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Facebook is where everybody is. It is one of the top social networks in the world with a presence in virtually every country around the globe. The latest statistics for the year 2016 show that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has over 1.65 billion members who actively use the site each month. Each day, over 1 billion people sign into Facebook.These are staggering statistics indeed.

If you are on Facebook, you are using the site to meet and socialize with friends as well as people you know. You are there to make friends and in the process, you have to use the features that Facebook has to offer such as status updates, Facebook Pages, Groups and Applications. Some business people and organizations are there to reach out to the audience, one of the biggest sources of traffic (visitors) that you can find on earth after Google.

For such a huge platform, it is a big challenge to provide personal support to people with issues and queries. In order to serve users, Facebook could hire thousands of workers to provide technical support or hire virtual assistants to work in a call center that is open 24 hours a day, but all this would involve spending millions of dollars in salaries every month, which could cut a big chunk out of Face book’s monthly profit.

This explains the absence of direct telephone contact and live chat on Facebook.It is difficult and costly to provide such type of user support on an extremely huge platform with over a billion users. Phone and live chat support for advertisers are also not available, but Facebook has an extensive resource of online materials to get help.

Facebook makes use of contact forms for its support system. If you wish to report something, retrieve your password or get help in anything, you will more likely find a reporting or feedback form to submit your issue. Using automated online feedback forms is a smart method of managing a huge platform with a large number of people. In some cases, Facebook makes use of a double screening wall whereby user feedback goes through an algorithmic filter before reaching human administrators. The most basic of all queries are filtered by algorithms and unique queries are handled by human administrators.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief because there are useful links to Facebook resources that you can use to solve your problems or contact Facebook support team. These are listed below:

Help For Managing Your Facebook Account on Desktop


This link contains answers to many questions that you may have about your password, using FB on mobile phones, Pages, reporting an issue and other things.

Support Inbox


Inside the FB support box, you will be able to view your conversations and correspondence with the support staff. If you have sent any queries or reported anything, you will be able to see the status of your case on this interface. A history of your cases, feedback and replies from the support staff will be listed for access.

Facebook Help Community


This is a very useful community where Facebook users submit questions which are answered by the support team. There are a lot of queries ranging from Passwords to Payments. The FB Community is Facebook’s own Yahoo Answers or Quora.Contributors who are dedicated in helping users will strive to answer questions as expertly as possible. People can rate the answers and questions which receive most votes become popular.

Facebook Advertiser Support


If you are an advertiser, you can find support for your queries in the Advertiser Center. There is an information resource created by Facebook as well as a community based on Yahoo Answers. You will find answers related to billing, payments and creating campaigns.

Password Retrieval


Many people forget their passwords or their passwords are stolen. If you have trouble signing into your account, then you can use the link above to get back your account.

support screenshot-www.facebook.com

support screenshot-www.facebook.com

Telephone and Live Chat

According to Facebook, they don’t have a call center yet, so you will not be able to get a phone number or live chat for user support or customer issues. You will need to use the online resources and feedback forms to get help.

Facebook Jobs – International Locations


If you wish to be a part of Facebook’s team, then you can apply for a job position in any of the locations around the world from Austin, Texas to Tokyo, Japan. There are offices in all five continents, which serve as regional offices.



Facebook was founded on 4 Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his three mates Dustin, Chris and Eduardo.


  • Founder, CEO and Chairman – Mark Zuckerberg
  • CEO Business Operations – Sheryl Sandberg
  • CFO – David Wehmer
  • CTO Company Culture – Mike Schroepfer
  • CPO Product Design – Chris Cox

There are eight board of directors including Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

Facebook Headquarters

FB’s corporate offices are located at:

1 Hacker Way,

Menlo Park,