Woolworths Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Woolworths Fashion Catalogue 2017

Woolworths Fashion Catalogue 2017

Woolworths or Woolies as it is commonly called is a well-known departmental store with several stores in South Africa and Australia. Woolworths stores and factory shops are where you can find fashion items like clothing, footwear, lingerie, bags, belts, jewellery, purses, sunglasses, watches, umbrellas, scarves and wraps. The South African retail store was founded in 1931 and it is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. They say everybody is influenced by somebody or something which they draw their inspiration from. In the case of Woolworths, the founders were inspired by a UK retail store, Mark and Spencer (M&S). They adopted the M&S concept for their first stores in South Africa and created ties with the UK company, which resulted in Woolworths selling its remaining shares to M&S. Later on, M&S decided to sell the shares but cooperation between the two companies remained intact. Truworths was the next company to merge with Woolworths but the romance was dissolved in 2001, leaving Woolworths with complete ownership of its firm. At this point, the company was performing well financially, thanks to its prior relationship with Truworths. Thirteen years later, the company made a $2.15 billion acquisition by buying David Stones, an Aussie store.

While you might be familiar with the fashion stores, you will be excited to know that Woolworths also provides food services like grocery stores, cafes and restaurants at specific locations. At grocery stores, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, milk products, bakery products, wine and other edible items that you would want to prepare in the kitchen. There is a homeware section where you can find a variety of kitchenware, gadgets and equipment like food mixers, dinner plates, fridges, stoves and electric kettles. Other than clothing and homeware, women will also like the cosmetics section which features a variety of beauty products for skin, hair and nail care.

Another interesting department offered by the Woolies brand store is the Woolworths financial services which you can consult to get financial help in the form of loans, insurance coverage and credit cards.

So let’s dive into the question that you are burning to ask. What are the ways to purchase items at discounted prices and save money at Woolworths? You can save money by following the tips below:

Woolworths Offers

By checking offers in the promotions section, you can get good prices on selected fashion items for women, men and kids. As an example, a woman’s top that normally costs R550.00, might be going for R199.00. A lot of women’s clothing and beauty products are usually on offer on the Woolworths online store. Half-price offers with a 50% price cut can be found on dresses, tops and lingerie. You have to take note that offers are valid for a specific period, say on Black Friday or the few weeks before Christmas. The months before the end of the year – October, November and December, is the best time to get good offers because around this time, people are in a festive mood and they have a lot of disposable income to shop around.

You should also check offers on a weekly and monthly basis. Every time you visit the Woolworths store, you are bound to find something on sale. Even if you don’t find something that you would like to buy, you can buy items on offer as a gift for somebody you know.

Woolworths Sales and Weekly Specials

Whenever there is a sale or deal on Woolworths, you will find it on the store website or in catalogues distributed in local newspapers. Recent deals are published on the Today’s Deal section. Depending on the season or holiday in which you are shopping, you will find a range of deals from boxed chocolates to women’s dresses. Sort the deals the way you like by price or alphabetical order. When you order online, the items will be delivered to your area. Look out for Friday deals, every weekend, there are special offers.

Woolworths WRewards

WRewards offers are found in the promotions sections of the webstore.Women who shop at Woolworths will have something to be happy about because everywhere you look, there are offers for women. If you have a store card or credit card issued by Woolworths, you will qualify for WRewards offers. The store card allows you to enjoy 15% discounts on selected items, but it also gives you many more benefits, such as buying items on promotion.

WRewards offers are exclusive offers for card holders. To give you an example of how much you can save with WRewards, there is a Get 2 for R200 promotion which allows you to buy two short sleeve t-shirts for only R200.00, the Get 3 for 2 promotion which allows you to get 3 t-shirts for 2 selected tees or 3 panties for 2 selected panties. The fourth promotion is the Buy 2, Get 20% off offer for selected styled t-shirts.

Make it a habit to buy with your store card and you will leave the store without paying the full price. To get access to WRewards, you have to create an account. Sign up on the Woolworths online store and submit your application. If your application is approved, you will get access to various features such as vouchers and instant savings. The WRewards account gives you a 10% instant discount on specific items which are provided by the store. You will earn a 5% discount upon using your Woolworths card to buy items.

There are three membership levels in your WRewards account. You start off as a Valued member, which is the first level for any new member. You can work your way to the top levels, the Loyal and VIP member levels. Your membership level is determined by your buying habits. If you buy frequently at Woolies stores, you will earn more rewards and accelerate to the top where you will get more discounts on the items you purchase in the store. Once you reach the status of loyal customer, you will realize the value of shopping at Woolies.With more rewards in your account, you can buy anything you want. There is an option to donate your rewards at a school of your choice. In your online account, go to “MySchool” and select a school that you would want to donate to.

Woolworths Womens Fashion Catalogue

Woolworths Womens Fashion Catalogue

Woolworths Vouchers

Woolworths gift vouchers allow you to save a lot of money because as an account holder, you can buy gifting items at a low cost. If you take your social responsibility seriously, you know that there are people in your life – family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Throughout the year, someone, somewhere will be hosting a birthday party, wedding and other anniversary events. You don’t have to look far when you are planning what to give on these special events. Woolies vouchers will come in handy. Just log into your online store account and access the available vouchers worth hundreds of Rands.

Woolworths Brands

A lot of people only know the Woolworths brand, but this familiar brand has sub-store brands, some of which are acquisitions incorporated in the Woolworths Holdings group. These include the David Jones Store, Country Road, Mimco, WBeauty, Studio.W, RE, JTOne, Trenery, Distraction, Vichy and Witchery.

 Woolworths Financial Services

The Woolworths department of financial services is a one-stop shop for loan products, insurance products and credit card facilities. The following is available to meet your financial needs:

Woolworths Credit Card:

To get this credit card, you have to create an account and submit your application with Woolworths in your location. Just as you would apply for a bank credit card, you will need to be in good financial standing and fall in an acceptable income bracket in order to get this card. There are two types of cards, the black credit card and the gold credit card. This card can be used anywhere. It qualifies you for 15% discounts on WRewards items.

Woolworths Store Card:

This is not a credit card, but it’s a store card that qualifies you for certain offers and deals in the store. You will be eligible for 15% discounts on WRewards items, every time you buy with this card. When you shop at Woolworths, rewards are loaded on your store card. Just when you think that you don’t have enough cash, do not be surprised to find that you have access rewards on your card when you reach the cashier! Rewards are a pleasant surprise, you always get them when you don’t expect.

Woolworths Loans:

As a Woolies shopper, you don’t have to go far to meet your financial needs. The brand store has a cash loan service for those who are looking for personal loans.Woolies is a trusted and reliable brand name, so you can secure financing with peace of mind, knowing that you are not dealing with a loan shark.

Woolworths Insurance:

There are a lot of insurance companies in South Africa, but a lot of people cannot afford to pay the monthly premiums, which are usually designed for high income earners.Woolies has introduced insurance products for its customers, so that you can get adequate coverage even if you don’t belong to privileged groups.

Woolworths Account

To create an online Woolworths account, go to the online store on your computer or laptop. There are three ways of registering an account. If you already have a Woolworths card, which is issued by the store, go to the internet and click this link My Account. There are three columns, the login form, fetch/link details and new user. Register your online account using your Woolies card via the Fetch/Link Details form. Your ID or passport number will be needed.

If you don’t have a Woolies card, sign up using the New User link. Click the New Account tab and follow instructions. Create your account as you would create any online account.

You can also create your online account while you are shopping on the store. Pick your items and checkout. You will be required to fill an order form before paying.

Woolworths Stores and Factory Shops

Woolworths South Africa has stores in nine provinces. There are nearly 70 stores in South Africa. Stores are available in Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape.

Social Media

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