Where To Buy Original Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLC Sneakers at Low Cost – 2017 Review

Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Sneakers

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Ralph Lauren is a well-known fashion brand for men. In recent years, they have ventured into the sneaker design and manufacturing business with great results. One of the popular sneakers produced by this company are the Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon sneakers, featuring an embroidered Polo logo on the side. These sneakers are so much loved by teenagers and young adults because of their beautiful and cool design.

Polo Faxon sneakers are low-style canvas sneakers in the same group as Converse and Vans. When you are used to brand names, it is difficult to resist a new product released by the brand and this is what Ralph Lauren is doing – leveraging its name to compete with traditional sneaker manufacturers such as Converse. From the look of things, the adventure has been a success, mainly due to the fact that Polo sneakers are good-looking. This is not just an individual opinion, but if you read the feedback left by customers on online retail stores, many people just love the look of these sneakers.

The Polo Faxon looks different from other versions such as the Vaughns.Instead of a familiar curved line on the sides, it features a straight line which makes the front part look a bit shorter than the Vaughns. Depending on the variety, the soles are either made of rubber or synthetic material. The white soles have an extra rubber layer glued on, not only on the front part but also at the heels. While the Vaughns have five lace holes on each side, the Faxon has four holes. The front rubber bumper on the outer sole has a row of white ridge lines running along the surface.

Although the Faxon is good-looking, it lacks when it comes to the quality of material. The shoes are made of cotton twill canvas as you would expect for casual footwear. If you are looking for durable material that would last you many years, then these are not sneakers to buy. Despite this fact, many people love them for their cheap and affordable price.

Polo Faxon canvas sneakers are best worn for swag and light conditions such as partying, dancing, indoor events, shopping, outdoor events and going out. If you can wear these shoes a short time at a time, they would last you a long time. Heavy use is not recommended because they can tear up within months, for example, you should avoid wearing them when you are going to school, travelling, hiking and camping. You should also avoid wet conditions such as rain, mud and snow because the canvas will get wet and dirty. They get easily ‘browned’ and tainted by dust and soil, so you should definitely avoid dusty roads. Keep to concrete pavings and tiles as much as you can. However, you can wear these shoes to the beach because sand is clean and doesn’t taint fabric.

The pros of having these shoes is that they are light, comfortable and cool, but you should be wary of frequent use because the rubber soles are thin, and might get uncomfortable with time.

When it comes to getting your size, your regular size might not be the best fit. It may be larger than your regular size, so choose sneakers that are smaller by 0.5

Where To Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Sneakers

If you are looking for Polo Faxon sneakers, then you should rejoice because they are sold by many online retailers including Ralph Lauren. It seems the shoes are in demand and the supply is exceeding demand, which is a favorable situation for anyone who is looking to get their hands on these sneakers.

As a standard procedure, you should always start with Ralph Lauren stores if you are looking for anything that has to do with this brand. The advantage of shopping at the brand store is that you will always get a lower price. Unless the shoes are not available, only then should you go to other places. Look for Ralph Lauren distributors in your area. These are usually uptown big fashion houses and retailers which are known for maintaining quality through dealing with brands only.

Ralph Lauren Factory Shops

Just like any other factory shop owned by a brand chain, you are bound to get the lowest price at a Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet shop. The prices here are much lower than what you would find at retail stores. Sneakers from the production line are stored here and packaged ready for distribution to supply stores and wholesalers.

Look for a factory store in your area and get a pair before it hits the market. Factory store outlets don’t only sell brand new products off the production line, but they also sell rejects which are scratched, tainted or deformed in any slight way. These are extremely cheaper than shoes in good form.

Factory shops are usually located away from the city or downtown. You might need to drive a few miles but it’s all worth it if you can get a better price.

Online Retailers

Ralph Lauren has a brand store on Amazon so you might need to check there if you can’t find what you are looking for. Fortunately, a quick survey on Amazon reveals a lot of Polo sneakers of different varieties and versions. The Polo Faxon SK VLC Sneaker starts at only $23(USD), up to a $100. Obviously, the price will differ based on the quality of material, the manufacturing process, method of fixing and the type of material used. Generally, leather sneakers are more expensive than cotton canvas, and sneakers with rubber soles will cost a bit higher than synthetic soles.

 Package Forwarding

US residents have an advantage over international shoppers because they can buy at any US store without any problems. Most of the time, brand names like Ralph Lauren don’t ship directly to countries in Asia,Africa,South America and some parts of Europe. To get around this obstacle, you can make use of a US-based Package Forwarding company to buy sneakers on your behalf and ship them to your home address. Alternatively, the forwarding company can give you a US Address, which you can use to shop at any US store like Amazon, Ralph Lauren and Nike. The package will be delivered at the company’s warehouse, and from there, they will ship it to you using a fast courier such as DHL and FedEx. It’s as simple as that, so start now – Begin Your Shopping >>CLICK HERE!

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