Puma Shoes Factory and Stores in South Africa

Puma Creepers - by Rihanna

Puma Creepers – by Rihanna

Of course there’s hardly any person out there who is a footwear lover, who doesn’t know about the brand Puma. But for those who do not know…Puma is a footwear manufacturing company. A global brand for that matter. It offers ranges of comfy exquisitely designed footwear, and this gives it a good edge over other footwear makers. Just as is obtainable in other countries around the world, Puma is very popular in South Africa. The people over here in Mzansi are very fond of the Puma brand and buy its products a lot. Its head office in  South Africa is located in the country’s capital. Here is where the footwear is also manufactured and from thence supplied to the various stores in the country. The Western Cape city of Milnerton has a factory.

There are lots of Puma stores spread across South Africa. The retail store chain is quite an extensive one, as these stores are located in both small and big cities. They are strewn Johannesburg to Durban across. Puma stores have products ranging from athletic footwear to fashionable sneakers. Their products is suited for a wide range of footwear. Meanwhile, there are also other accessories and clothing and kits that Puma manufactures. But it concentrated mainly on the footwear side of the brand.

In Johannesburg, you can find Puma’s stores in the North Rand Road, where you have the Palms Retail Centre. Meanwhile, the Cape Town store is situated at 81 Chichester Road, Access Park. These two are the major stores you can find in a big area, with lots of accessories to choose from. The small stores are also found in other small cities. Puma has thousands of retail outlets in over 120 countries. But South Africa also plays a key role in generating lots of revenue for the Puma brand.

There are also Puma stores that are found in Durban and its neighbouring cities. The reason why most of the Puma outlets are located in big cities, is because that is where they have a teeming number of customers eager to purchase the brand’s products. Owing to its German heritage, Puma also seeks to further spread its tentacles across South Africa, largely due to the great response it gets here. The sources of Puma’s materials are very reliable and trusted. Hence the top quality that is usually seen in its products.

These Puma stores located in various parts of the country has the best of apparels, sports kits and most especially footwear, for its teeming customers. The large shopping malls located in Cape Town, for instance, has very affordable range of Puma products. While the Puma stores in areas that are not very cosmopolitan, have low-priced and affordable outfits and footwear for the customers in these areas. Both adults and children alike love Puma’s products, here in South Africa. Hopefully, Puma would make good yet again its promise to further expand its reach in Mzansi. So that more customers can be satisfied.


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    Where can I find the Puma evoSPEED collection?

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