Where To Buy Original Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review of Shoes with Polyester/Spandex Fabric & Synthetic Soles

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Ralph Lauren Vaughn Canvas Sneakers - by RALPH LAUREN

Ralph Lauren Vaughn Canvas Cotton Twill Sneakers – by RALPH LAUREN

Are you looking for the right Vaughn sneakers, those which are not only cool and good-looking but durable as well? Shopping for Vaughn sneakers can be a headache because there are zillions of designs in the marketplace, all of which look good and attractive. To illustrate the wide choice of sneakers available in stores such as Amazon, you simply need to look at the price range. The cheapest Vaughns start at only $20 and the most expensive ones are in the $300 region. Now that’s a wide range! We are here to clear any confusion and questions that you might have with regards to choosing the right sneakers for your needs.

Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn sneakers are a hit with the Y generation, from teenage boys and girls to young men and women under 25, everybody loves Vaughns.To streamline the shopping selection process for you, we are going to discuss three main groups of Vaughns, these are Polo Vaughns made of either of these three types of fabric: Polyester/Spandex, Leather or Cotton Frill Canvas. You have to choose between these three types of fabrics. Sneakers made of Polyester/Spandex and Cotton Frill Canvas usually come with synthetic soles, and those made of Leather have rubber soles. You may come across different variations but these are the most common ones.

Vaughn Sneakers made of Polyester/Spandex and Synthetic Soles

Vaughn sneakers can be distinguished by their basic frame and design which is the same for all shoes despite differences in color and material. The typical Vaughn sneaker has an S-shaped stitch on the outer side running from the sole to the top, plus an additional synthetic/rubber strip on the front part of the white sole. The Polo signature is embroidered on the side.

If you have to choose a shoe based on quality, you need to consider the type of material used for the upper fabric as well as the outer sole. Vaughns which are made of Polyester and Spandex are better than those made of Cotton Frill canvas. Polyester is stronger than cotton, it can last many years depending on your usage habits. But since shoes are exposed to more multi-directional stress, pressure and mechanical friction than a pair of trousers and shirt, you should expect Polyester sneakers to last a lot less. During manufacture, a small percentage of Spandex (about 5%) is integrated with Polyester to provide tightness and elasticity to the fabric. That’s the reason why Vaughns are comfortable to wear, always fitting snugly and tightly. However, you have to get the right size for your feet if you expect to benefit from the comfort provided by the shoes. When it comes to buying sneakers, you will realize that the right size for you is usually a bit smaller than your regular shoe size. For example, my size for regular shoes is 10, but when it comes to sneakers like Nike and Vans, size 9 fits well and size 10 gets too big.

Accompanying the upper fabric of this sneaker are white outer soles which are made of synthetic material. Synthetic material (also known as polymers) is artificial rubber or plastic that mimics the properties of natural rubber although it’s weaker when it comes to practical use. This material is cheaper than natural rubber and it has a shorter lifespan, that’s why you will find some customers complaining about their sneakers which fell apart after a few months.

So although your sneakers are good-looking and brand named, you have to accept that quality comes with a price tag. More expensive shoes are durable, well stitched and put together to provide satisfaction and value for your money. Vaughn sneakers made of low quality material are good for occasional use and fun. You shouldn’t wear them on a daily basis or several times in a day. You could just wear them to impress friends with your swag. They are fine for a weekend trip to the club, bar, party or occasional stroll in town.

Despite the low quality material used in poly/spandex Vaughns, they are highly praised by fans because they give an impression of high quality and class. It looks like this was Ralph Lauren’s plan from the beginning – to provide classy shoes for every budget.

The shoelaces for these sneakers are leather (faux rawhide) laces which have a reputation for untying themselves from time to time. You can easily replace these with poly/cotton laces.

Where To Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Sneakers

The first place to search Polo Vaughns is the Ralph Lauren store in your location. If there is no store in your area, you should look at other cities. In this age of digital commerce, many people in the USA would prefer to buy online. It’s just a matter of going to the online store, browsing through the catalogues and putting your items in a virtual basket. You then check out and pay with your credit card.

Buy at the brand store ensures that you are getting the original product, not an imitation or used product. You also get the best price because the stores didn’t buy the product, so there are no acquisition or procurement costs added on your receipt. If ever you have a problem with the shoes, you can always get a replacement.

Ralph Lauren Factory Shops

Besides the brand retail stores and branches in your area, you can get Polo Vaughns at the company’s factory. This is the manufacturing plant where shoes are manufactured and packed into the warehouse, ready for distribution to supply centers. The factory outlets sell brand new shoes in various conditions. The advantage of buying at the industrial outlet is that the price is the lowest possible that you can ever find – your receipt excludes procurement and transportation/delivery costs.

Not all shoes come out in perfect form from the production line, so these blemished shoes are sold at a discounted price, saving you money. You can find really good shoes with minor imperfections at the factory outlet shop. These include scratches and cuts.

Online Retailers

The number 1 online retailer that most shoppers run to is Amazon. If you have searched everywhere without luck, you are more likely to be lucky at Amazon. The price for Ralph Lauren Polo Vaughns starts at $18 up to $90, depending on the variety. When you are shopping at Amazon just be careful who you buy from. You can also find Vaughns at fashion stores that sell shoes.

Package Forwarding

Is there any Polo Vaughn sneaker that you are interested in but can’t get because of various issues such as lack of payment options, unavailability of shipping and regional restrictions? You don’t need to let the opportunity go by. Now is your time to get what you want. The playing field has been leveled, you can now buy what Americans can buy, even if you don’t live in the United States. All you need is a US Package Forwarding agent to buy for you. This package forwarder has a warehouse where your sneakers will be delivered. From the warehouse, your package will be shipped your country via DHL, Fedex or USP – Start Now >> Open a Free Account and get your sneakers.

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