Tag: Bun Knot Hairstyle

Beautiful South African Woman with Over-The-Shoulder Dreads

Majestic dreads over 36 inches long. An office woman from South Africa looks beautiful and diva-like in long golden streak dreads flowing over her shoulders. The nicely done and thick dreads match perfectly well with her light brown skin and the blue top knot bun is a good match for the jean shirt. This is …

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South African Lady with Chic African Necklace and Bun Knot Hairstyle

A cheerful South African girl is proud to exhibit traditional African attire. She is wearing a blue band bead necklace with rainbow colors slapped over a lace necklace. Although the lower part is not visible, the blue strapless bustier dress must be one of those long ones, the maxi flowing dress that is suitable for …

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South African Female Star Oozing Natural Beauty and Makeup Perfection

Zizo Beda Tshwete,a South African celebrity of natural beauty looks good  and amazing in this picture of hers.The bun knot hairstyle just looks perfect on her and the makeup is spot on, including the large round earrings which accentuates her elegance and beauty to that of an African Queen.You gotta love the eyebrows and red …

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