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Puma Creepers - by Rihanna
Puma Creepers – by Rihanna

Of course there’s hardly any person out there who is a footwear lover, who doesn’t know about the brand Puma. But for those who do not know…Puma is a footwear manufacturing company. A global brand for that matter. It offers ranges of comfy exquisitely designed footwear, and this gives it a good edge over other footwear makers. Just as is obtainable in other countries around the world, Puma is very popular in South Africa. The people over here in Mzansi are very fond of the Puma brand and buy its products a lot. Its head office in  South Africa is located in the country’s capital. Here is where the footwear is also manufactured and from thence supplied to the various stores in the country. The Western Cape city of Milnerton has a factory.

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