Playtex Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Playtex Catalogue and Collections for Womens Bra, Underwear and Shapewear

Playtex Catalogue and Collections for Womens Bra, Underwear and Shapewear

Playtex is a brand store for women and girls, specializing in the manufacture of bras, underwear and shapewear. Established in 1947 as a subsidiary of its parent company ILC, the firm diversified its product offering by venturing into the tampon manufacturing business, through the creation of a sub-division called Playtex Products.

Playtex is credited with inventing the successful plastic tampon applicator as well as introducing scented tampons to the market. By venturing into the tampon business with these creative concepts, the company became one of the top tampon providers giving the established leader Tampax, a run for its money.

The original focus of Playtex’s parent company ILC was manufacturing latex wear and accessories. One of their major contract highlights was being tasked to design and produce latex space suits for the 1969 Apollo moon landing mission.

Another great achievement by Playtex was being able to penetrate and dominate the bra market from the beginning of 1980, making it the market leader in selling bras during that period.

The company has changed hands several times in its history, being bought at least six times and sold to the next successive owner for multi-million dollars. Today, it operates as two separate businesses, Playtex Products and Playtex Apparel. The Playtex Products business is owned by Energizer Holdings who bought the firm for 1.16 billion US dollars in 2006. Playtex Apparel is owned by HanesBrands Corporation.

Through a few acquisitions made by Playtex over the years, the company does not only make bras, tampons, underwear and shapewear, but they have increased their product offering to sunscreens, sanitary cloths, kitchen gloves, cups and baby bottles.

Modern Playtex stores and factory shops are scattered all over the world in the USA, Canada, Asia, UK, France, Australia and South Africa. To get the best deals in your area, you have to check the local online store.

In South Africa, you can find Playtex stores on Zando. The Zando store sells a range of bras, shapers, panties and leggings. Women who would like to curve out a sexy and shapely figure can choose from a variety of shapewear for women such as seamless panties, tight dresses, high waist panties and tight pants. The top-selling products are the Forever lace underwire bras (R329.00), tight pants (R279.00), strapless bras (R289.00), soft cup feeding bra (R299.00), seamless body shaping dress (R279.00) and the Everyday Comfort Avril Anglaise bra (R359.00).

The advantage of shopping on Zando is that you can get rewards for buying with eBucks and uCount. These rewards are added to your account and you can buy something from Zando when they have accumulated to an adequate amount. By signing up for the Zando newsletter, you can get access to discounts as much as R200.00 if you buy a specific worth of products from Playtex Zando store.

Playtex Offers and Specials

In order to get access to weekly specials and offers, you have to subscribe to the Playtex newsletter. Sign up on the web store with your email address, log into your email inbox to verify the subscription and you are set to go. Email subscribers are the first people to get the latest news on offers and scheduled sales, so you will stay updated all the time.

Those who are on social media can join Facebook and like the Playtex Facebook Page. Offers and specials on bras, girdles and body shapers are posted on the FB page on a regular basis. Since a lot of your friends are more likely to be found on Facebook than on any other platform, you will discover some items that are shared and recommended by people you know.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Playtex sales are held on weekends and monthends, including on special days such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Independence Day. On this occasion, you can find selected items being sold at discounted prices. Whenever a special day or holiday is near, visit the Playtex home page and check the sales announcements. Low-price promotions are run for a specific period e.g. 7 to 30 days, so you should buy items within the period of validity to qualify for a discount.

To manage your online shopping, you have to sign up for a Playtex account. This customer account allows you to track your orders and manage your profile, delivery address and returned items. If you are not buying anything, you can add items to your wish list for future action. If you buy items above the threshold price, your orders will be eligible for free delivery, provided that you are a local resident.

The Playtex UK store only delivers within the UK, there is no international shipping. In this case, if you do not live in the United Kingdom, you have to make use of a UK forwarding agent to buy the items for you.

Playtex Factory Shops

Playtex items are sold by retailers and distributors around the world. You can also get them at the factory shops in your area. The South Africa store has launched an online store where South Africans can buy and have the items shipped to their home address, from the Playtex warehouse.


Playtex is not just a manufacturer of bras and undergarments, but they have an innovation team that improves the design and comfort of their products. One of their recent inventions is the wireless bra which is basically the opposite of underwired bras, except that non-wired bras are more comfortable to wear. The Playtex Ideal Beauty bra is wireless but it can provide lift and shape to natural breasts, through inbuilt and carefully applied vertical and horizontal pressures.

Playtex Free Samples

Playtex Sport offers free samples to customers who would like to try the company’s products. Product samples are offered by some manufacturers as a way to gather feedback from users. This consumer feedback is used to improve the product.

To get Playtext samples, you have to visit the Playtex Sport website. Click the Free Sample tab and fill the form. Enter your name, residential address, city and Zip code. Select a sample that you would like to receive.

There are four types of offers (sample combos) that you can receive as an individual but you have to choose one. These are listed below:

  • 2 tampons/2 pads
  • 2 tampons/2 liners
  • 4 pads
  • 6 liners

These offers are only for US residents. Every year samples are offered to US consumers. The deadline for sending sample requests is 31 December of the current year. By signing up for samples, you will also get updates on special deals and offers.

Playtex Sport also runs sweepstakes competitions on a weekly basis where prize winners are announced.