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Woolworths Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Woolworths or Woolies as it is commonly called is a well-known departmental store with several stores in South Africa and Australia. Woolworths stores and factory shops are where you can find fashion items like clothing, footwear, lingerie, bags, belts, jewellery, purses, sunglasses, watches, umbrellas, scarves and wraps. The South African retail store was founded in …

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Weylandts Furniture Stores , Factory Shops and Offers

Weylandts is a furniture store with a special emphasis on sophistication, exclusiveness, rawness and premium quality. The store was founded in Namibia, in the city of Windhoek by a man named Edgar Weylandt.It has been operating since 1964, starting with a store in Windhoek and then later on spreading wings to Australia and South Africa …

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Superga Footwear Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Superga is a footwear brand with a long history. The shoe company is originally Italian and it was established in 1911 as a manufacturer of tennis shoes. It is well known for its early innovative vulcanized rubber sole sports shoes, especially the 2750 tennis shoes which became a hit with European buyers in the 1900s. …

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Queenspark Fashion Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Queenspark fashionwear is a local South African brand specializing in the manufacture of stylish clothing for men and women. It is also a major cosmetic retailer where you can find creams, lotions, perfumes, hair and skin care solutions. As one of the leading stores in South Africa, you can expect men’s and women’s wear of …

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Pringle of Scotland Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Pringle of Scotland is a world famous knitwear manufacturer that has been around for a long time. Named after its founder Robert Pringle, the company was established in 1815 and it is well known for its twinset, cashmere and argyle knitwear styles, including cardigans for the rich and famous. Today, Pringle doesn’t just produce hosiery …

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Elegant Tall Black Women Standing with Average Man

Two tall black women elegantly dressed in black dresses and holding wallets stand beside an average man. The woman on the right is the tallest, almost 1.40 times taller than the man in the middle. If you are a naturally tall woman like this, high heels only make you a towering figure.  

A Tall Black Jewish Beauty Queen – Miss Jerusalem

She is exceptionally taller than any person in a room. Miss Jerusalem, a black woman and beauty queen from Israel is seen here standing with three dignitaries, and they all seem to be infatuated with her imposing figure and elegance. This tall and pretty woman is wearing a long black dress for special occasions and …

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Wetherlys Furniture Stores, Factory Shops, Brands and New Owner

Wetherlys is a brand furniture store owned by the Ellerines group of companies. The Ellerines group of companies comprises at least six brands which include Beares, Ellerines, Wetherleys, Geen & Richards, Furniture City and Dial-a-Bed. Ellerines Holdings Limited (EHL) owns more than 300 furniture shops in South Africa and over 80 shops in foreign countries. …

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Aca Joe Stores, Factory Shops and Owner

  Aca Joe is an international fashion store specializing in the design and production of mens, ladies and young people’s clothing. The store has its roots in the USA, in the beach town of Acapulco where it originated after its founder Joseph Rank was inspired to launch and set a new relaxed fashion trend which …

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