The 10 Different Types of Cardigans

What Are the Different Types of Cardigans?

Green knitted cardigans

Green knitted cardigans

Everyone should have at least one type of cardigan in his or her closets. Cardigans are the perfect coat to use all year round: from a light cardigan during summer, to a cosy one for the colder months.

Not only cardigans are super useful for staying warm, but they can also take your outfit to a different level. Depending on the colors, shapes, or forms that you use your cardigan can give a completely different statement.

For that reason, we made an article with 10 types of cardigans and some extra tips on how to style them, so you are ready to rock your new look.

10. Buttoned Short-length cardigan

This is the old-school type of cardigan. Is a classic and it will not fail you: you can use it to go to class, to work, or if you have a gathering with your family. You can wear it buttoned up or open, and since it is short length, you can wear mom jeans or a similar type of pants. Generally, the short-length buttoned cardigans are made with buttons that contrast with the colors of the wool, or the classic ones like gold, silver, or black.

9. Belted Cardigans

This type of cardigan is usually longer than the regular ones, and you can close them up with the help of a belt (that comes incorporated). In most cases, the belt is made out of the same material as the rest of the cardigan, but you can find some alternatives with leather belts. If you like to wear comfortable clothes but you want to wear an outfit that makes your waist and curves stand out, then this is the cardigan for you.

8. Boyfriend style cardigan

If you like oversized clothes, then the boyfriend-style cardigans are the perfect fit for you. You will feel super comfy in them, and they are usually made with a type of heavier wool, so you will be warm even in the coldest days. These types of cardigans look better in neutral colors, like white, light brown, grey, or beige, and they are commonly used for reaching the perfect light academia aesthetic.

7. Long Hooded Cardigans

The long hooded cardigans were a hit at the beginning of the 2010s, but every trend has a comeback era and we can see long hooded cardigans making their return this fall-winter season. Nothing will keep you warm like these long hooded cardigans, since they cover at least half of your legs (until the knee line), and they come with a hood to cover your head with.

6. Vest cardigans

If you are the type of person that can’t stand wearing long sleeves, or you want to give a twist to your classic outfits, then you have to delve into the world of vest cardigans. As you can guess by its name, it is a vest turned into a cardigan: in some cases, they come with buttons, but you can find other open ones, but they don’t have sleeves. If you are planning on wearing a white dress shirt, then you can wear any color of vest cardigan on top of that.

5. Open navy style cardigan

Are you going for a navy aesthetic? then have this cardigan on hand. They are usually made in darker colors, like black or marine blue, and you can have a complete navy aesthetic if you add other clothing items. For example, you can wear it with khaki shorts and a striped T-shirt. In some stores, you might be able to find the closed navy style cardigan, which is pretty similar to this one but has some golden buttons.

4. Jersey cardigan

This is the type of cardigan that you can wear to work, to take your kids to school, or for your everyday activities. The jersey cardigan is made with a light layer of knitted fabric, so it is mostly known as a summer or spring cardigan. It isn’t warm, but if there is a light breeze or you are going for a walk in the afternoon, then the jersey cardigan is all the coat that you need. You can find jersey cardigans in almost every color, and the best way to style it is to wear it with a shirt and some blue or black jeans.

3. Cropped cardigans

We stay on the side of summer or spring cardigans with this one. The cropped cardigans end right above your waistline, and you can use them with a long shirt if you have to cover some skin, or go full summer style and use it with just a top underneath. The cropped cardigans are simply beautiful, but girls with bigger breasts should try the cardigan on before buying it because it might be too small or maybe it doesn’t close. Some of the cropped cardigans come with buttons but in most cases, they are used open.

2. Bolero cardigans

The bolero cardigans are super dreamy: they are small, cute, and made with light fabric so they are also perfect for summer or spring. The layer of wool or fabric is thin, so you should wear a top or a shirt with no sleeves (or it might not fit). It is a fitted cardigan, so it will almost feel like a second skin.

1. Zipped cardigans

We simply had to finish this list with the most creative type of cardigan: the zipped one. Everyone knows the buttoned or open cardigans, but one of the newest versions of this traditional clothing item is the cardigan that comes with a zipper. You can find them made out of wool or regular fabric, but they are perfect for winter and fall as they can close up.

In conclusion

As long as you feel comfortable wearing them, you can’t go wrong with cardigans no matter which type you use. They look great, they are easy to style, and you can find the perfect one for your aesthetic. We always recommend trying them on before buying them, because the sizes might be a little bit tricky depending on the fabric or the cut of the cardigan, but either way, you will look fantastic in them.