011) 325 4066
  • Sandton – Sandton City  – Tel: (011) 783 3209
  • Pretoria – Menlyn Park Shopping Centre – Tel: (012) 368 1882
  • Moreletapark – Woodlands Boulevard – Tel: (012) 997 5956
  • Cape Town – Canal Walk – Tel: (021) 552 0077
  • East London – Hemingways Mall – Tel: (043) 721 3584
  • Roodepoort – Clearwater Mall – Tel: (011) 679 3718


Rage Shoes & Clothing Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Rage Shoes Catalogue for Women

Rage Shoes is a South African shoe retailer for women and kids. One thing that makes Rage Shoes stand out from other domestic shoe manufacturers is that its factory shops produce trendy and stylish footwear that you would be proud to wear at any event, function or setting. It’s a cool brand name that is loved by fashion-forward ladies from all backgrounds in South Africa. A trip to one of Rage stores in town will not fail to inspire a shopper because the range of shoe styles on offer is out of the ordinary. Most of the times, when you step into a regular shoe shop in town, all you find are generic styles of shoes that are found everywhere. The only thing that differs is the price. Not so with Rage. If you are looking for heels, pumps and sandals, they have original styles that are not found anywhere.

Rage Clothing is a section of the same store for women’s clothing .This women’s store specializes in the supply of dresses, bottoms and tops. There is a wide range of lovely designs for bodycon dresses, skirts, tights and long dresses in different colours and patterns. You will find designs in African prints, abstract art, plain fabrics and other cool styles. There are collections for summer and winter available for viewing and downloading on stores like Tiendeo .

There are many ways to save money when shopping for clothing and shoes on Rage. First, you have to be on the lookout for sales, and Rage has plenty of discount sales on its online store. To find fashion items on sale, visit the women’s section. Multiple types of dresses, shoes and sandals are displayed on the webstore and all items which are priced to go are marked with an On Sale tag.

Rage Weekly Specials and Offers

There is no day that goes by without any clothing or shoes on special price offer at Rage stores. You can visit the store directly to get offers and you need to sign up for an account if you want to earn rewards. Deals and discounts can also be found on the store’s Facebook Page. Here you will find various items with discounts as high as 50%.The month of December offers the best discounts, this is an opportunity to grab fashion items such as block heels, flats, bodycon dresses and pee-toe pumps at almost half the price. After the holiday seasons, discounts will drop to about 25%.

Rage Creative Range

The Rage fashion brand is always adding a new collection of dress styles and footwear for ladies. You will never get tired of the same old thing or the same old designs. The collections are always creative and original, designed in-house and manufactured by the company. Since Rage does not import its inventory, the price is bound to be affordable for a large percentage of the population in South Africa.

Rage Clothing Catalogue for Women

Rage Store Card and Rewards

To get a Rage store card, you have to create an account. Creating an account is easy even if you don’t have access to the internet. You don’t even need to visit the store in your location, but you only need to send an SMS. Nowadays, it’s hard to find somebody without a cellphone. To open your Rage shopping account in South Africa, send a text message to 47489 in the following order: YourID*First Name*Surname*Income.

Example: If your name is Penelope Khumalo ,ID – 8709DFG25443 and your monthly income is R5,000 a month, then you should SMS the following information to 47489:     8709DFG25443*Penelope*Khumalo*R5000

Wait for your application to be reviewed. If your account is approved, you will be notified via SMS or Telephone. The next step is to visit the store in your area to submit your ID documents (South African ID + 1 x photocopy).

Instead of applying via SMS, you can also visit the store in your area to complete application forms.

Rewards Program

To participate in Rage Rewards program, you have to submit an application form at your local store. The benefits of signing up for this program are multiple. First, your account is credited with R30 as a sign-up bonus. Another R30 is added to your account on your birthday. Whenever you buy from Rage stores, you will be rewarded with points which can be converted to actual currency in Rands. You can collect as many points as you can provided that you are a loyal customer. As the points accumulate, you will see the earnings in your account. Use the amount to buy anything from Rage stores nationwide. When you reach 50 points (R50), you can start using the points earned as soon as possible. Just remember that you have to keep your card active for 12 months, i.e. buy from Rage stores at least once a year even if it’s a small thing. Cards that have been inactive for 12 months will lose points. Carry your card with you whenever you go shopping, it’s needed for redeeming your points when swiping at the cashier’s POS machine. For every R100 you spend at any Rage store, you will earn 3 points (R3.00). If your spend R1000, you will earn 30 points (R30.00). If you spend R1000 a month at Rage stores, you will earn R360 in a year. This is enough to buy a nice dress or stylish shoes.

Monthly Deals Update

On signing up for a Rage card, you should include your mobile number and ID if you wish to receive special offers and deals on a regular basis. By subscribing to SMS deals, you will never miss any competition or promotion. Shopping for deals with your Rage card is smart because you don’t only get discounts but you also earn twice the amount of rewards that you would normally earn.

Rage Factory Shops

Rage factory shops and distributors are found in most shopping malls and centres around South Africa. To find a store in your area, go to the online store and click [Find a Store] on the top menu. You should see an alphabetical listing of all Rage fashion stores in South Africa.

Contact Details:

Call centre – 0116086800

Customers –

Marketing & Media –

Cotton-On Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Cottonon Womens Collection and Catalogues
Cottonon Womens Collection and Catalogue

Cotton-On is an international fashion store for casual wear, teenage clothing, kids wear, shoes, undergarments and sportswear. As the story goes, the business was founded by a man named Nigel Austin. Nigel started selling items when he was only 18 years old. His first breakthrough came in 1991 when he started selling washed-out jean jackets also known as acid wash jeans. His humble store was located in a local market stall in Geelong. Nigel’s first attempt at selling washed-out jeans was a flop because although customers expressed interest in the jackets, they didn’t buy them. He had no idea why people weren’t buying the jackets, so he decided to solicit some advice from his father. It seems there was only one hurdle that was discouraging people from buying the jackets – they were overpriced. He reduced the price and the rest is history, people bought the jackets like hot cakes.

Today, Cotton-On is an internationally recognized brand with stores and factory shops around the world. There are 124 stores in the USA, 879 stores in Australia, 138 stores in New Zealand and 118 stores in South Africa. Over 150 stores are scattered in Asia and the Gulf region.

Eighteen years later, after his first market breakthrough, Nigel Austin launched the first official Cottonon brand store in Malaysia, which was officially opened in 2009. Since then, Cottonon has penetrated a lot of major markets in Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Saudi Arabia and Africa. They are now on a mission to conquer South America.

There are six types of brands owned by Cotton-On and these are Free, Body, T-Bar, Rubi, Kids and Typo.

Cottonon Free specializes in youth wear such as jeans, jackets, shirts, pants, caps, trousers and other types of casual wear. The brand reflects a relaxed and cool style that is favoured by young people from Sweet Sixteen to young adults in their late 20s.

Cottonon Body is a brand that caters for the female demographic, women and girls who like a specialized store for underwear, lingerie, bras, night dresses, pyjamas, briefs and all types of bedroom wear. You will also find apparel and clothing for sports, fitness and adventure such as aerobics, running and tennis.

Cottonon T-bar is a service that prints custom t-shirts for anybody who wants a unique and individual design. If you are in touch with fashion trends, you will notice that T-shirt printing services such as TeeSpring and Print Aura are popular with young people on social media. You simply go to the online store and submit your design. The company will print the T-shirt and ship it to you.

Cottonon Rubi is a footwear brand where you can buy sneakers and shoes for men and women.

Cottonon Kids supplies apparel and clothing for kids.

The last brand store is Typo. This is not a fashion store but it’s a store that sells stationery for the office, school and home. The store is also a homeware supplier.

So you know Cotton-On but do you know how to take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities offered by this fashion company? A majority of people are blind buyers who don’t do enough research before shopping. They buy on impulse or when they are desperately in need of something. They don’t plan in advance, a lot of shopping is done on the eve of a special occasion i.e. meeting special people at a dinner party, birthday or when you are travelling. The following are tips to save money at Cotton-On stores and factory shops:

Cotton-On Offers and Weekly Specials

You can get the lowest price on men’s and women’s fashionwear by looking out for weekly specials and offers. There are seasonal offers for summer and winter, as well as Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Black Friday and other holidays.


To get offers and deals in your email inbox, you have to subscribe to the Cottonon newsletter. Go to the online store in your area and sign up. On the South African webstore, click the Subscribe link on the navigation menu and fill in the form with your name, gender, country, zip code and email address. Depending on your gender, age and preferences, you also need to select the types of offers and updates that you would like to receive. There are eight options, choose the ones that are applicable to you and click the Submit button.

What is the benefit of subscribing to Cottonon offers? These offers are exclusive and they are not found anywhere, either on the online store or in-store. Also, any new subscriber who signs up for updates will get a 20% discount on their next purchase in Cottonon stores. So as soon as you sign up, verify your email and you will get instructions on how to get a 20% coupon. Use this discount coupon to get a reduced price when you go shopping at Cottonon. All Cottonon brands and products are eligible for a 20% discount.

Cottonon Mens Collections and Catalogues
Cottonon Mens Collections and Catalogue

Discounts for Online Order:

When it’s your first time to buy on the internet, the store will give you a promo code [30% off your first order]. Go to the online store and browse items to buy. Check out and pay for your items. You will be required to create an online account at the same time.

Student Discounts:

Depending on your country of residence, some stores like the Australia Cottonon stores give out discounts to students. You must be registered with a college, high school or university in order to qualify for these offers. Since Cotton-On is a brand for young people, it makes sense for the store to give back to the community by providing cost-saving opportunities for students. Find out from your local store if there are any discounts for students.

Cotton-On Sales:

All Cotton-On brands run sales promotions where you can find items on sale. Sale items are advertised on the online store. If there are no sales on your local South African store, look for them on the main store. Click the Store Finder tab on the top navigation and search for stores in your country. On the search bar, select your brand and country, and enter the name of the store or city. Click the search button to get results. To see current sales, click the SALE tab. You should see items on sale with discounts as high as 50%.

Cotton-On Store Card


This card is issued by the store and it is used to buy at all Cottonon stores in South Africa. A store card is one of the best ways to make sure that you get a bargain whenever you shop at Cottonon. Every time you leave your card at home, you are actually missing out on deals and exclusive offers that you would get by using this card.

The store card doesn’t just qualify you for discounts but it is also loaded with rewards for those who are approved to get it. The South African store card comes with gift vouchers worth 500 Rands, now that is a significant sum of money. When you are approved for this card, you will be eligible for a long term monthly payment plan to settle your balance. So you can pick up anything from the store with a minimum value of 600 Rands and pay back the balance over 24 or 36 months. That means if you buy some Denim shirts worth R600, you don’t have to pay 600 Rands to the cashier, but you can pay an initial deposit of R25 and R25 every month for 24 months.

A Cottonon store card can be used at all brand stores owned by the fashion store, from the Free store for young people to the Body store for women’s lingerie. You will also be eligible for special offers that are not accessible to customers without a card.

Other main benefits of applying for a store card are that you get insurance coverage provided by the store. A lot of modern trendsetting stores are offering additional services such as insurance and loans for their customers. Not to be left behind, Cottonon has also caught up with this trend. The store offers four types of insurance products. These are funeral cover, loss of employment cover and two types of disability cover for permanent and temporary injury.

To get this card, you have to apply online or simply go to the store in your area and submit your documents. The minimum requirements for applicants are that you should be at least 18 years old, have a monthly income of R1000, be a holder of a South African ID card, passport or drivers license and provide proof of payment for the last 3 months.

When you have a shopping account, it is critical to have tracking features for security purposes. The store card comes with an SMS notification system that sends you alerts whenever there is a transaction on your account.

Typo Store Card – The benefits you get from a Cottonon store card are the same benefits you get from your Typo store card.

Cottonon Stores and Factory Shops

The fashion store has over 1400 stores around the world. These are located in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Qatar, Phillipines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA, Lebanon, Indonesia and Brazil.

The online store locator can help you find retail stores and factory outlets in your region. Stores in USA and Australia can ship items to your residential address.

South Africa store Tel:  +27 11 268 3700

Playtex Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Playtex Catalogue and Collections for Womens Bra, Underwear and Shapewear
Playtex Catalogue and Collections for Womens Bra, Underwear and Shapewear

Playtex is a brand store for women and girls, specializing in the manufacture of bras, underwear and shapewear. Established in 1947 as a subsidiary of its parent company ILC, the firm diversified its product offering by venturing into the tampon manufacturing business, through the creation of a sub-division called Playtex Products.

Playtex is credited with inventing the successful plastic tampon applicator as well as introducing scented tampons to the market. By venturing into the tampon business with these creative concepts, the company became one of the top tampon providers giving the established leader Tampax, a run for its money.

The original focus of Playtex’s parent company ILC was manufacturing latex wear and accessories. One of their major contract highlights was being tasked to design and produce latex space suits for the 1969 Apollo moon landing mission.

Another great achievement by Playtex was being able to penetrate and dominate the bra market from the beginning of 1980, making it the market leader in selling bras during that period.

The company has changed hands several times in its history, being bought at least six times and sold to the next successive owner for multi-million dollars. Today, it operates as two separate businesses, Playtex Products and Playtex Apparel. The Playtex Products business is owned by Energizer Holdings who bought the firm for 1.16 billion US dollars in 2006. Playtex Apparel is owned by HanesBrands Corporation.

Through a few acquisitions made by Playtex over the years, the company does not only make bras, tampons, underwear and shapewear, but they have increased their product offering to sunscreens, sanitary cloths, kitchen gloves, cups and baby bottles.

Modern Playtex stores and factory shops are scattered all over the world in the USA, Canada, Asia, UK, France, Australia and South Africa. To get the best deals in your area, you have to check the local online store.

In South Africa, you can find Playtex stores on Zando. The Zando store sells a range of bras, shapers, panties and leggings. Women who would like to curve out a sexy and shapely figure can choose from a variety of shapewear for women such as seamless panties, tight dresses, high waist panties and tight pants. The top-selling products are the Forever lace underwire bras (R329.00), tight pants (R279.00), strapless bras (R289.00), soft cup feeding bra (R299.00), seamless body shaping dress (R279.00) and the Everyday Comfort Avril Anglaise bra (R359.00).

The advantage of shopping on Zando is that you can get rewards for buying with eBucks and uCount. These rewards are added to your account and you can buy something from Zando when they have accumulated to an adequate amount. By signing up for the Zando newsletter, you can get access to discounts as much as R200.00 if you buy a specific worth of products from Playtex Zando store.

Playtex Offers and Specials

In order to get access to weekly specials and offers, you have to subscribe to the Playtex newsletter. Sign up on the web store with your email address, log into your email inbox to verify the subscription and you are set to go. Email subscribers are the first people to get the latest news on offers and scheduled sales, so you will stay updated all the time.

Those who are on social media can join Facebook and like the Playtex Facebook Page. Offers and specials on bras, girdles and body shapers are posted on the FB page on a regular basis. Since a lot of your friends are more likely to be found on Facebook than on any other platform, you will discover some items that are shared and recommended by people you know.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Playtex sales are held on weekends and monthends, including on special days such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Independence Day. On this occasion, you can find selected items being sold at discounted prices. Whenever a special day or holiday is near, visit the Playtex home page and check the sales announcements. Low-price promotions are run for a specific period e.g. 7 to 30 days, so you should buy items within the period of validity to qualify for a discount.

To manage your online shopping, you have to sign up for a Playtex account. This customer account allows you to track your orders and manage your profile, delivery address and returned items. If you are not buying anything, you can add items to your wish list for future action. If you buy items above the threshold price, your orders will be eligible for free delivery, provided that you are a local resident.

The Playtex UK store only delivers within the UK, there is no international shipping. In this case, if you do not live in the United Kingdom, you have to make use of a UK forwarding agent to buy the items for you.

Playtex Factory Shops

Playtex items are sold by retailers and distributors around the world. You can also get them at the factory shops in your area. The South Africa store has launched an online store where South Africans can buy and have the items shipped to their home address, from the Playtex warehouse.


Playtex is not just a manufacturer of bras and undergarments, but they have an innovation team that improves the design and comfort of their products. One of their recent inventions is the wireless bra which is basically the opposite of underwired bras, except that non-wired bras are more comfortable to wear. The Playtex Ideal Beauty bra is wireless but it can provide lift and shape to natural breasts, through inbuilt and carefully applied vertical and horizontal pressures.

Playtex Free Samples

Playtex Sport offers free samples to customers who would like to try the company’s products. Product samples are offered by some manufacturers as a way to gather feedback from users. This consumer feedback is used to improve the product.

To get Playtext samples, you have to visit the Playtex Sport website. Click the Free Sample tab and fill the form. Enter your name, residential address, city and Zip code. Select a sample that you would like to receive.

There are four types of offers (sample combos) that you can receive as an individual but you have to choose one. These are listed below:

  • 2 tampons/2 pads
  • 2 tampons/2 liners
  • 4 pads
  • 6 liners

These offers are only for US residents. Every year samples are offered to US consumers. The deadline for sending sample requests is 31 December of the current year. By signing up for samples, you will also get updates on special deals and offers.

Playtex Sport also runs sweepstakes competitions on a weekly basis where prize winners are announced.

Woolworths Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Woolworths Fashion Catalogue 2017
Woolworths Fashion Catalogue 2017

Woolworths or Woolies as it is commonly called is a well-known departmental store with several stores in South Africa and Australia. Woolworths stores and factory shops are where you can find fashion items like clothing, footwear, lingerie, bags, belts, jewellery, purses, sunglasses, watches, umbrellas, scarves and wraps. The South African retail store was founded in 1931 and it is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. They say everybody is influenced by somebody or something which they draw their inspiration from. In the case of Woolworths, the founders were inspired by a UK retail store, Mark and Spencer (M&S). They adopted the M&S concept for their first stores in South Africa and created ties with the UK company, which resulted in Woolworths selling its remaining shares to M&S. Later on, M&S decided to sell the shares but cooperation between the two companies remained intact. Truworths was the next company to merge with Woolworths but the romance was dissolved in 2001, leaving Woolworths with complete ownership of its firm. At this point, the company was performing well financially, thanks to its prior relationship with Truworths. Thirteen years later, the company made a $2.15 billion acquisition by buying David Stones, an Aussie store.

While you might be familiar with the fashion stores, you will be excited to know that Woolworths also provides food services like grocery stores, cafes and restaurants at specific locations. At grocery stores, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, milk products, bakery products, wine and other edible items that you would want to prepare in the kitchen. There is a homeware section where you can find a variety of kitchenware, gadgets and equipment like food mixers, dinner plates, fridges, stoves and electric kettles. Other than clothing and homeware, women will also like the cosmetics section which features a variety of beauty products for skin, hair and nail care.

Another interesting department offered by the Woolies brand store is the Woolworths financial services which you can consult to get financial help in the form of loans, insurance coverage and credit cards.

So let’s dive into the question that you are burning to ask. What are the ways to purchase items at discounted prices and save money at Woolworths? You can save money by following the tips below:

Woolworths Offers

By checking offers in the promotions section, you can get good prices on selected fashion items for women, men and kids. As an example, a woman’s top that normally costs R550.00, might be going for R199.00. A lot of women’s clothing and beauty products are usually on offer on the Woolworths online store. Half-price offers with a 50% price cut can be found on dresses, tops and lingerie. You have to take note that offers are valid for a specific period, say on Black Friday or the few weeks before Christmas. The months before the end of the year – October, November and December, is the best time to get good offers because around this time, people are in a festive mood and they have a lot of disposable income to shop around.

You should also check offers on a weekly and monthly basis. Every time you visit the Woolworths store, you are bound to find something on sale. Even if you don’t find something that you would like to buy, you can buy items on offer as a gift for somebody you know.

Woolworths Sales and Weekly Specials

Whenever there is a sale or deal on Woolworths, you will find it on the store website or in catalogues distributed in local newspapers. Recent deals are published on the Today’s Deal section. Depending on the season or holiday in which you are shopping, you will find a range of deals from boxed chocolates to women’s dresses. Sort the deals the way you like by price or alphabetical order. When you order online, the items will be delivered to your area. Look out for Friday deals, every weekend, there are special offers.

Woolworths WRewards

WRewards offers are found in the promotions sections of the webstore.Women who shop at Woolworths will have something to be happy about because everywhere you look, there are offers for women. If you have a store card or credit card issued by Woolworths, you will qualify for WRewards offers. The store card allows you to enjoy 15% discounts on selected items, but it also gives you many more benefits, such as buying items on promotion.

WRewards offers are exclusive offers for card holders. To give you an example of how much you can save with WRewards, there is a Get 2 for R200 promotion which allows you to buy two short sleeve t-shirts for only R200.00, the Get 3 for 2 promotion which allows you to get 3 t-shirts for 2 selected tees or 3 panties for 2 selected panties. The fourth promotion is the Buy 2, Get 20% off offer for selected styled t-shirts.

Make it a habit to buy with your store card and you will leave the store without paying the full price. To get access to WRewards, you have to create an account. Sign up on the Woolworths online store and submit your application. If your application is approved, you will get access to various features such as vouchers and instant savings. The WRewards account gives you a 10% instant discount on specific items which are provided by the store. You will earn a 5% discount upon using your Woolworths card to buy items.

There are three membership levels in your WRewards account. You start off as a Valued member, which is the first level for any new member. You can work your way to the top levels, the Loyal and VIP member levels. Your membership level is determined by your buying habits. If you buy frequently at Woolies stores, you will earn more rewards and accelerate to the top where you will get more discounts on the items you purchase in the store. Once you reach the status of loyal customer, you will realize the value of shopping at Woolies.With more rewards in your account, you can buy anything you want. There is an option to donate your rewards at a school of your choice. In your online account, go to “MySchool” and select a school that you would want to donate to.

Woolworths Womens Fashion Catalogue
Woolworths Womens Fashion Catalogue

Woolworths Vouchers

Woolworths gift vouchers allow you to save a lot of money because as an account holder, you can buy gifting items at a low cost. If you take your social responsibility seriously, you know that there are people in your life – family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Throughout the year, someone, somewhere will be hosting a birthday party, wedding and other anniversary events. You don’t have to look far when you are planning what to give on these special events. Woolies vouchers will come in handy. Just log into your online store account and access the available vouchers worth hundreds of Rands.

Woolworths Brands

A lot of people only know the Woolworths brand, but this familiar brand has sub-store brands, some of which are acquisitions incorporated in the Woolworths Holdings group. These include the David Jones Store, Country Road, Mimco, WBeauty, Studio.W, RE, JTOne, Trenery, Distraction, Vichy and Witchery.

 Woolworths Financial Services

The Woolworths department of financial services is a one-stop shop for loan products, insurance products and credit card facilities. The following is available to meet your financial needs:

Woolworths Credit Card:

To get this credit card, you have to create an account and submit your application with Woolworths in your location. Just as you would apply for a bank credit card, you will need to be in good financial standing and fall in an acceptable income bracket in order to get this card. There are two types of cards, the black credit card and the gold credit card. This card can be used anywhere. It qualifies you for 15% discounts on WRewards items.

Woolworths Store Card:

This is not a credit card, but it’s a store card that qualifies you for certain offers and deals in the store. You will be eligible for 15% discounts on WRewards items, every time you buy with this card. When you shop at Woolworths, rewards are loaded on your store card. Just when you think that you don’t have enough cash, do not be surprised to find that you have access rewards on your card when you reach the cashier! Rewards are a pleasant surprise, you always get them when you don’t expect.

Woolworths Loans:

As a Woolies shopper, you don’t have to go far to meet your financial needs. The brand store has a cash loan service for those who are looking for personal loans.Woolies is a trusted and reliable brand name, so you can secure financing with peace of mind, knowing that you are not dealing with a loan shark.

Woolworths Insurance:

There are a lot of insurance companies in South Africa, but a lot of people cannot afford to pay the monthly premiums, which are usually designed for high income earners.Woolies has introduced insurance products for its customers, so that you can get adequate coverage even if you don’t belong to privileged groups.

Woolworths Account

To create an online Woolworths account, go to the online store on your computer or laptop. There are three ways of registering an account. If you already have a Woolworths card, which is issued by the store, go to the internet and click this link My Account. There are three columns, the login form, fetch/link details and new user. Register your online account using your Woolies card via the Fetch/Link Details form. Your ID or passport number will be needed.

If you don’t have a Woolies card, sign up using the New User link. Click the New Account tab and follow instructions. Create your account as you would create any online account.

You can also create your online account while you are shopping on the store. Pick your items and checkout. You will be required to fill an order form before paying.

Woolworths Stores and Factory Shops

Woolworths South Africa has stores in nine provinces. There are nearly 70 stores in South Africa. Stores are available in Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape.

Social Media

You can keep in touch with Woolworths deals and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Superga Footwear Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Superga Catalogue 2017 – 2790 Cotropew Espadrill by Superga R1999

Superga is a footwear brand with a long history. The shoe company is originally Italian and it was established in 1911 as a manufacturer of tennis shoes. It is well known for its early innovative vulcanized rubber sole sports shoes, especially the 2750 tennis shoes which became a hit with European buyers in the 1900s. Due to its early success, the company founded by Walter Martiny decided to introduce new products, producing different types of footwear and sportswear other than tennis shoes.Today, you can find Superga stores and factory shops in Europe, USA, Brazil and South Africa. In South Africa, there are 10 brand stores including an online shop dedicated to South Africans.

In a bid to acquire capital financing for expansion, Superga had to find a partner. A merger between Superga and another Italian firm Pirelli, a well known tyre manufacturer was finalized in 1951. Boosted by the popularity of the 2750 tennis shoe model, the company introduced a new line of innovative tech sports shoes and eventually diversified into clothing. The modern store continues to give major focus on shoes, but you can also find accessories like travelling bags, sports bags, jackets, track suits, sweat pants, sweaters, knitwear and t-shirts.

South Africa is the only African country with a Superga brand store and factory shop, which shows you how lucky you are, if you are a fan of the brand. Brand buyers are loyal customers who cannot wait for a new line of Superga models to be released, but you don’t have to pay the full price all the time. Did you know that you can get the latest release of footwear at a much cheaper retail price even if the demand is high? It doesn’t require much effort on your behalf except following a few tips outlined below:

Superga Gift Vouchers:

Teens, young adults and mommies love gift vouchers, especially when they are dished out in competitions run by stores and supermarkets. If you like Superga products, you don’t have to travel far to get gift vouchers, they are available in your favourite store. What are gift vouchers and what do you get from them? Essentially, it’s just a way to give you more at a lower price than you would pay when doing your regular shopping. Instead of going into a shop and taking items off the shelf one by one, you can simply look for a gift voucher. This is especially important when you are shopping for a gift or present for your loved ones. Vouchers are product hampers with a single price tag on them. The basket is filled with various items selected by the store and wrapped with plastic or aluminium foil. It’s an opportunity to buy multiple items at a reduced price, for example a 30% discount on all items is applied. However, you will not get a discount when you are buying these items separately.

Superga gift vouchers may contain any items from the store – sneakers, jeans, socks, t-shirts, bags etc.

2750 Netw By Superga R999
2750 Netw By Superga R999

Superga Sales and Weekly Specials:

The store holds numerous promotional sales on a weekly, monthly, seasonal basis, therefore you have an opportunity to save money throughout the year. Flexible payment terms are available for all types of buyers, these include lay-by, cash, credit card and monthly instalments from 12 to 36 months. Superga’s motto is “people’s shoe of Italy”, meaning that you can get all types of footwear for different occasions and situations. This includes footwear for men, women, teenagers and kids. One of the most popular promotions is the Superga Black Friday sale, which has some of the best offers. For selected styles of fashion items, you can get R300 offers in the store. All stores in South Africa have the same offers on display, so on a Black Friday, you can visit one of your local stores to take advantage of this one-day sale.

Shoe catalogues for monthly and weekly specials are also available for regular shoppers. Each and every concept store has collections for winter and summer styles, which you can browse through to get inspired. As an Italian brand, you can only expect footwear of high quality fabric, threading and fixing techniques. From leather shoes to canvas sneakers, you can find shoes for the office, street, party and the beach, including all types of specialized sportswear for running, golfing, tennis, football and basketball.

In order to keep updated with price discounts on various fashion items, you have to bookmark the promotional sales page on Superga website. Open the link on your web browser and add it to your bookmarks on Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

 Superga Celebrity Collaborations:

Just like Nike, Puma and New Balance which make use of celebrities and famous stars to endorse their sportswear, Superga has an array of international stars such as Bradley Cooper, and Binx Leona Walton to provide input in the shoe design process. The stars collaborate with the Superga team to create concept shoes which are sold under the star’s label. You can find celebrity collaborations on the Superga online store. Each year, new brand ambassadors are hired to create a new line of products and designs.

In addition to international stars, the company allows local stores to employ domestic stars, for example, Superga South Africa employed Poppy Ntshongwana to be the face of the brand in the 2015/ 2016 period. The shoe model resulting from the collaboration is named after the celebrity, for example, you can find the Poppy sneaker for women in local stores, as well as the Chulaap Afro Pop Superga 2790 Fanchu designed by Chu Suwannapha, a well-known South African fashion and fabrics guru. At the time of its release, the shoe was going for R999.00 at R94 monthly instalments.

Superga Brand New Release:

Most of the time, people are informed about the latest footwear when they are already on sale. You can have an edge over other buyers by signing up for a Superga newsletter. This newsletter informs you of the latest sneakers, clothing and accessories that are on sale or which are to be released in the next few weeks. You gain access to weekly deals, bargain offers, and discounts on selected items sold by clearance branches. You have nothing to lose by subscribing to the brand newsletter, it only takes your email address, and within a short time you will start receiving updates.

This is the best way to make sure that you don’t lose out on deals that are offered throughout the year. You should also keep an eye on the local website and read the company blog on a regular basis. New projects and products are usually announced online. Check the homepage for fresh items released by the store.

Social Media – The Superga Facebook Page for South Africa has over 873,730 likes. If you have a Facebook account, you can follow the Page and get updates on great deals and sales. Since a lot of people log into Facebook on a daily basis, you can keep watch for deals on your Smartphone, without requiring to visit the store.

Superga Shopping Account:

If you have shopped online previously, then you already have a Superga customer account, which you created on checking out. If not, then you have to create a new account by making an online order. Put items that you want to buy in your shopping basket and check out. Enter the required details i.e. name, residential address, credit card and payment method. Pay instantly or later. An invoice will be generated which you can pay later. Make sure that you pay before the expiry date of the invoice, otherwise your invoice will be invalid after the deadline.

Inside your shopping account, you can update your details to reflect your current status. Make sure that you put your real name, because it will appear on your receipt.

In case you are only interested in window shopping, you can add the items that you are browsing on a wishlist.

Superga Competition:

The Superga competition run by the South African brand store provides an opportunity for local shoppers to win brand new items. To enter the competition, fill in the form on the website and read the instructions.

Shoe Size Help:

As a tip for online shopping, if you are buying shoes online, you have to find out your real size before purchasing or else the shoes will be shipped to you and they might not fit when you wear them. It’s easier buying offline in your local store because you are able to try them, but you don’t have this opportunity on an online shop.

Commonly used shoe sizes are the US, UK, European and Metric sizes. Check your current shoe size including its regional category. A lot of modern shoes have a size label sewn under the shoe lip. This label shows you the size in equivalent conversions, for example UK – size 10 is equivalent to USA – size 11, EUR – size 45 and metric size 29 cm.

Superga Stores and Factory Shops:

You can find better deals at a factory shop outlet in South Africa. Start with a factory store, then go a brand store and finally a retail outlet like Zando, Tiendeo and Spree. The following brand stores are open in the following malls in South Africa:

Contact details:  Phone +27 11 608 0023 or


The Zone – Rosebank

Sandton Shopping Centre – Sandton

Menlyn Mall – Pretoria

Clearwater Mall – Roodepoort

Africa Mall – Midrand


Pavilion Shopping Centre – Durban

Gateway Theatre – Umhlanga

Western Cape:

Canal Walk, Century City – Cape Town

Eastern Cape:

Bay West Shopping Centre – Port Elizabeth


Riverside Mall – Nelspruit

Queenspark Fashion Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Queenspark Fashion Catalogue
Queenspark Fashion Catalogue – 2017

Queenspark fashionwear is a local South African brand specializing in the manufacture of stylish clothing for men and women. It is also a major cosmetic retailer where you can find creams, lotions, perfumes, hair and skin care solutions. As one of the leading stores in South Africa, you can expect men’s and women’s wear of the highest quality. Within the store, there are various labels covering a wide range of needs for people of different styles and tastes. Queenspark opened its first store in 1980, so that’s over 30 years of experience and service.

Queenspark stores and factory shops are found all over South Africa. There are 56 stores in South Africa, and Gauteng province alone has 25 stores. There are 2 stores in Namibia and one in Kenya.

Most of the times, a brand store is perceived as highly valued because of the high grade fabrics and materials that are used in the manufacturing process. This is certainly the case with Queenspark, but did you know that you can get the finest garments at the lowest price?

All you need to do is to be on alert for opportunities to save money. There are various ways of saving money when shopping at Queenspark:

Current Promotions:

The fashion store makes it easy for visitors to get access to deals and offers through running seasonal promotions. Expect lower prices and discounts during holidays like Christmas, Easter, Black Friday and Valentines Day. As the season changes from winter to summer, you can expect winter sales and summer sales respectively. The generation Y shopper no longer needs to make weekly trips to the town mall to check current deals, but he or she makes use of the internet to keep up-to-date with promotions. Via a Smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone or any internet enabled touchscreen, you can track deals and promotions that are currently on offer. Visit the Queenspark web store to get the latest deals. There is a page dedicated to promotions, and depending on the season in which you are shopping and your location, you can get low-priced deals on men’s’ shirts, jewellery, handbags, dresses, trousers, lipstick and other accessories. On the online store, go to the News tab and click “current promotions”. Look for opportunities to save money on items that you are planning to buy.

End of year sales are done during the month of December. This is the best time to get a bargain because unsold stock needs to be cleared, so prices are likely to go down by a high margin.

Queenspark Store Card:

A store card allows you to buy specific items at low prices, that is if you are a loyal customer who frequently purchases at the store. The sales staff will give you a card if you buy items above a specified threshold. The card usually comes with a balance, say R200, which you can use to buy items of your choice in the store. However, you have to spend the balance before a specified date, otherwise the credit will disappear after the deadline.

To be eligible for a store card, simply visit your local Queenspark shop and buy clothing or cosmetics worth a qualifying amount. The cashier or sales consultant will register your details and your name will be entered into a database. This short registration gives you a personal account that allows you to enjoy benefits such as free shopping credit, rewards, offers and deals.

The secret of getting the most out of your store card is being a loyal customer. Make it a point to buy from the same shop on a regular basis, so that you can earn more credits. At the end of the year, you will realize that this strategy actually saves you a lot of money compared to scattered shopping where you buy items from different brand stores, and never get recognized for your shopping efforts.

To access your card credits, log into your online account at Queenspark fashion store.

Queenspark VIP Member

There are benefits to becoming a VIP member. Not much is asked of you to become a VIP member. Once you register an account online, you will start getting deals and offers that unregistered members don’t have access to. If you are a regular visitor at Queenspark fashion stores in your town, you take advantage of online subscriptions. It’s totally free, go to the website and fill in your name, email address and cellphone number, and submit. That’s all, you will receive confirmation, and instead of physically visiting the store to check the latest deals, you can simply check your email from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Queenspark Brochures and Catalogues

Monthly catalogues are printed and distributed at all Queenspark stores in South Africa. Collect your catalogue whenever you visit a store in your area. These fine catalogues showcase the current collections and promotions that you can take advantage of. You can also find catalogues in editions of your local newspaper.

If you are on the internet, simply visit the online shop and download a brochure. This is a catalogue in PDF format. It’s probably the easiest way to access offerings provided by the shop. There are summer collections for men and women as well as winter collections.

Queenspark Store Card Competition

One of the benefits of getting a Queenspark store card is that you are eligible to enter big competitions such as the annual car prize draw, which is held towards the end of the year, from 17 October to 24 December. Persons over 18 years of age are allowed to join the competition, and you must have a South African ID.However, the main requirement for participants is that they should buy items worth R1,000 or more on a single receipt at any Queenspark store. Make sure that you use your store card to make purchases. You can enter the competition as many times as you can, provided that you have a receipt worth R1,000 or more. This practically increases your chances of winning a prize than participants who enter once.

The winner of the competition is announced 21 days after the deadline for entries, around the second week of January in the New Year.

The name of the prize winner will appear in the news media as well as the Queenspark blog. In case you are a lucky winner, you can collect your prize at your nearest Queenspark store.

Social Media

Queenspark is very active on social media, especially on Instagram where the company publishes cosmetics and fashion deals. Join the Queenspark Instagram page via Facebook and get updated on giveaways and discounts for handbags, sandals, necklaces, jeans and makeup kits. You can save anywhere from 25% to 75%. A lot of female shoppers are on Instagram and Facebook, where they spend most of their time sharing posts and liking status updates. As a result, you are more likely to bump on deals that your friends have liked and purchased.

Queenspark Factory Shops

Queenspark factory outlets use only the best material and techniques to produce elegant designs. So when you pick up something from the brand store, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the price because you are getting value for money. Retail prices are usually higher than factory prices, so in order to get the lowest price possible, you have to find a factory store in your town or city. You will get amazing prices on original fashion items that are manufactured by the local company. Find a store in your area now.

Pringle of Scotland Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Pringle of Scotland Catalogue – 2017

Pringle of Scotland is a world famous knitwear manufacturer that has been around for a long time. Named after its founder Robert Pringle, the company was established in 1815 and it is well known for its twinset, cashmere and argyle knitwear styles, including cardigans for the rich and famous. Today, Pringle doesn’t just produce hosiery and knitwear but the firm specializes in a wide range of clothing for men, women and kids. This includes golf shirts, denims, dresses, Knox sandals, Paul Driver caps, shorts, boxers, tailored shirts, fedoras, coats, jackets, suits, hand bags and shoes. Pringle Scotland stores and factory shops are found all over the world including South Africa.

So now the question that you have been waiting for, how does a customer get discounted prices on brand clothing items sold by Pringle? You can get discounts and offers by visiting the Pringle store in your area or checking the online store where you can order items and have them shipped to your country. The fashion store offers the following cost saving programs and promotions:

Gift Vouchers:

This is one of the most common promotional methods that are provided by stores to attract shoppers. A gift voucher is a package containing various items, but the price of the package is lower than the combined price of the individual items. By getting a voucher, you are actually saving money in the process. The best time to get one is when you are buying something for your family, relatives, colleagues or friends as a present, for example during Christmas holidays, birthday parties and anniversaries. You can buy a voucher for somebody to show appreciation or just to say “thank you”.

Pringle of Scotland offers shoppers an opportunity to buy gift vouchers in their stores via Spree South Africa. You can expect a combination of various clothing merchandise from various brands in the package, from Diesel to Ray-Ban.

Subscription Discounts:

The store will cut your shopping bill by R100.00 (approximately 7 USD) when you subscribe on their website via Spree South Africa. For example, when you buy some Jaxon Boxer shorts for R269.00 from the online store, you will be eligible for a R100.00 discount, effectively reducing your price to R169.00.

To be eligible for this discount, you have to create an account on Spree SA. Visit the website on your computer and sign up. Enter your email address and click the “Subscribe” button. Confirm your email and log into your Spree account. Go to Pringle of Scotland store hosted on Spree, and buy any item worth R250 and above. This discount is for new sign ups only, and it doesn’t apply to existing users.

Newsletter Updates:

In order to benefit from the latest promotions, you have to sign up for the customer newsletter, which is published on a regular basis to email subscribers. This will allow you to get updated on everything that the company has to offer, for example new products, new stores and trends. On the subscription form, enter your email address, country and gender, then submit.

When you shop on Pringle, you will need to register a customer account when you check out. This allows you to manage and track your purchases. You can view your purchase history, receipts and invoices.

Social Media

You can find a lot of offers and promotions by following Pringle of Scotland on social media. Join the store’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Anything that you miss in your email inbox, is more likely to be found on the social media pages.


Pringle is an international company with stores in the UK, USA, Italy, China and Hong Kong. They ship to most countries in Europe and Asia Pacific region.

The store provides a maintenance guide for their cashmere knitwear with instructions for washing, drying, storage and repair. When your knitwear order is shipped to your residential address, you have to unpack the package as soon as possible and check the condition of the garments. This is necessary because you only have 14 days to claim a refund, which requires you to return the original items to the Pringle store. However, your eligibility for a refund depends on the condition of the items.

If you live in the UK, you can expect your order to be delivered within a day. International deliveries take up to 6 days.

Check the size of your garment before making an order. A size conversion chart with UK and International sizes is available on the online store for both men and women.


Pringle of Scotland offers samples to agencies and individuals who wish to try the brand outfits. However, you have to email them to get more details about the offer. Samples are usually given for promotional purposes. You can get them at a price and in some cases, they are free.

For samples and catalogues –

For any enquiries, you can call the UK Store +44 (0) 1450 360200.

Pringle Scotland South Africa Stores and Factory Shops:

If you are looking for the best bargain on Pringle fashionwear, you can find it at the factory outlet store where item prices are lower than distributors and retail stores. You are also assured of getting the genuine brand.

If there is no factory shop in your location, you can use a Package Forwarding agent to acquire the items for you from a US or UK shop.

Pringle of Scotland Facebook
Pringle of Scotland Facebook

Aca Joe Stores, Factory Shops and Owner


Aca Joe Catalogue 2017
Aca Joe Catalogue 2017

Aca Joe is an international fashion store specializing in the design and production of mens, ladies and young people’s clothing. The store has its roots in the USA, in the beach town of Acapulco where it originated after its founder Joseph Rank was inspired to launch and set a new relaxed fashion trend which countered the conventional style of the 80s. The store was quick to expand across the USA where at least 100 branches, stores and factory shops were opened. By 1985 it was already listed on NASDAQ but this did not last as the firm could not keep up with NASDAQ’s requirements.

The ACA JOE store in South Africa specializes in cotton shirts for Golf and Rugby as well as seasonal themes for men and women which include T-shirts, woollen jerseys, pants, boots, coats, skirts, tops, dresses, robes, trousers, bags and suits. From summer casual wear to winter wear, office attire to social swag, you can find an appropriate modern style that makes you look the part without coming across as old fashioned and unimaginative.

The South African stores are owned by the Platinum Group, which owns five brands in the country, namely Aca Joe, Urban, Vertigo, Jenni Button and Hilton Weiner. Because of financial problems faced by the company, which saw the group failing to pay its rental costs for its 68 stores across the country, the company was forced to place its business operations under voluntary liquidation on the 25th of August 2015. It’s not clear if the credit crisis was the cause of the company’s poor financial performance, but what is clear is that the problems didn’t surface from nowhere. In the preceding years prior to the voluntary liquidation, the company was already facing problems which only got worse in 2013, when the owners of rented space decided to put pressure on the defaulting tenants.

A large percentage of the group’s retail space (49 stores) was being leased from Old Mutual Properties, Hyprop Investments Ltd and Liberty & Coutire Properties. By the middle of 2015, two of the major property owners, Old Mutual and Hyprop Investments had initiated court proceedings to force Platinum to pay its outstanding rent or vacate the premises. The company agreed to move out of the leased premises in Pretoria at Menlyn Park shopping centre, but since its directors were planning to leave five of their profit-making stores operational in Gateway Shopping Centre, Umhlanga, there were prolonged negotiations to maintain the lease agreement for these five stores.


So if you are an Aca Joe shopper, or a client of one of Platinum’s five brands, the news is that the Group’s other 63 stores around the country, from Cape Town to Pretoria have been closed. Along with the closures, the company has downsized its staff by about 78% from the time it started facing financial problems. However, the company’s headquarters, which are located in the City of Cape Town will remain open although the staff will be reduced.

The decision to keep the five stores in Gateway Shopping Mall open, is based on their high contribution to the company’s annual turnover and gross profit. In this case, Platinum decided to keep high performing stores and do away with the rest. These indispensible stores will act as an engine that will be needed to drive the future rebuilding efforts of the firm. There are plans to resuscitate the business to its initial glory once the conditions are favourable. This will depend on the willingness of financiers and creditors to pitch in.

At the time of closures and downsizing, the company was struggling to pay its employees, most of who had gone two months without being paid. Du Toit and Klopper, The business legal practitioners handling the company’s rescue said the company is basically insolvent, and can’t afford to pay full salaries. Employees initially got only 20% of their salaries, but there were no payments in the successive months.

Aca Joe is now operating on a smaller scale, with residents of KwaZulu Natal, Umhlanga benefiting the most because the stores in that region are still operational. For customers outside this region, you have to adjust to living without Aca Joe in your area. However, it is still possible to buy from your favourite brand store or factory shops by going online on the Aca Joe website.

Just as the brand’s fashion offerings are quite different from competitors, the Aca Joe site has a unique design and feel. The website is cool, simple and intuitive. It’s not overwhelming or crowded like other online stores where you have a hard time deciding where to start, but when you visit the store it’s like you have just entered an Art Gallery. You are met by this space and canvas art in the form of seasonal catalogues and heritage lines. While the PDF catalogues can only be downloaded, you can view the heritage clothing lines online as a slideshow.


ACA JOE Fashion Stores 2017

Only 5 stores in Durban, Gateway Theatre are open. These include Aca Joe, Urban, Vertigo, Hilton Weiner and Jenni Button.

The following stores are closed:

  • Port Elizabeth – Greenacres
  • East London – Hemingways
  • Durban – Pavilion
  • Pretoria – Menlyn, Brooklyn, Woodlands
  • Johannesburg – Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square, Hyde Park, Clearwater, Eastgate, The Zone, Fourways
  • Cape Town – Cavendish, Canal Walk, Burg, Rondebosch Riverside
  • Mauritius – Bagatelle

Mr Price Specials and Offers South Africa

Mr Price Website

Mr Price, commonly known as MRP, is an online retail company with its headquarter in South Africa. The company has clothing centers in various parts of the world. Soon, it began shoe sale along with clothes to all parts of the world through its online presence. The variety of shoes is available for not only elders but also for kids. The determination of the firm is to spread fashion understanding and innovative personality do up ideas. Kids fashion is also one of the major concentrations of MRP. Every season, they bring specials and offers on the purchase of clothes and shoes. These offers vary time to time and are accessible for a limited time period. The current special offers by MRS are given below:

Discount Offer for Ladies Tees

A variety of ladies tees is available on Mr Price Specials. On buying every selected tee, ladies can have R20 off. There is a great, colorful variety of t-shirts for ladies. All selected tees vary in price with the same discount offer for a limited time period.

Discount offer on buying Bikinis

Bikinis are available in a variety of tops and bottoms. On buying a selected bikini, don’t forget to get sunglasses. There are various kinds of sunglasses available for the customers for no cost who buy a selected bikini. The bikini styles are numerous, the offers is applied on buying any of these styles. Limited time period for buyers!
Discount Offer on Buying Men’s Pants

You can have R50 off on buying a man’s pant. There are various colors, sizes, types and brands of men’s pants available on the website. Picking up any of the pants, the customer can save R50. The more pants you buy, the greater money you save. Another limited time period offer on only selected items!

Discount Offer on Buying Men’s Tees

If you are looking for a t-shirt on discount, Mr Price is giving R20 off on buying a single tee. There are many kinds, sizes and brands of the selected t-shirts available by the company for the seekers, every selected tee with discount offer, but for a limited time span.


The biggest offer by Mr Price for this season is the minimum price of skirts for ladies. They can have 2 skirts for only R80. The offer is applied on selected items on checkout, a limited time period! From the given selection of the items, you can buy any 2 skirts only for R80. The selected items are lovely in range, available in various types, sizes and brands.

Besides, priced to go for man, woman, kids from 1-7 and 7-14 are offered by Mr Price for this season. The company’s offers are attractive, limited and accessible for all types of customers.

These specials are available for the current season; every season brings new variety and new offers for the customers. If you want to avail the current offers, rush to buy and be the first customer!