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Cottonon Womens Collection and Catalogues

Cottonon Womens Collection and Catalogue

Cotton-On is an international fashion store for casual wear, teenage clothing, kids wear, shoes, undergarments and sportswear. As the story goes, the business was founded by a man named Nigel Austin. Nigel started selling items when he was only 18 years old. His first breakthrough came in 1991 when he started selling washed-out jean jackets also known as acid wash jeans. His humble store was located in a local market stall in Geelong. Nigel’s first attempt at selling washed-out jeans was a flop because although customers expressed interest in the jackets, they didn’t buy them. He had no idea why people weren’t buying the jackets, so he decided to solicit some advice from his father. It seems there was only one hurdle that was discouraging people from buying the jackets – they were overpriced. He reduced the price and the rest is history, people bought the jackets like hot cakes.

Today, Cotton-On is an internationally recognized brand with stores and factory shops around the world. There are 124 stores in the USA, 879 stores in Australia, 138 stores in New Zealand and 118 stores in South Africa. Over 150 stores are scattered in Asia and the Gulf region.

Eighteen years later, after his first market breakthrough, Nigel Austin launched the first official Cottonon brand store in Malaysia, which was officially opened in 2009. Since then, Cottonon has penetrated a lot of major markets in Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Saudi Arabia and Africa. They are now on a mission to conquer South America.

There are six types of brands owned by Cotton-On and these are Free, Body, T-Bar, Rubi, Kids and Typo.

Cottonon Free specializes in youth wear such as jeans, jackets, shirts, pants, caps, trousers and other types of casual wear. The brand reflects a relaxed and cool style that is favoured by young people from Sweet Sixteen to young adults in their late 20s.

Cottonon Body is a brand that caters for the female demographic, women and girls who like a specialized store for underwear, lingerie, bras, night dresses, pyjamas, briefs and all types of bedroom wear. You will also find apparel and clothing for sports, fitness and adventure such as aerobics, running and tennis.

Cottonon T-bar is a service that prints custom t-shirts for anybody who wants a unique and individual design. If you are in touch with fashion trends, you will notice that T-shirt printing services such as TeeSpring and Print Aura are popular with young people on social media. You simply go to the online store and submit your design. The company will print the T-shirt and ship it to you.

Cottonon Rubi is a footwear brand where you can buy sneakers and shoes for men and women.

Cottonon Kids supplies apparel and clothing for kids.

The last brand store is Typo. This is not a fashion store but it’s a store that sells stationery for the office, school and home. The store is also a homeware supplier.

So you know Cotton-On but do you know how to take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities offered by this fashion company? A majority of people are blind buyers who don’t do enough research before shopping. They buy on impulse or when they are desperately in need of something. They don’t plan in advance, a lot of shopping is done on the eve of a special occasion i.e. meeting special people at a dinner party, birthday or when you are travelling. The following are tips to save money at Cotton-On stores and factory shops:

Cotton-On Offers and Weekly Specials

You can get the lowest price on men’s and women’s fashionwear by looking out for weekly specials and offers. There are seasonal offers for summer and winter, as well as Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Black Friday and other holidays.


To get offers and deals in your email inbox, you have to subscribe to the Cottonon newsletter. Go to the online store in your area and sign up. On the South African webstore, click the Subscribe link on the navigation menu and fill in the form with your name, gender, country, zip code and email address. Depending on your gender, age and preferences, you also need to select the types of offers and updates that you would like to receive. There are eight options, choose the ones that are applicable to you and click the Submit button.

What is the benefit of subscribing to Cottonon offers? These offers are exclusive and they are not found anywhere, either on the online store or in-store. Also, any new subscriber who signs up for updates will get a 20% discount on their next purchase in Cottonon stores. So as soon as you sign up, verify your email and you will get instructions on how to get a 20% coupon. Use this discount coupon to get a reduced price when you go shopping at Cottonon. All Cottonon brands and products are eligible for a 20% discount.

Cottonon Mens Collections and Catalogues

Cottonon Mens Collections and Catalogue

Discounts for Online Order:

When it’s your first time to buy on the internet, the store will give you a promo code [30% off your first order]. Go to the online store and browse items to buy. Check out and pay for your items. You will be required to create an online account at the same time.

Student Discounts:

Depending on your country of residence, some stores like the Australia Cottonon stores give out discounts to students. You must be registered with a college, high school or university in order to qualify for these offers. Since Cotton-On is a brand for young people, it makes sense for the store to give back to the community by providing cost-saving opportunities for students. Find out from your local store if there are any discounts for students.

Cotton-On Sales:

All Cotton-On brands run sales promotions where you can find items on sale. Sale items are advertised on the online store. If there are no sales on your local South African store, look for them on the main store. Click the Store Finder tab on the top navigation and search for stores in your country. On the search bar, select your brand and country, and enter the name of the store or city. Click the search button to get results. To see current sales, click the SALE tab. You should see items on sale with discounts as high as 50%.

Cotton-On Store Card


This card is issued by the store and it is used to buy at all Cottonon stores in South Africa. A store card is one of the best ways to make sure that you get a bargain whenever you shop at Cottonon. Every time you leave your card at home, you are actually missing out on deals and exclusive offers that you would get by using this card.

The store card doesn’t just qualify you for discounts but it is also loaded with rewards for those who are approved to get it. The South African store card comes with gift vouchers worth 500 Rands, now that is a significant sum of money. When you are approved for this card, you will be eligible for a long term monthly payment plan to settle your balance. So you can pick up anything from the store with a minimum value of 600 Rands and pay back the balance over 24 or 36 months. That means if you buy some Denim shirts worth R600, you don’t have to pay 600 Rands to the cashier, but you can pay an initial deposit of R25 and R25 every month for 24 months.

A Cottonon store card can be used at all brand stores owned by the fashion store, from the Free store for young people to the Body store for women’s lingerie. You will also be eligible for special offers that are not accessible to customers without a card.

Other main benefits of applying for a store card are that you get insurance coverage provided by the store. A lot of modern trendsetting stores are offering additional services such as insurance and loans for their customers. Not to be left behind, Cottonon has also caught up with this trend. The store offers four types of insurance products. These are funeral cover, loss of employment cover and two types of disability cover for permanent and temporary injury.

To get this card, you have to apply online or simply go to the store in your area and submit your documents. The minimum requirements for applicants are that you should be at least 18 years old, have a monthly income of R1000, be a holder of a South African ID card, passport or drivers license and provide proof of payment for the last 3 months.

When you have a shopping account, it is critical to have tracking features for security purposes. The store card comes with an SMS notification system that sends you alerts whenever there is a transaction on your account.

Typo Store Card – The benefits you get from a Cottonon store card are the same benefits you get from your Typo store card.

Cottonon Stores and Factory Shops

The fashion store has over 1400 stores around the world. These are located in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Qatar, Phillipines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA, Lebanon, Indonesia and Brazil.

The online store locator can help you find retail stores and factory outlets in your region. Stores in USA and Australia can ship items to your residential address.

South Africa store Tel:  +27 11 268 3700