Rage Shoes & Clothing Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Rage Shoes Catalogue for Women

Rage Shoes is a South African shoe retailer for women and kids. One thing that makes Rage Shoes stand out from other domestic shoe manufacturers is that its factory shops produce trendy and stylish footwear that you would be proud to wear at any event, function or setting. It’s a cool brand name that is loved by fashion-forward ladies from all backgrounds in South Africa. A trip to one of Rage stores in town will not fail to inspire a shopper because the range of shoe styles on offer is out of the ordinary. Most of the times, when you step into a regular shoe shop in town, all you find are generic styles of shoes that are found everywhere. The only thing that differs is the price. Not so with Rage. If you are looking for heels, pumps and sandals, they have original styles that are not found anywhere.

Rage Clothing is a section of the same store for women’s clothing .This women’s store specializes in the supply of dresses, bottoms and tops. There is a wide range of lovely designs for bodycon dresses, skirts, tights and long dresses in different colours and patterns. You will find designs in African prints, abstract art, plain fabrics and other cool styles. There are collections for summer and winter available for viewing and downloading on stores like Tiendeo .

There are many ways to save money when shopping for clothing and shoes on Rage. First, you have to be on the lookout for sales, and Rage has plenty of discount sales on its online store. To find fashion items on sale, visit the women’s section. Multiple types of dresses, shoes and sandals are displayed on the webstore and all items which are priced to go are marked with an On Sale tag.

Rage Weekly Specials and Offers

There is no day that goes by without any clothing or shoes on special price offer at Rage stores. You can visit the store directly to get offers and you need to sign up for an account if you want to earn rewards. Deals and discounts can also be found on the store’s Facebook Page. Here you will find various items with discounts as high as 50%.The month of December offers the best discounts, this is an opportunity to grab fashion items such as block heels, flats, bodycon dresses and pee-toe pumps at almost half the price. After the holiday seasons, discounts will drop to about 25%.

Rage Creative Range

The Rage fashion brand is always adding a new collection of dress styles and footwear for ladies. You will never get tired of the same old thing or the same old designs. The collections are always creative and original, designed in-house and manufactured by the company. Since Rage does not import its inventory, the price is bound to be affordable for a large percentage of the population in South Africa.

Rage Clothing Catalogue for Women

Rage Store Card and Rewards

To get a Rage store card, you have to create an account. Creating an account is easy even if you don’t have access to the internet. You don’t even need to visit the store in your location, but you only need to send an SMS. Nowadays, it’s hard to find somebody without a cellphone. To open your Rage shopping account in South Africa, send a text message to 47489 in the following order: YourID*First Name*Surname*Income.

Example: If your name is Penelope Khumalo ,ID – 8709DFG25443 and your monthly income is R5,000 a month, then you should SMS the following information to 47489:     8709DFG25443*Penelope*Khumalo*R5000

Wait for your application to be reviewed. If your account is approved, you will be notified via SMS or Telephone. The next step is to visit the store in your area to submit your ID documents (South African ID + 1 x photocopy).

Instead of applying via SMS, you can also visit the store in your area to complete application forms.

Rewards Program

To participate in Rage Rewards program, you have to submit an application form at your local store. The benefits of signing up for this program are multiple. First, your account is credited with R30 as a sign-up bonus. Another R30 is added to your account on your birthday. Whenever you buy from Rage stores, you will be rewarded with points which can be converted to actual currency in Rands. You can collect as many points as you can provided that you are a loyal customer. As the points accumulate, you will see the earnings in your account. Use the amount to buy anything from Rage stores nationwide. When you reach 50 points (R50), you can start using the points earned as soon as possible. Just remember that you have to keep your card active for 12 months, i.e. buy from Rage stores at least once a year even if it’s a small thing. Cards that have been inactive for 12 months will lose points. Carry your card with you whenever you go shopping, it’s needed for redeeming your points when swiping at the cashier’s POS machine. For every R100 you spend at any Rage store, you will earn 3 points (R3.00). If your spend R1000, you will earn 30 points (R30.00). If you spend R1000 a month at Rage stores, you will earn R360 in a year. This is enough to buy a nice dress or stylish shoes.

Monthly Deals Update

On signing up for a Rage card, you should include your mobile number and ID if you wish to receive special offers and deals on a regular basis. By subscribing to SMS deals, you will never miss any competition or promotion. Shopping for deals with your Rage card is smart because you don’t only get discounts but you also earn twice the amount of rewards that you would normally earn.

Rage Factory Shops

Rage factory shops and distributors are found in most shopping malls and centres around South Africa. To find a store in your area, go to the online store and click [Find a Store] on the top menu. You should see an alphabetical listing of all Rage fashion stores in South Africa.

Contact Details:

Call centre – 0116086800

Customers –  info@ragesa.co.za

Marketing & Media – marketing@ragesa.co.za

Jordan Footwear Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Jordan Footwear Bronx Catalogue

Jordan Footwear is a South African brand with a fascinating history. The shoe factory was founded by Alfred Jordan in 1899, after having worked for a shoe factory called Panther in the Cape winelands town of Wellington. He resigned from the factory with a lot of experience and mission to establish his own shoe manufacturing business, which was to be named after his family name.

The first shoe factory began operations in a small building with only 12 workers, and Alfred Jordan was the sole owner in charge of production, management and quality control. For nearly 40 years, the Jordan factory produced at least 30 pairs of shoes a day. By this time, Edwyn Jordan, the founder’s son had taken over the firm and he seized the opportunity to expand the firm by purchasing a bigger size of land to build a big factory which was capable of turning out 300 pairs of shoes in a day.

When Edwyn Jordan died in 1961, he had already made an arrangement with his son Ted Jordan who was the next heir to the Jordan business empire, to merge Jordan & Co with Jagger Shoes, a company run by Ted Jordan. Like his father, Ted believed in innovation and modernization of the production process. It was in the 1960s and shoe factories in Europe were using advanced machinery which increased daily output by about eight times. The current machinery being employed in the La Blois Cape estate at the time was outdated and could not meet the demand. A modern plant was purchased from Europe and shipped to the Cape Colony. Although the shoe manufacturing plant was expensive, it proved to be the right and profitable solution which increased output to over 1,000 pairs of shoes a day.

The modern Jordan footwear stores and factory shops are found in most areas of the Western Cape and other provinces in South Africa. Distribution centres are found in Botswana and Namibia. Jordan is one of the most popular shoe companies in South Africa. You have six brand names to choose from – the Bronx shoe brand is available for men, women and safety footwear. Other shoe brands are Milano Anton Fabi, Olympic and Tshisa style.

Bronx is a popular brand for men that is known for its durable leather, tough rubber soles and high quality stitching. Shoes for special occasions, work, school and office are available. The Bronx brand for women was introduced in 2005. It features the same high quality of material that is observed on men’s shoes, but with uniquely styled designs for sandals, flats, sneakers and heels.

So how does one get the best price on Jordan footwear? By following the tips below you can get a bargain on the Jordan brand that you are interested in.

Jordan Shoes Weekly Deals and Offers

Jordan shoes and sneakers are sold at various retail stores in South Africa. You can find the brand at departmental stores such as Edgars, Meikles, Woolworths and Truworths. These departmental stores run weekly promotions where you are likely to find a sale on various types of shoes. The shoe section is where you will find all types of shoes.

Jordan & Co also sells shoes through various distributors and agents. These are usually shoe stores that sell imported footwear.

Jordan Factory Shops and Stores

There are several Jordan factory outlets and stores in South Africa. Cape Town is the headquarters of the shoe manufacturing company, and hence you can find a lot of outlets in places such as Somerset West, Bellville, Elsies River, Goodwood, Tokai, Woodstock and Montague Gardens.

Jordan Shoe Catalogue

It’s easy to go through a selection of Jordan shoes because there are catalogues for each brand. You can find these catalogues on the company’s website. Visit the Jordan & Co store online, and browse through the media. Select the trademark that you would like to see and view the pictures.

Milano Anton Fabi – This brand is for stylish young men who need to keep up with the latest fashion trends. If you care about exclusivity and impressions, then this is the brand to go for.

Bronx – The traditional Bronx is designed for men, and it has gained a reputation as a tough, solid and classy shoe.

Olympic – The Jordan Olympic brand is the sports footwear brand for athletics, hiking, weightlifting and other disciplines.

Safety Footwear – If you work at industrial sites such as construction, civil engineering, steel fabrication, chemical plants, manufacturing and cargo moving, then you know that you need to be protected by wearing safety shoes.

Today, Jordan employs over 750 people, and the factory makes over 2400 pairs of shoes in a day. The company produces ISO certified products which also comply with SABS.

Aldo Shoes Stores, Factory Shops and Offers


Aldo Shoes Sneakers Collection and Catalogue
Aldo Shoes Sneakers Collection and Catalogue

As the name implies, Aldo Shoes is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of footwear, namely shoes, sandals and boots. The brand store also supplies a variety of women’s accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, rings and legwear.For shoe lovers, this is a specialized store to find all types of women’s shoes from high heels to flats, as well as all types of men’s shoes from sneakers to slip-ons.

Aldo is originally a Canadian company, founded in 1972 by a man named Aldo Bensadoun. Since the birth of the company in the Canadian city of Montreal, the footwear brand has opened several stores around the world, including the USA, UK and South Africa. There are more than 1750 Aldo stores and factory shops spread across different countries. All types of styles can be found at the shop, whether you are looking for casual footwear, activity shoes or smart style for special occasions. This is a shop that will be appreciated by the family, young people and adults. The Aldo brand has thousands of trendy shoe styles with cute and simple names such as Kalala (a type of high heel), Fortore (a type of sneaker), Lovelin (a type of flat shoe for women) and Neeman (a leather shoe for men).

To get an idea of the types of shoes that you can find at Aldo, you have to pitch in at the front store or take a quick look at Aldo’s online store. You will fall in love with the different types of designs that are not found anywhere.  It can rightly be defined as a people’s store.

Shopping at Aldo is easy, the South African online store is powered by Zando eCommerce solutions. Go to the interface and search the type of footwear that you are looking for. You can sort the results by Most Popular, Latest Arrivals, Name and Price. To get the exact specifications that you have in mind, filter your results by shoe size, price and colour.

If you want to get the best price on Aldo South Africa, the Zando platform will help you do that in an instant with no sweat. Just follow the recommended tips below:

Aldo Specials and Offers

You can catch weekly specials and offers by visiting the online store where you can look for the latest deals that are usually published to attract customers. If you can visit the shop in town, take a look at brochures and catalogues, there is usually something exciting on sale. At the end of each month, paydays are the best occasions to get the lowest price because a lot of people have extra money to spend.

Aldo Sales:

Products on sale can be found at all times. Visit the online store and hover your mouse over the navigation tabs, select and click SALE under each tab. There are regular sales for men and women’s shoes, with at least 50% off the original price. Sales and discounts are also available for handbags and women’s accessories. Depending on the season in which you are shopping, you might find sales on specific holiday seasons such as End of Year Sales Clearance, Xmas and Black Friday.

Low Price Filter:

The easiest way to find the cheapest price on selected footwear and accessories is to use the price filter on the webstore. A lot of items on Aldo are in the R300 to R2000 price range. Visit the online store and sort the results by lowest price. Find out if your shoe size is available and make an online order on the site.

Aldo Sign-Up Discount

If you want to keep in touch with deals and offers on Aldo shoes, you have to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. You get 10% off your purchases for signing up. Special offers will be sent to your email address on a regular basis and you can act on them instantly by clicking through the email link to the offer page, where you can put the item in your basket and check out. For modern buyers, this is a quick way of shopping that doesn’t require you to be present at the front store. Just by clicking the Buy Now or Add to Cart button, you can buy anything from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

Make sure that you sign up with a correct gender [Women or Men], if you want to get the right offers.

Since Aldo Shoes SA uses the services of Zando to display and dispatch items, Zando is responsible for delivering the items to your place.Zando will deliver your items for free if your order is more than 250 Rands. The items can be returned within 14 days if they are not in good condition.

Aldo Shoes Heels Collection and Catalogue
Aldo Shoes Heels Collection and Catalogue

Aldo Gift Voucher:

Do you like celebrating birthdays and other special events by your friends and loved ones?  If you are planning to attend a special event and you have no idea where to get your gift idea, you should try Aldo gift vouchers. On the South African online store, you can find vouchers from R50 to R1000.

To create a voucher, go to the website and fill in the form. On this form, enter your name, create a voucher code, choose the value of vouchers that you would like to send and enter your email address. Click Add to Cart and purchase gift vouchers offered by Aldo.

Zando Discounts and Rewards:

Payments on Aldo are handled by Zando, so if you buy an acceptable amount of goods over a specific value on Aldo, you will be eligible to get a maximum discount of R200 off your purchase.

Ebucks Rewards:

If you have an eBucks account, you can use the payment method to buy on Aldo in order to get rewards. Ebucks is a South African payment alternative. You earn rewards every time you buy something on Aldo, but to get credited for rewards you have to sign up for an online shopping account. To get credit for your orders, remember to claim your eBucks when you check out from the online store. Just before you click the Buy Now link, enter your eBucks ID and click the option to earn ebucks.The more you buy via the store, the more credits you will earn, and you can actually use the credits to buy items from the store.

Multiple Payment Methods:

The disadvantage of shopping on many well-known international brand stores, is that they exclude a large number of people who don’t have credit cards. A lot of young people, low income earners as well as people from developing countries don’t have credit cards. Aldo footwear South Africa is one of the few brands which offers a wide range of payment options to customers. Thanks to integration with Zando, you do not only have credit card as a payment option, but you can also buy with your VISA/MasterCard debit card or send a Wire Transfer. Local payment options such as eBucks and Pay@ are also accepted.

To make the deal sweet, even those who don’t have any type of transaction account can buy items from Aldo. Through Zando’s Cash on Delivery, you can make an order and pay for the items when they are delivered to your residential address. If you have cash in hand at home, go to the online store and pick your items. On checking out, choose Cash on Delivery if this option is available in your area. This payment option requires a R10 fee which you are supposed to pay on checking out from the webstore.Your items should be delivered within 3 days. However, you are not allowed to buy items over R1500 when you are using this method.

Social Media:

Special deals on Aldo swag can be found on social media. If you are on Facebook, like the Aldo South Africa Page to receive updates on sales and the latest arrivals.

Aldo Stores and Factory Shops

There are 54 Aldo retail stores in South Africa. Irrespective of where you live, the store can deliver to urban and rural areas in most provinces of SA. The major stores and factory outlets are found in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East London, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg, George and Polokwane.  You can find them at the following shopping malls:

  1. Blue Route Mall, Tokai
  2. Edgars Stores, CBD, Johannesburg
  3. Edgars Stores, Bloemfontein
  4. Edgars Stores, Benoni Lakeside Mall, Benoni
  5. V&A Shopping Centre, Cape Town
  6. The Glen Shopping Centre, Oakdene
  7. Clearwater Mall, Roodepoort
  8. Sandton City, Sandton, Johannesburg
  9. Menlyn Park, Pretoria
  10. Cavendish Square, Cape Town
  11. Gateway Theatre, KZN
  12. The Pavilion, KZN
  13. Canal Walk, Cape Town
  14. Tyger Valley, Cape Town
  15. Fourways, Johannesburg
  16. Eastgate, Bedfordview
  17. Lochlogan Waterfront, Bloemfontein
  18. Victoria & Alfred, Cape Town
  19. Melrose Arch Piazza, Melrose Arch
  20. Clearwater, Roodepoort
  21. ILanga, Nelspruit
  22. The Glen, Johannesburg
  23. Woodlands Boulevard, Pretoria
  24. The Zone, Johannesburg
  25. Cresta, Randburg
  26. Mall of the North, Limpopo
  27. Edgars Store Eastgate, Bedfordview
  28. Edgars Store, Sandton City, Jburg
  29. Brooklyn Mall, New Muckleneuk
  30. Centurion Mall, Centurion
  31. Bedford Centre, Johannesburg
  32. West Street Mall, Durban
  33. The Pavillion, Westville, KZN
  34. Church Street Mall, Pretoria
  35. East Rand Mall, Boksburg
  36. Edgars Store CBD, Johannesburg
  37. Gateway Shopping Centre, Umhlanga Ridge
  38. Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Milnerton
  39. Fourways Mall, Johannesburg
  40. Cresta Shopping Centre, Milnerton
  41. Somerset Shopping Mall, Somerset West
  42. Southgate Shop, Mondeor
  43. East Rand Mall, Boksburg North
  44. Aldo Liquidation, Woodmead
  45. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, Pretoria
  46. Edgars Store, Melrose Arch Piazza, Johannesburg
  47. Edgars Store, Tygervalley Centre
  48. Edgars Store, Brooklyn Mall, New Muckleneuf
  49. Edgars Store, Cavendish Square, Claremont
  50. Edgars Store, Liberty Midland Mall, Pietermaritzburg
  51. Edgars Store, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth
  52. Edgars Store, Loch Logan, Bloemfontein
  53. Edgars Store, Centurion Mall, Centurion
  54. Hemingways Mall, East London

You can use the store locator to find updated street locations and contact details of Aldo brand stores in South Africa.

Tomy Takkies Factory and Stores South Africa

Cayleigh Berry with Tomy Takkies by BATA

Tomy Takkies needs no introduction. It is a company well reputed for its giant strides in the shoe making industry, globally. Here in South Africa, especially in Durban, you will find Tomy Takkies’ factory which has been established since a few decades back. The company’s footwear and accessories are supplied from here to virtually every part of SA. The factory in Durban is the one stop place to get they best of all kinds of footwear. As they are all being manufactured in their numbers, over here.

In the cradle years of Tomy Takkies, here in South Africa, the company left no corner upswept, in its bid to stamp its shoe making authority across the lands of Mzansi. However, it cannot be said that other top grade footwear manufacturers didn’t also make their name here in South Africa. A lot of them did. But Tomy Takkies has really held its own. And the people over here in South Africa love Tomy Takkies shoes and its other kinds of footwear. As the materials used by Tomy Takkies in manufacturing its footwear products, are sourced from unique places. Today, Tomy Takkies has also begun to source for manufacturing materials from unique regions around the country. Its products range from those for adults, to those for kids. And they all come from this factory.

Tomy Takkies has a lot of stores in South Africa. All you need do is check for these stores at major SA cities such as Cape Town, Durham and a couple of other small cities too. There’s a Tomy Takkies store in the largest mall in both Cape Town and Durban, known as Gemshoes Wholesale market. This place offers so much variety of shoes that you probably might not even have tried on before. Stores such as this one, can be found in malls, with their prices put at a fixed rate and standard. Tomy Takkies factory churns out as much as 50,000 shoes in South Africa alone. And because of high demand more stores have been opened across the country, to make it convenient for its customers.

Besides the stores in real-time, there are a lot of online South African online websites that have South Africa. Zando is one of such stores, here in SA. It provides you virtually all types of Tomy Takkies products and their various sizes too. All of which can be purchased at no stress and can be delivered at your doorstep, with of course a feasible delivery charge. This has made a lot of South Africans to prefer the online stores these days. Another reason why they prefer the online store, is the absence of a Tomy Takkies store in their respective areas.

Tomy Takkies has always been on top of their game, with the kind of top quality materials it uses in manufacturing its footwear, from the top quality leather material to other ones. The company has also done its best to ensure that its products are of top quality and almost without flaws. Because of this care taken in the production of its footwear, Tomy Takkies footwears do not come cheap. But the customers themselves are not perturbed by this as they are all about the quality, design comfort which Tomy Takkies shoes have to offer. Hence, it comes highly recommended. You should try it.

Bata Shoes Factory and Stores South Africa


Bata Shoes Factory was established by 3 siblings who had just come into a small inheritance, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia. This was on 24th August, 1894. Bata was one of the world’s foremost shoe manufacturing company. It had a team of stitchers and shoemakers who created not only footwear for those around their town, but also for retailers from distant towns and cities.

About 10 years later, Bata Shoes Factory began producing at least 2200 pairs of shoes daily. Utilizing helpful creative and skilled workforce and modern equipment. These helped them keep up with the increasing demands for their products. With more innovative ideas, Bata’s shoes grew and it’s sales increased to 2 million pairs per annum, by the year 1917.

In Zlin, Bata constructed housing, colleges and hospitals across the manufacturing facility for its people and their families. This was a design it would eventually come to mirror in different parts of the world in years to come. Bata  also provided low cost housing  and food at some point during difficult times, because its founder Tomas Bata firmly believed that business needed be of service to the general public.

Since its inception in 1894, bata has been at the fore of innovation; not in  the manufacturing  of new styles, but also in the advent of business models that allows for a quick response to the ever-changing needs and wants of its  customers. The result being that Bata  enjoys a track-record of being a leading producer and retailer of quality shoes, and proudly offers its services to a million clients every day.

Bata’s reach is a global one; its presence is also a localized one. Its ground-breaking global production facilities in Bata centers around the world in order to respond to the peculiar needs and wants of customers in their home countries. Because of this, Bata feels it an honour, to be a local enterprise in every country it offers its services. Bata is still guided by the same core principle has helped it accomplish so much for over a hundred years: to recognise its clients and to create the exceptional feasible products to meet their desires.

For over a hundred years, Bata has been at the forefront of footwear design. Today, specialists in bata’s shoe innovation centres round the world still maintain the culture of innovation, as they dedicate themselves to creating new shoe making materials, as well as improving on current shoe technology, and also creating new shoes that blends style with comfort.

With a retail network of about 5000 retail shops in over 60 countries, which stocks top quality fashion shoes for women, men and youngsters; Bata  South Africa is a leading shoes producer and store in the this part of the world.

The Bata retail chain additionally consists of ladies handbags, school and travelling luggage and sports shoes.

Bata’s motto statement is “to be successful as the most dynamic, flexible and market responsive worldwide organization, with footwear as its core business.”

Bata shoe Factory, which operates in over 60 countries and in five continents, and was founded by Tomas Bata, in 1894, started its operations in South Africa in 1959.

Today, Bata is one of the major retail outlets in South Africa that trades in footwear and accessories for guys, women and youngsters.

Puma Shoes Factory and Stores in South Africa

Puma Creepers - by Rihanna
Puma Creepers – by Rihanna

Of course there’s hardly any person out there who is a footwear lover, who doesn’t know about the brand Puma. But for those who do not know…Puma is a footwear manufacturing company. A global brand for that matter. It offers ranges of comfy exquisitely designed footwear, and this gives it a good edge over other footwear makers. Just as is obtainable in other countries around the world, Puma is very popular in South Africa. The people over here in Mzansi are very fond of the Puma brand and buy its products a lot. Its head office in  South Africa is located in the country’s capital. Here is where the footwear is also manufactured and from thence supplied to the various stores in the country. The Western Cape city of Milnerton has a factory.

There are lots of Puma stores spread across South Africa. The retail store chain is quite an extensive one, as these stores are located in both small and big cities. They are strewn Johannesburg to Durban across. Puma stores have products ranging from athletic footwear to fashionable sneakers. Their products is suited for a wide range of footwear. Meanwhile, there are also other accessories and clothing and kits that Puma manufactures. But it concentrated mainly on the footwear side of the brand.

In Johannesburg, you can find Puma’s stores in the North Rand Road, where you have the Palms Retail Centre. Meanwhile, the Cape Town store is situated at 81 Chichester Road, Access Park. These two are the major stores you can find in a big area, with lots of accessories to choose from. The small stores are also found in other small cities. Puma has thousands of retail outlets in over 120 countries. But South Africa also plays a key role in generating lots of revenue for the Puma brand.

There are also Puma stores that are found in Durban and its neighbouring cities. The reason why most of the Puma outlets are located in big cities, is because that is where they have a teeming number of customers eager to purchase the brand’s products. Owing to its German heritage, Puma also seeks to further spread its tentacles across South Africa, largely due to the great response it gets here. The sources of Puma’s materials are very reliable and trusted. Hence the top quality that is usually seen in its products.

These Puma stores located in various parts of the country has the best of apparels, sports kits and most especially footwear, for its teeming customers. The large shopping malls located in Cape Town, for instance, has very affordable range of Puma products. While the Puma stores in areas that are not very cosmopolitan, have low-priced and affordable outfits and footwear for the customers in these areas. Both adults and children alike love Puma’s products, here in South Africa. Hopefully, Puma would make good yet again its promise to further expand its reach in Mzansi. So that more customers can be satisfied.

Where To Buy Original Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review of Shoes with Polyester/Spandex Fabric & Synthetic Soles

Ralph Lauren Vaughn Canvas Sneakers - by RALPH LAUREN
Ralph Lauren Vaughn Canvas Cotton Twill Sneakers – by RALPH LAUREN

Are you looking for the right Vaughn sneakers, those which are not only cool and good-looking but durable as well? Shopping for Vaughn sneakers can be a headache because there are zillions of designs in the marketplace, all of which look good and attractive. To illustrate the wide choice of sneakers available in stores such as Amazon, you simply need to look at the price range. The cheapest Vaughns start at only $20 and the most expensive ones are in the $300 region. Now that’s a wide range! We are here to clear any confusion and questions that you might have with regards to choosing the right sneakers for your needs.

Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn sneakers are a hit with the Y generation, from teenage boys and girls to young men and women under 25, everybody loves Vaughns.To streamline the shopping selection process for you, we are going to discuss three main groups of Vaughns, these are Polo Vaughns made of either of these three types of fabric: Polyester/Spandex, Leather or Cotton Frill Canvas. You have to choose between these three types of fabrics. Sneakers made of Polyester/Spandex and Cotton Frill Canvas usually come with synthetic soles, and those made of Leather have rubber soles. You may come across different variations but these are the most common ones.

Vaughn Sneakers made of Polyester/Spandex and Synthetic Soles

Vaughn sneakers can be distinguished by their basic frame and design which is the same for all shoes despite differences in color and material. The typical Vaughn sneaker has an S-shaped stitch on the outer side running from the sole to the top, plus an additional synthetic/rubber strip on the front part of the white sole. The Polo signature is embroidered on the side.

If you have to choose a shoe based on quality, you need to consider the type of material used for the upper fabric as well as the outer sole. Vaughns which are made of Polyester and Spandex are better than those made of Cotton Frill canvas. Polyester is stronger than cotton, it can last many years depending on your usage habits. But since shoes are exposed to more multi-directional stress, pressure and mechanical friction than a pair of trousers and shirt, you should expect Polyester sneakers to last a lot less. During manufacture, a small percentage of Spandex (about 5%) is integrated with Polyester to provide tightness and elasticity to the fabric. That’s the reason why Vaughns are comfortable to wear, always fitting snugly and tightly. However, you have to get the right size for your feet if you expect to benefit from the comfort provided by the shoes. When it comes to buying sneakers, you will realize that the right size for you is usually a bit smaller than your regular shoe size. For example, my size for regular shoes is 10, but when it comes to sneakers like Nike and Vans, size 9 fits well and size 10 gets too big.

Accompanying the upper fabric of this sneaker are white outer soles which are made of synthetic material. Synthetic material (also known as polymers) is artificial rubber or plastic that mimics the properties of natural rubber although it’s weaker when it comes to practical use. This material is cheaper than natural rubber and it has a shorter lifespan, that’s why you will find some customers complaining about their sneakers which fell apart after a few months.

So although your sneakers are good-looking and brand named, you have to accept that quality comes with a price tag. More expensive shoes are durable, well stitched and put together to provide satisfaction and value for your money. Vaughn sneakers made of low quality material are good for occasional use and fun. You shouldn’t wear them on a daily basis or several times in a day. You could just wear them to impress friends with your swag. They are fine for a weekend trip to the club, bar, party or occasional stroll in town.

Despite the low quality material used in poly/spandex Vaughns, they are highly praised by fans because they give an impression of high quality and class. It looks like this was Ralph Lauren’s plan from the beginning – to provide classy shoes for every budget.

The shoelaces for these sneakers are leather (faux rawhide) laces which have a reputation for untying themselves from time to time. You can easily replace these with poly/cotton laces.

Where To Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Sneakers

The first place to search Polo Vaughns is the Ralph Lauren store in your location. If there is no store in your area, you should look at other cities. In this age of digital commerce, many people in the USA would prefer to buy online. It’s just a matter of going to the online store, browsing through the catalogues and putting your items in a virtual basket. You then check out and pay with your credit card.

Buy at the brand store ensures that you are getting the original product, not an imitation or used product. You also get the best price because the stores didn’t buy the product, so there are no acquisition or procurement costs added on your receipt. If ever you have a problem with the shoes, you can always get a replacement.

Ralph Lauren Factory Shops

Besides the brand retail stores and branches in your area, you can get Polo Vaughns at the company’s factory. This is the manufacturing plant where shoes are manufactured and packed into the warehouse, ready for distribution to supply centers. The factory outlets sell brand new shoes in various conditions. The advantage of buying at the industrial outlet is that the price is the lowest possible that you can ever find – your receipt excludes procurement and transportation/delivery costs.

Not all shoes come out in perfect form from the production line, so these blemished shoes are sold at a discounted price, saving you money. You can find really good shoes with minor imperfections at the factory outlet shop. These include scratches and cuts.

Online Retailers

The number 1 online retailer that most shoppers run to is Amazon. If you have searched everywhere without luck, you are more likely to be lucky at Amazon. The price for Ralph Lauren Polo Vaughns starts at $18 up to $90, depending on the variety. When you are shopping at Amazon just be careful who you buy from. You can also find Vaughns at fashion stores that sell shoes.

Package Forwarding

Is there any Polo Vaughn sneaker that you are interested in but can’t get because of various issues such as lack of payment options, unavailability of shipping and regional restrictions? You don’t need to let the opportunity go by. Now is your time to get what you want. The playing field has been leveled, you can now buy what Americans can buy, even if you don’t live in the United States. All you need is a US Package Forwarding agent to buy for you. This package forwarder has a warehouse where your sneakers will be delivered. From the warehouse, your package will be shipped your country via DHL, Fedex or USP – Start Now >> Open a Free Account and get your sneakers.

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Where To Buy Original Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLC Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review

Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Sneakers
Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Sneakers – SHOES.COM

Ralph Lauren is a well-known fashion brand for men. In recent years, they have ventured into the sneaker design and manufacturing business with great results. One of the popular sneakers produced by this company are the Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon sneakers, featuring an embroidered Polo logo on the side. These sneakers are so much loved by teenagers and young adults because of their beautiful and cool design.

Polo Faxon sneakers are low-style canvas sneakers in the same group as Converse and Vans. When you are used to brand names, it is difficult to resist a new product released by the brand and this is what Ralph Lauren is doing – leveraging its name to compete with traditional sneaker manufacturers such as Converse. From the look of things, the adventure has been a success, mainly due to the fact that Polo sneakers are good-looking. This is not just an individual opinion, but if you read the feedback left by customers on online retail stores, many people just love the look of these sneakers.

The Polo Faxon looks different from other versions such as the Vaughns.Instead of a familiar curved line on the sides, it features a straight line which makes the front part look a bit shorter than the Vaughns. Depending on the variety, the soles are either made of rubber or synthetic material. The white soles have an extra rubber layer glued on, not only on the front part but also at the heels. While the Vaughns have five lace holes on each side, the Faxon has four holes. The front rubber bumper on the outer sole has a row of white ridge lines running along the surface.

Although the Faxon is good-looking, it lacks when it comes to the quality of material. The shoes are made of cotton twill canvas as you would expect for casual footwear. If you are looking for durable material that would last you many years, then these are not sneakers to buy. Despite this fact, many people love them for their cheap and affordable price.

Polo Faxon canvas sneakers are best worn for swag and light conditions such as partying, dancing, indoor events, shopping, outdoor events and going out. If you can wear these shoes a short time at a time, they would last you a long time. Heavy use is not recommended because they can tear up within months, for example, you should avoid wearing them when you are going to school, travelling, hiking and camping. You should also avoid wet conditions such as rain, mud and snow because the canvas will get wet and dirty. They get easily ‘browned’ and tainted by dust and soil, so you should definitely avoid dusty roads. Keep to concrete pavings and tiles as much as you can. However, you can wear these shoes to the beach because sand is clean and doesn’t taint fabric.

The pros of having these shoes is that they are light, comfortable and cool, but you should be wary of frequent use because the rubber soles are thin, and might get uncomfortable with time.

When it comes to getting your size, your regular size might not be the best fit. It may be larger than your regular size, so choose sneakers that are smaller by 0.5

Where To Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Sneakers

If you are looking for Polo Faxon sneakers, then you should rejoice because they are sold by many online retailers including Ralph Lauren. It seems the shoes are in demand and the supply is exceeding demand, which is a favorable situation for anyone who is looking to get their hands on these sneakers.

As a standard procedure, you should always start with Ralph Lauren stores if you are looking for anything that has to do with this brand. The advantage of shopping at the brand store is that you will always get a lower price. Unless the shoes are not available, only then should you go to other places. Look for Ralph Lauren distributors in your area. These are usually uptown big fashion houses and retailers which are known for maintaining quality through dealing with brands only.

Ralph Lauren Factory Shops

Just like any other factory shop owned by a brand chain, you are bound to get the lowest price at a Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet shop. The prices here are much lower than what you would find at retail stores. Sneakers from the production line are stored here and packaged ready for distribution to supply stores and wholesalers.

Look for a factory store in your area and get a pair before it hits the market. Factory store outlets don’t only sell brand new products off the production line, but they also sell rejects which are scratched, tainted or deformed in any slight way. These are extremely cheaper than shoes in good form.

Factory shops are usually located away from the city or downtown. You might need to drive a few miles but it’s all worth it if you can get a better price.

Online Retailers

Ralph Lauren has a brand store on Amazon so you might need to check there if you can’t find what you are looking for. Fortunately, a quick survey on Amazon reveals a lot of Polo sneakers of different varieties and versions. The Polo Faxon SK VLC Sneaker starts at only $23(USD), up to a $100. Obviously, the price will differ based on the quality of material, the manufacturing process, method of fixing and the type of material used. Generally, leather sneakers are more expensive than cotton canvas, and sneakers with rubber soles will cost a bit higher than synthetic soles.

 Package Forwarding

US residents have an advantage over international shoppers because they can buy at any US store without any problems. Most of the time, brand names like Ralph Lauren don’t ship directly to countries in Asia,Africa,South America and some parts of Europe. To get around this obstacle, you can make use of a US-based Package Forwarding company to buy sneakers on your behalf and ship them to your home address. Alternatively, the forwarding company can give you a US Address, which you can use to shop at any US store like Amazon, Ralph Lauren and Nike. The package will be delivered at the company’s warehouse, and from there, they will ship it to you using a fast courier such as DHL and FedEx. It’s as simple as that, so start now – Begin Your Shopping >>CLICK HERE!

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Where To Buy Original Rihanna Puma Creeper Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review

Rihanna Creeper Sneakers - Desert Military Style Camouflage - by PUMA
Rihanna Creeper Sneakers – Desert Military Style Camouflage – by PUMA

One thing you have to agree on when you take a look at Rihanna Puma Creeper sneakers is that they are good looking, solid, durable and made of high quality leather. For those who are familiar with Puma’s classic suede sneakers, you will realize that there is a huge difference in design and looks when compared to Rihanna’s latest release. The classic style looks old and boring, with its easily recognizable all-too familiar Puma design that consists of a slim sole, elongated front and tongue which sticks out.

You have to give Rihanna credit for being a good designer. The Creepers also known as Fenty Creepers (in reference to Rihanna’s Label) are good for young men and women who like to go out in style. They don’t look like your usual sports shoes, but they fall somewhere in the casual category. If you are going out to the club, concert, outdoors, shopping, travelling or just moving around college campus, and you want to get that respect from peers and onlookers, then these slick and dope sneakers will get you admirers in an instant. They are not like any other sneakers.

One of the perks of wearing the Creeper is that they don’t look cheap or standard. Anyone who takes a look at the sneakers from afar will notice that they are high quality brand shoes, which are afforded by a few. The most prominent feature of a Creeper sneaker is its thick outer sole, which is reminiscent of a cute platform shoe. The soles come in different colours, depending on the theme of the shoe. There are over seven themes to choose from and my favourites are the desert military style Camouflage (Camo) suede creepers and the light pink suede sneakers with black Puma stripes on the sides. All Creeper sneakers in the Rihanna Collection can be spotted by their thick soles which have vertical ridges on the side. The solid and tough look of the Creeper is not just a surface feature but it’s real – the suede leather is 100% genuine and long lasting, so you can expect to wear these shoes for more than half of your lifetime before they start to fade.

Just by comparing the dimensions of the classic PUMA suede sneakers against the Fenty Creepers, you can tell which pair has value for money. The classic suede is almost half the price of the Fentys.The traditional PUMA logo on the Fenty is sewn on all the familiar places as the classic suede – on the sides, tongue and back, but this time, the tongue logo is a gold foil.

One amazing detail about the Creepers is that there are no visible differences between men and women’s sneakers. They are perfectly unisex, meaning that you can borrow your brothers or sisters pair and walk in the streets without looking odd. But of course, women will go for softer colours such as pink, white and gold, although all colours are appropriate for both genders.

Rihanna Creepers – Light Pink Suede Leather – by PUMA

Where To Buy Rihanna Fenty Creepers

A lot of expectant fans and customers of the Creeper will be a bit disappointed because these sneakers are in short supply at the moment except at a few stores. The original PUMA store in the USA offers the lowest price you can find anywhere in the world, the shoes start at only $120 (USD), the Camo suede goes for only $140. If you get a price lower than this at any store besides PUMA, then the sneakers are either on promo sale, or they are used items or they might not be original. You have to be careful when buying brand-name products from small shops, they might be knock-offs or fake products made in China. To prevent this from happening, you have to buy from PUMA stores or their distributors.

Puma Factory Shops

The best place to get the cheapest price is buying at PUMA factory shops. PUMA has numerous factory shop outlets around the world. You can visit a factory shop in your location to find deals and offers. Because of its popularity, the US Puma store is visited by many people, so it’s highly unlikely for you to get the sneakers, unless your order happens to coincide with a new batch. The newest batches of shoes are released at the factory shop, where they are packed from the production line.

If you cannot secure a pair of sneakers from the familiar US store, you have to look at unknown places and stores where the sneakers are likely to be available because of low demand. These are cities and locations where the brand is not popular or where people are not into brands. The place might be far from the crowds, out of the city centre, somewhere in a low density area where people are unlikely to visit.

Online Retailers

Amazon is one of the most popular places to find brand names. However, what most people don’t know about Amazon is that there are thousands of merchants selling low quality products from China. Some of these items are not original. Just because you found a Rihanna Fenty Creeper on Amazon, does not mean that it’s original. You have to look at the name of the merchant or store that is selling those shoes. If it’s an unknown merchant, then you might be taking a risk of buying an unoriginal item. To avoid dealing with the unknown, you have to buy from a brand store. Amazon is just like EBay, anybody who wants to sell their items will upload their products on the site, there is no quality check so you must take care.

The price of Rihanna Fenty Creepers on Amazon is much higher than on PUMA, they are start at $200 and above. You must be careful with lower priced sneakers that are cheaper than PUMA. More often these are not original or the merchant might be looking to sell faster, to clear their inventory and climb up the rankings. If this is not the case, you should check the condition of the sneakers on the product listing, are they pre-owned or brand new? Amazon allows merchants to sell pre-owned products and these are cheaper than brand new items.

Package Forwarding

Are there any sneakers that you want to buy from the internet but the seller doesn’t ship to your country?  Or maybe the store doesn’t accept your credit card or offer alternative payment methods. Well, it doesn’t matter where you stay, in Asia or Africa, from South Africa to Malaysia, you can get a package forwarder in the USA to buy for you and ship the shoes to your home country.

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