You Want To Buy Something From the USA? Here is your Guide – 10 Common Issues and Solutions for Global Residents

$15 coupon, no threshold

$15 coupon, no threshold

You Want To Buy Something From the USA? Here is your Guide – 10 Common Issues and Solutions for Global Residents:

You want something from the USA? You tried to buy from a US shop without success? If you are an international resident living outside the USA, there are many reasons why you can’t or won’t be able to buy from a US shop. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  1. Store doesn’t accept foreign credit cards or debit cards.
  2. Store doesn’t ship internationally, only in the USA.
  3. Store ships to other countries, but your country is not supported.
  4. Store only accepts American Bank issued credit cards/debit cards.
  5. Store doesn’t support your payment option (Wire transfer, Western Union, Skrill etc.)
  6. Store supports payment options that are not available in your country e.g. PayPal
  7. Store doesn’t ship to countries under a US Embargo or sanctions.
  8. The item is not available.
  9. Store cannot verify your credit card. Authentification and bank authorization failed.
  10. There is no enough money in your debit card/credit card or You have reached your credit card limit.

The above is a list of common issues that prevent you from buying from a US shop. Fortunately, there is a way around these issues. If you are one of the people living in over 200 countries around the world who cannot buy from an online US store for whatever reason, you should rejoice because from now on, you will be able to buy what you want.

Through the use of a reliable and professional package forwarding company that is based in the USA, you can ask them to buy something for you and they will deliver the item to your home address in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Gulf Region.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying one item or 10 items, they will treat you like a special customer and your shipping costs will match the volumetric weight of goods purchased. Those who are familiar with the import/export shipping process know very well the importance of consolidating your purchased items, which is a procedure whereby multiple packages are repacked and shipped as a single package (i.e. one box or container).This reduces the volumetric weight of your shipment, which in turn reduces your shipping costs per gram.

The point that we are trying to illustrate here is that you save money by consolidating your packages into a single shipment. The best part is that freight couriers like DHL make bulk shipping more affordable by applying a cost range charge based on weight. So in this case, if your item is small and lightweight, weighing only 200g (e.g. camera sunglasses, Brazilian hair, baseball cap, t-shirt) you would save money on shipping costs by buying 500g worth of items to qualify for a [0 to 500g] cost range charge, which is the same regardless of the number of items purchased.


What Does a Package Forwarding Agent Do?

A package forwarding agent is a reliable and registered company which specializes in assisted shopping and delivering items to the customer. An international package forwarder ships items from the USA to other countries. People who use this service are called international shoppers or cross-border shoppers. You don’t need a passport, VISA or plane ticket to shop in the USA.

With a package forwarder, you can do shopping in the comfort of your home, at work or office. All you need is internet connection and a laptop/computer. Simply go to the forwarder’s website and sign up. Creating an account is free, you only pay when you are purchasing your merchandise on US shops such as Amazon, Nike, Puma, Apple etc. Do not worry about your payment or credit card being rejected by the store because the forwarder can buy for you, even if the store doesn’t ship to your country.

US address for your online shopping

A package forwarder has the following resources to help you acquire an item from the USA:


  • A warehouse based in the USA to receive and store your purchased items
  • A street address in the USA which you can use to buy from a US store. Remember that a lot of US shops will not accept your payment if you don’t have a US Address.
  • A partnership with shipping agents and couriers such as DHL, Fedex and TNT to deliver your items safely and quickly at lower shipping rates.
  • Real time parcel tracking until the shipment reaches your doorstep
  • Parcel consolidation to combine multiple packages into a single package and reduce the volumetric weight charge.
  • Parcel repacking to put parcels in order, optimize space and reduce overall price tag
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Coordination and Logistics team for smooth movement and dispatching of your goods
  • Ability to deal with Tax, Duty and documentation from the origin country.


So here is the step-by-step procedure:


  1. You create an account on the forwarder’s website – SIGN UP NOW!
  2. You buy online from US shops
  3. When you check out, use the US address provided by the forwarder. This is your delivery address. It should appear on your order form/invoice/receipt.
  4. If the store doesn’t accept your credit/debit card or payment, ask the forwarder to buy for you. This is known as assisted shopping, personal shopping or concierge shopping service.
  5. The forwarder can buy for you because they are US based. You will need to deposit money in your account. Forwarders accept most types of payments including Wire Transfer, Western Union, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.
  6. The store will send the package to the forwarder’s warehouse in the USA.
  7. At the warehouse, your package is stored and ready for shipping to your country. You can opt for immediate shipping whereby packages are shipped as soon as they arrive or you can wait until you have finished shopping.
  8. A shipping agent (e.g. DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS) ships your package by air or sea.
  9. Your package arrives at the port.
  10. The shipping agent notifies you via email, SMS or telephone. You can also check your parcel personally after 5 or 7 days.
  11. Your package is taken to the courier’s collection centre i.e. DHL collection centre or whatever the name of the courier. They will ask you to declare your goods if there is any import tax and duty on the products. To do this, they will want a scanned copy of your shopping receipt, invoice or order form. Send the copy via email.
  12. The courier will then deliver the package at your home address. A DHL or FedEx van will arrive at your place. Make sure that you are home by that time. They may ask for identification so have your ID with you. The delivery man will ask you to sign a document. DHL uses an electronic pen to capture your signature.

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