Online Customer Support Tools That You Can Use To Contact a Company

Online Customer Support Tools That You Can Use To Contact a Company

Online Customer Support Tools That You Can Use To Contact a Company

Have you ever tried to get in contact with a company after you have purchased a product from them? Calling a landline or mobile phone number can be costly and if you want to keep your telephone bill down at the end of the month, then you should consider other tools for contacting a company’s support staff. Online contact tools are cheap and convenient for most people who are internet savvy.

When you have a 24/7 internet connection, you can get in touch with a local or overseas business without incurring extra costs related to the time you spent talking to the person. A phone charges you for every minute you spend talking to someone and if you sit down to analyze the costs, you will realize that the money you spent to call and speak with somebody for 15 minutes is enough to buy you up to 30 days of unlimited internet. Of course this depends on your data plan, but for communication purposes, internet is generally cheaper than telephone in any corner of the globe.

If you urgently need to contact the customer service department of a company, here is what you must do:

First, go to their website and look at their Contact Us page. If you can’t see this page on the top or side menu, then you must check the footer. A lot of companies which understand the value of reaching out to their clients have a dedicated customer support system which can be easily seen on the website. It is usually depicted by a telephone sign or chat icon. Click the icon to access the contact tools and details. Depending on the company that you are dealing with, you may find the following methods to contact a company online:

Live Chat

A live chat is a real-time messenger application that allows you to chat with a virtual assistant in any part of the world. If you are in the United States, you can chat with somebody in Japan, UK or South Africa as long as you have an internet connection. Live Chat works well on desktop computers and laptops. The advantages of live chat are that you are able to chat with somebody on the spot at that particular moment. You can see the person typing their words, so that you can reply instantaneously. If the person is online you will be notified by a green icon and if they are offline you will see a red icon.

Live chat allows you to have quick replies to your queries. It is especially good for impatient customers and fast personalities who cannot wait a minute for answers.

Online Private Messenger

An online private messenger allows a customer to send queries so that a virtual assistant can attend to them. Depending on how frequently support staff checks their inbox, the queries can be attended to sooner or later. If a company does not have 24/7 support staff to attend to queries, the customer can simply send messages via an online messenger that is installed on the website.

Contact Form

Most company websites have a contact form that collects information from visitors. To find the contact form, check the Contact Us page. You will find a form with input fields for your name, email address and description. Drop-down filters which help you define your problem and select the relevant department are also found on some contact forms. Your queries are submitted via a server to an email address owned by the company.

Email Address

This is the most common and oldest way of sending a message online. Copy the email address on the support page and send them an email.

What is the Acceptable Time to Get a Response?

Whether you are using an online messaging system, contact form or email address, a lot of professional companies will reply you within 24 to 48 hours.72 hours is the latest acceptable time for a customer to get a response, anything later than that raises questions about the company’s commitment to quick customer service.

Facebook Page

A lot of companies and businesses have a Facebook Page to interact with fans on social media. Besides interacting with fans, some companies are also using Pages offer customer support .If you can’t get hold of a company using methods outlined above, you should try to look for the company’s Facebook Page. You must have a Facebook Account in order join a Page. Creating a Facebook account is easy, you only need an email address or mobile phone number to create a Facebook Profile. Once you create an account, sign in and search your company in Facebook’s native search bar. Like the Page and message the admin or you can simply post a status on the Page Timelime.Active FB Pages are moderated by Administrators who will quickly reply you within 24 hours to give the Page a high response rating. If you want to keep your queries private and confidential, then you must message the Admin instead of posting a public status.


Whatsapp is another method of customer contact that is increasingly being used by certain companies. In fact, there are countries where Whatsapp is the messenger of choice. Small businesses in Asian countries like China and India prefer to use a popular chat messenger like Whatsapp to offer customer support. If your service provider is using Whatsapp, you will see a Whatsapp icon or number on their website.


Skype is a desktop messenger that is installed on your PC or laptop. It is one of the most common methods used by businesses to get in touch with clients. Skype has been in existence longer than most chat messengers and it has an extremely large user base worldwide. Check a company’s website to see if they are offering Skype support.