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Pringle of Scotland is a world famous knitwear manufacturer that has been around for a long time. Named after its founder Robert Pringle, the company was established in 1815 and it is well known for its twinset, cashmere and argyle knitwear styles, including cardigans for the rich and famous. Today, Pringle doesn’t just produce hosiery and knitwear but the firm specializes in a wide range of clothing for men, women and kids. This includes golf shirts, denims, dresses, Knox sandals, Paul Driver caps, shorts, boxers, tailored shirts, fedoras, coats, jackets, suits, hand bags and shoes. Pringle Scotland stores and factory shops are found all over the world including South Africa.

So now the question that you have been waiting for, how does a customer get discounted prices on brand clothing items sold by Pringle? You can get discounts and offers by visiting the Pringle store in your area or checking the online store where you can order items and have them shipped to your country. The fashion store offers the following cost saving programs and promotions:

Gift Vouchers:

This is one of the most common promotional methods that are provided by stores to attract shoppers. A gift voucher is a package containing various items, but the price of the package is lower than the combined price of the individual items. By getting a voucher, you are actually saving money in the process. The best time to get one is when you are buying something for your family, relatives, colleagues or friends as a present, for example during Christmas holidays, birthday parties and anniversaries. You can buy a voucher for somebody to show appreciation or just to say “thank you”.

Pringle of Scotland offers shoppers an opportunity to buy gift vouchers in their stores via Spree South Africa. You can expect a combination of various clothing merchandise from various brands in the package, from Diesel to Ray-Ban.

Subscription Discounts:

The store will cut your shopping bill by R100.00 (approximately 7 USD) when you subscribe on their website via Spree South Africa. For example, when you buy some Jaxon Boxer shorts for R269.00 from the online store, you will be eligible for a R100.00 discount, effectively reducing your price to R169.00.

To be eligible for this discount, you have to create an account on Spree SA. Visit the website on your computer and sign up. Enter your email address and click the “Subscribe” button. Confirm your email and log into your Spree account. Go to Pringle of Scotland store hosted on Spree, and buy any item worth R250 and above. This discount is for new sign ups only, and it doesn’t apply to existing users.

Newsletter Updates:

In order to benefit from the latest promotions, you have to sign up for the customer newsletter, which is published on a regular basis to email subscribers. This will allow you to get updated on everything that the company has to offer, for example new products, new stores and trends. On the subscription form, enter your email address, country and gender, then submit.

When you shop on Pringle, you will need to register a customer account when you check out. This allows you to manage and track your purchases. You can view your purchase history, receipts and invoices.

Social Media

You can find a lot of offers and promotions by following Pringle of Scotland on social media. Join the store’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Anything that you miss in your email inbox, is more likely to be found on the social media pages.


Pringle is an international company with stores in the UK, USA, Italy, China and Hong Kong. They ship to most countries in Europe and Asia Pacific region.

The store provides a maintenance guide for their cashmere knitwear with instructions for washing, drying, storage and repair. When your knitwear order is shipped to your residential address, you have to unpack the package as soon as possible and check the condition of the garments. This is necessary because you only have 14 days to claim a refund, which requires you to return the original items to the Pringle store. However, your eligibility for a refund depends on the condition of the items.

If you live in the UK, you can expect your order to be delivered within a day. International deliveries take up to 6 days.

Check the size of your garment before making an order. A size conversion chart with UK and International sizes is available on the online store for both men and women.


Pringle of Scotland offers samples to agencies and individuals who wish to try the brand outfits. However, you have to email them to get more details about the offer. Samples are usually given for promotional purposes. You can get them at a price and in some cases, they are free.

For samples and catalogues –

For any enquiries, you can call the UK Store +44 (0) 1450 360200.

Pringle Scotland South Africa Stores and Factory Shops:

If you are looking for the best bargain on Pringle fashionwear, you can find it at the factory outlet store where item prices are lower than distributors and retail stores. You are also assured of getting the genuine brand.

If there is no factory shop in your location, you can use a Package Forwarding agent to acquire the items for you from a US or UK shop.

Pringle of Scotland Facebook

Pringle of Scotland Facebook


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