Where To Buy Original Rihanna Puma Creeper Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review

Rihanna Creeper Sneakers - Desert Military Style Camouflage - by PUMA

Rihanna Creeper Sneakers – Desert Military Style Camouflage – by PUMA

One thing you have to agree on when you take a look at Rihanna Puma Creeper sneakers is that they are good looking, solid, durable and made of high quality leather. For those who are familiar with Puma’s classic suede sneakers, you will realize that there is a huge difference in design and looks when compared to Rihanna’s latest release. The classic style looks old and boring, with its easily recognizable all-too familiar Puma design that consists of a slim sole, elongated front and tongue which sticks out.

You have to give Rihanna credit for being a good designer. The Creepers also known as Fenty Creepers (in reference to Rihanna’s Label) are good for young men and women who like to go out in style. They don’t look like your usual sports shoes, but they fall somewhere in the casual category. If you are going out to the club, concert, outdoors, shopping, travelling or just moving around college campus, and you want to get that respect from peers and onlookers, then these slick and dope sneakers will get you admirers in an instant. They are not like any other sneakers.

One of the perks of wearing the Creeper is that they don’t look cheap or standard. Anyone who takes a look at the sneakers from afar will notice that they are high quality brand shoes, which are afforded by a few. The most prominent feature of a Creeper sneaker is its thick outer sole, which is reminiscent of a cute platform shoe. The soles come in different colours, depending on the theme of the shoe. There are over seven themes to choose from and my favourites are the desert military style Camouflage (Camo) suede creepers and the light pink suede sneakers with black Puma stripes on the sides. All Creeper sneakers in the Rihanna Collection can be spotted by their thick soles which have vertical ridges on the side. The solid and tough look of the Creeper is not just a surface feature but it’s real – the suede leather is 100% genuine and long lasting, so you can expect to wear these shoes for more than half of your lifetime before they start to fade.

Just by comparing the dimensions of the classic PUMA suede sneakers against the Fenty Creepers, you can tell which pair has value for money. The classic suede is almost half the price of the Fentys.The traditional PUMA logo on the Fenty is sewn on all the familiar places as the classic suede – on the sides, tongue and back, but this time, the tongue logo is a gold foil.

One amazing detail about the Creepers is that there are no visible differences between men and women’s sneakers. They are perfectly unisex, meaning that you can borrow your brothers or sisters pair and walk in the streets without looking odd. But of course, women will go for softer colours such as pink, white and gold, although all colours are appropriate for both genders.


Rihanna Creepers – Light Pink Suede Leather – by PUMA

Where To Buy Rihanna Fenty Creepers

A lot of expectant fans and customers of the Creeper will be a bit disappointed because these sneakers are in short supply at the moment except at a few stores. The original PUMA store in the USA offers the lowest price you can find anywhere in the world, the shoes start at only $120 (USD), the Camo suede goes for only $140. If you get a price lower than this at any store besides PUMA, then the sneakers are either on promo sale, or they are used items or they might not be original. You have to be careful when buying brand-name products from small shops, they might be knock-offs or fake products made in China. To prevent this from happening, you have to buy from PUMA stores or their distributors.

Puma Factory Shops

The best place to get the cheapest price is buying at PUMA factory shops. PUMA has numerous factory shop outlets around the world. You can visit a factory shop in your location to find deals and offers. Because of its popularity, the US Puma store is visited by many people, so it’s highly unlikely for you to get the sneakers, unless your order happens to coincide with a new batch. The newest batches of shoes are released at the factory shop, where they are packed from the production line.

If you cannot secure a pair of sneakers from the familiar US store, you have to look at unknown places and stores where the sneakers are likely to be available because of low demand. These are cities and locations where the brand is not popular or where people are not into brands. The place might be far from the crowds, out of the city centre, somewhere in a low density area where people are unlikely to visit.

Online Retailers

Amazon is one of the most popular places to find brand names. However, what most people don’t know about Amazon is that there are thousands of merchants selling low quality products from China. Some of these items are not original. Just because you found a Rihanna Fenty Creeper on Amazon, does not mean that it’s original. You have to look at the name of the merchant or store that is selling those shoes. If it’s an unknown merchant, then you might be taking a risk of buying an unoriginal item. To avoid dealing with the unknown, you have to buy from a brand store. Amazon is just like EBay, anybody who wants to sell their items will upload their products on the site, there is no quality check so you must take care.

The price of Rihanna Fenty Creepers on Amazon is much higher than on PUMA, they are start at $200 and above. You must be careful with lower priced sneakers that are cheaper than PUMA. More often these are not original or the merchant might be looking to sell faster, to clear their inventory and climb up the rankings. If this is not the case, you should check the condition of the sneakers on the product listing, are they pre-owned or brand new? Amazon allows merchants to sell pre-owned products and these are cheaper than brand new items.

Package Forwarding

Are there any sneakers that you want to buy from the internet but the seller doesn’t ship to your country?  Or maybe the store doesn’t accept your credit card or offer alternative payment methods. Well, it doesn’t matter where you stay, in Asia or Africa, from South Africa to Malaysia, you can get a package forwarder in the USA to buy for you and ship the shoes to your home country.

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