Can you get a Pandora Bracelet Resized?

Can you get a Pandora Bracelet Resized?

Pandora Bracelet - Ruby, Diamonds, Emerald

Pandora Bracelet – Ruby, Diamonds, Emerald


These once-small Danish jewelry makers have turned into a worldwide success in recent years. Having unique craftsmanship and mesmerizing designs, Pandora quickly became one of the most popular jewelry makers in the US and all around the globe.


From this brand, you can find rings, necklaces, and earrings or their main stars: bracelets and charms. Something that makes them stand out is that each charm has a deep meaning for the person to carry: whether they have a religious undertone, or they symbolize the love for pets, all of their charms are the perfect pairings for the bracelets.


Since they have so many innovative gorgeous designs, Pandora bracelets are the best gifts that you can give on any occasion, but as always happens with presents, sizes might be a little bit tricky.


If you are planning on gifting some Pandora bracelets, or if you want to resize yours, then in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Can I get my Pandora bracelet resized?


In theory yes, you can get your Pandora bracelet resized. The only thing that makes this process a bit difficult is that Pandora doesn’t officially offer a service resizing, so you would have to look for a professional jeweler.


We recommend sticking to professionals in this case because if you try to do it by yourself you may completely ruin the bracelet. A jeweler will be able to either make your bracelet bigger or smaller, no matter the material it is made from.

How long does it take to get my Pandora bracelet resized?


It depends on the demand of the professional. The actual work should only take a couple of hours, but if the jeweler is completely booked then they might take up to 15 days.


However, on some holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, the wait can be up to 30 days due to the high demand. Still, you should stick to a professional as we can assure you that it will be worth the wait.

Is it worth it to resize it?


We know that Pandora bracelets aren’t the cheapest of the bunch, and that’s ok because they offer a great balance between price and quality. However, the whole point of getting a Pandora bracelet is to use it and to feel comfortable with it, so we encourage you to resize it if you think that something isn’t right.


Whether it is too loose or too tight, resizing is worth it to enjoy your Pandora bracelet more.

Is there another option instead of resizing?


Instead of resizing your Pandora bracelet, you can ask for a change. On their website, you can find the step-by-step procedure to send the bracelet and get a new one with the right size.


Keep in mind that the return policy in Pandora is pretty strict, which means that the bracelets have to be in great condition (with little to no use), and you just have a period of 30 days after buying them to return them.

How can I prevent my Pandora bracelet from stretching?


This answer might be a little bit trickier. At the end of the day, bracelets in general tend to stretch depending on how much you use them, but other factors can be the material from which they are made.


For example, the leather ones stretch faster than the snake chain ones, especially if they are in contact with water. So basically, you can’t avoid your bracelets from stretching eventually, but you can give them a longer life if you remove them before being in contact with water (the pool, the beach, or before having a shower).

How many sizes does Pandora Bracelet have?


They usually go from 4 inches to 9 inches, though it depends on the material of the bracelet. Pandora chooses to stick to inches or centimeters for measuring so you have a more precise look into the size (instead of just small-medium-large).

How do I make sure to get the right size?


Pandora offers an explanatory section on their website where they give full details of how they measure your wrist for the bracelet. It is better to do it with the help of someone else, but you can do it by yourself too.


The main rule is that if you are planning on using more than 5 charms then you should go for a size more than the one that you would usually use, because otherwise it would be too tight.


To find your wrist size you can follow the classic technique of putting a flexible measuring tape around it, and then marking the size and comparing it with the charts that Pandora offers. You can go for a more unconventional one and use a string to go around your wrist, then mark it and measure it with a regular ruler.


If you don’t want to do any of that, then you can go old-school and check where the nearest Pandora shops you, buy the bracelet there, or just get your measurements done by an employee.

How many charms can I add to my bracelet?


Of course, you can buy as many charms as you want and use them for different occasions, but the magic number would be 5. Experts agree on this because if you use more you might feel like it is overcrowded and none of them get to shine.


Some people go for just one charm and that’s great too, especially if the charm has a deeper meaning or if you share a similar one with another person (like charms for couples, best friends, or family members).

In conclusion


Resizing your Pandora bracelets isn’t a bad option, but it should be made by a professional. It is easier to make a bracelet tighter than wider, but a professional will know how to tackle each task without any problem.


As a tip, if you buy the Pandora bracelet as a present then we recommend keeping the receipt nearby so that it is easier to make the return if necessary.