Rage Shoes & Clothing Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Rage Shoes Catalogue for Women

Rage Shoes is a South African shoe retailer for women and kids. One thing that makes Rage Shoes stand out from other domestic shoe manufacturers is that its factory shops produce trendy and stylish footwear that you would be proud to wear at any event, function or setting. It’s a cool brand name that is loved by fashion-forward ladies from all backgrounds in South Africa. A trip to one of Rage stores in town will not fail to inspire a shopper because the range of shoe styles on offer is out of the ordinary. Most of the times, when you step into a regular shoe shop in town, all you find are generic styles of shoes that are found everywhere. The only thing that differs is the price. Not so with Rage. If you are looking for heels, pumps and sandals, they have original styles that are not found anywhere.

Rage Clothing is a section of the same store for women’s clothing .This women’s store specializes in the supply of dresses, bottoms and tops. There is a wide range of lovely designs for bodycon dresses, skirts, tights and long dresses in different colours and patterns. You will find designs in African prints, abstract art, plain fabrics and other cool styles. There are collections for summer and winter available for viewing and downloading on stores like Tiendeo .

There are many ways to save money when shopping for clothing and shoes on Rage. First, you have to be on the lookout for sales, and Rage has plenty of discount sales on its online store. To find fashion items on sale, visit the women’s section. Multiple types of dresses, shoes and sandals are displayed on the webstore and all items which are priced to go are marked with an On Sale tag.

Rage Weekly Specials and Offers

There is no day that goes by without any clothing or shoes on special price offer at Rage stores. You can visit the store directly to get offers and you need to sign up for an account if you want to earn rewards. Deals and discounts can also be found on the store’s Facebook Page. Here you will find various items with discounts as high as 50%.The month of December offers the best discounts, this is an opportunity to grab fashion items such as block heels, flats, bodycon dresses and pee-toe pumps at almost half the price. After the holiday seasons, discounts will drop to about 25%.

Rage Creative Range

The Rage fashion brand is always adding a new collection of dress styles and footwear for ladies. You will never get tired of the same old thing or the same old designs. The collections are always creative and original, designed in-house and manufactured by the company. Since Rage does not import its inventory, the price is bound to be affordable for a large percentage of the population in South Africa.

Rage Clothing Catalogue for Women

Rage Store Card and Rewards

To get a Rage store card, you have to create an account. Creating an account is easy even if you don’t have access to the internet. You don’t even need to visit the store in your location, but you only need to send an SMS. Nowadays, it’s hard to find somebody without a cellphone. To open your Rage shopping account in South Africa, send a text message to 47489 in the following order: YourID*First Name*Surname*Income.

Example: If your name is Penelope Khumalo ,ID – 8709DFG25443 and your monthly income is R5,000 a month, then you should SMS the following information to 47489:     8709DFG25443*Penelope*Khumalo*R5000

Wait for your application to be reviewed. If your account is approved, you will be notified via SMS or Telephone. The next step is to visit the store in your area to submit your ID documents (South African ID + 1 x photocopy).

Instead of applying via SMS, you can also visit the store in your area to complete application forms.

Rewards Program

To participate in Rage Rewards program, you have to submit an application form at your local store. The benefits of signing up for this program are multiple. First, your account is credited with R30 as a sign-up bonus. Another R30 is added to your account on your birthday. Whenever you buy from Rage stores, you will be rewarded with points which can be converted to actual currency in Rands. You can collect as many points as you can provided that you are a loyal customer. As the points accumulate, you will see the earnings in your account. Use the amount to buy anything from Rage stores nationwide. When you reach 50 points (R50), you can start using the points earned as soon as possible. Just remember that you have to keep your card active for 12 months, i.e. buy from Rage stores at least once a year even if it’s a small thing. Cards that have been inactive for 12 months will lose points. Carry your card with you whenever you go shopping, it’s needed for redeeming your points when swiping at the cashier’s POS machine. For every R100 you spend at any Rage store, you will earn 3 points (R3.00). If your spend R1000, you will earn 30 points (R30.00). If you spend R1000 a month at Rage stores, you will earn R360 in a year. This is enough to buy a nice dress or stylish shoes.

Monthly Deals Update

On signing up for a Rage card, you should include your mobile number and ID if you wish to receive special offers and deals on a regular basis. By subscribing to SMS deals, you will never miss any competition or promotion. Shopping for deals with your Rage card is smart because you don’t only get discounts but you also earn twice the amount of rewards that you would normally earn.

Rage Factory Shops

Rage factory shops and distributors are found in most shopping malls and centres around South Africa. To find a store in your area, go to the online store and click [Find a Store] on the top menu. You should see an alphabetical listing of all Rage fashion stores in South Africa.

Contact Details:

Call centre – 0116086800

Customers –  info@ragesa.co.za

Marketing & Media – marketing@ragesa.co.za