5 Products from South Africa That Americans Would Love

5 Products from South Africa That Americans Would Love

Although the USA is an exporter of many brands, there are many foreign products that Americans love. These include tacos and tequila from Mexico, fine Swiss watches, Italian sports cars in the style of the Lamborghini and Ferrari, fancy high tech gadgets from Japan and Yoga pants from China. Americans have many things that they envy, for example the bullet trains of Europe, German sodas, Chinese beers and Australian ice cream.

Not to be outdone, the continent of Africa has also laid claim to local products that have appealed to the American taste. Americans who have ever visited South Africa will tell you about things they loved that are not available in the USA. Here is a list of products from South Africa that Americans would love:


Takis Biltong

There are Americans who swear that Biltong is much tastier than its American version Beef Jerky. Biltong is dry meat, cut in strips and cured with salts and a variety of spices. Southern Africa is the traditional home of biltong. Local inhabitants, the San and Khoi Khoi have been known to preserve meat by cutting it into strips, salting it and drying it on branches. The delicacy is sold in most modern shops and supermarkets in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The way in which the meat is prepared and cured, including the mix of spices used makes a big difference. That’s why Biltong is ahead of its pack worldwide.

Cape Wine

4th Street Sweet Red Wine

In this instance, Cape Wine refers to wine produced in the winelands of the Western Cape, South Africa. The Western Cape is known as the home of wine. Walk into any supermarket like Woemanbrock, Pick n Pay or Shoprite, including liquor stores such as SPAR in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, you will find that most shelves are dominated by South African wine. There are all types of wines from the affordable brands such as 4th Street which you can get for R32.00 to high-end brands which will require you to fork out as much as R3,000 from your wallet. From red wine to sweet wine, naturally matured to unmatured wines, you will love the world class taste.

Vuka Vuka

Vuka Vuka is a secret herb that traditional healers in Southern Africa, especially in Zimbabwe have been prescribing to men with erection problems. The survival of marriages to a large extent hinge on the ability of your partner to satisfy your conjugal rights. There are marriages which have annulled by the courts because of failure to satisfy sexual rights. Those which did not end up in divorce have caused emotional stress caused by cheating spouses.

Vuka Vuka is Africa’s Viagra, but those who have used the herb claim it’s more effective than Viagra. Pharmaceutical companies in Europe have been quick to capitalize on the popularity of Vuka Vuka in Southern Africa. The herb is now available in pill and tablet form, processed and packaged by companies such as Hemofarm.

Rooibos Herbal Tea

Rooibos tea produced by FreshPak in South Africa is an indigenous and exotic tea made from local rooibos tea herbs. It is also known as redbush tea. Rooibos tea plantations are found in the Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Rooibos is different from your average tea in that it is caffeine free and fresh tasting. You will love the fragrant aroma and its health benefits which have been endorsed by Health Societies in South Africa (The Heart Disease and Cancer Society) as well as The USA Department of Agriculture.Rooibos is sold in most shops in Southern Africa, but it is also popular in Japan, Australia, Netherlands and UK.

Cockroach Killer Borax Blue Gel Solution

There are many types of cockroach killer solutions in the supermarket, but one of the most powerful cockroach killers is not found on supermarket shelves. It is found in the streets and township malls. Local vendors in Southern Africa sell a Borax-based blue gel which is quite effective in killing cockroaches. All you need to do is apply the gel in all corners in your room and cupboards. After this application, say goodbye to cockroaches forever. Within a month or two, cockroaches will disappear in your house. You will never see these creepy crawlies again in your house for many years. There are cockroach killers in powdered form, but they are not as effective as the Blue Gel solution. Just look for the blue gel solution, not any other color.