Samsung Electronics Store, Factory Shop and Offers

Samsung Electronics Store, Factory Shop and Offers

Samsung 4K UHD HDR Curved Screen TV

Samsung is a manufacturer of home electronics such as LCD, UHD and QLED televisions. Of course, the name is also synonymous with the popular Galaxy Android smartphones. The company is also involved in at least 8 other areas which are not known to the average customer in the streets. These include construction and financial services among others.

Established in 1938, Samsung is an old South Korean company that has taken over the world, from Europe to the USA, Asia to Africa, you will find the Samsung brand either in retail stores or factory shops.

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul, a trader who started his business by running a grocery store selling fish and noodles. The Samsung Sanghoe store employed 40 people at the time. As the business grew, the founder ventured into other business opportunities, leading to a merger with other companies such as Hyosung. The Hyosung/Samsung merger did not last. In 1960, Lee became the sole shareholder of the Samsung Group once again, and this time he ventured into electronics. By 1980, the company began acquiring potential businesses to add to its portfolio. One of these was a Telecom hardware manufacturing company called HJT. The HJT factory evolved into a hub for producing mobile phones, so unbeknown to most people, Samsung has been producing mobile phones since the 1980s. They didn’t start producing mobile phones with the release of the Android mobile operating system. However, the worldwide explosion of their mobile phone business came with Android, which gave the iPhone a run for its money.

Lee passed away in 1987. The corporation was divided into four groups. Lee did not live to see the success of the company’s mobile phone business. In 2012, the company overtook Nokia as the world’s leading supplier of mobile phones. The corporation entered the smartphone / touchscreen race in 2013 by launching the Galaxy S4, establishing itself as a direct competitor to Apple and the iPhone. The company’s latest offering is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The modern Samsung Group has acquired at least 17 companies, which include among others SmartThings, YESCO Electronics, mSpot and NeuroLogica.

Samsung Deals and Offers

Are you looking for Samsung mobile phone deals in South Africa? The good news is that the company has a dedicated Twitter Page for South African residents. With over 500,000 followers, you can join the Page to get updates and weekly deals on a wide range of phones. New phones are unveiled on the platform, and you will have a chance to be one of the lucky people to get a discounted price. A 10% discount is available on selected phones, allowing you to save as much as R1800.00

Phone deals are available at Samsung South Africa stores, as well as distributors and online retailers such as Hi-Online. Get the promo code on the Twitter post and use it to get a discount when you go shopping.

Samsung Travel Rewards

One of the exciting offers that you can get at Samsung are Travel rewards. These are automatically given to loyal customers who purchase selected products at the store. To increase the value of your rewards, you must aim to shop consistently at Samsung. Anyway, these rewards are designed to keep customers.

There are 5 tiers in the Samsung Travel Rewards programme. Tier 5 offers the highest rewards worth R7,500, and Tier 1 offers R1,000 in rewards. By purchasing an extra selected item, you will gain an incentive or bonus, which is added to your account. The programme is outlined below:

Tier 1

R1,000 worth of travel rewards. Earn R500 rewards for extra purchase.

Tier 2

R2,500 worth of travel rewards. Earn R750 rewards for extra purchase.

Tier 3

R3,500 worth of travel rewards. Earn R1000 rewards for extra purchase.

Tier 4

R5,000 worth of travel rewards. Earn R1,500 rewards for extra purchase.

Tier 5

R7,500 worth of travel rewards. Earn R2,000 in free rewards for extra purchase.

Example: When you buy an 82 inch Premium 4K UHD TV, you will earn R7,500 in travel rewards. You will also earn R2,000 by purchasing an extra item provided in that tier, for example a soundbar.

The Travel Rewards are offered by Thompsons Travel. You will get a travel voucher upon purchasing a selected TV. To get this voucher, buy a selected TV featured in the promotion at Samsung stores or other participating retailers. Get the receipt from the cashier, and SMS the product code to 45923, before the closing date of the promotion.

The promotion is only open to South African residents, aged 18 years or older. A valid TV license is required for participants.

So what kind of travel rewards are you going to get? Participants can choose from a list of packages offered by Thompson Travel. This includes tours, cruises, flights, holidays, accommodation and adventures.

Samsung Factory Shops and Stores

Samsung has retail stores in several cities of South Africa such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Randburg and Umhlanga.

To find a store in your area, visit >>> Store Locator