7 Hot & Unique Items To Buy in 2018 – Home Décor, Fashion Jewelry and Drinkware

7 Hot & Unique Low Priced Items to Buy in 2018 – Home Décor, Fashion Jewelry and Drinkware

Are you looking for special home décor, fashion jewelry and drinkware that is also trending and low-priced? What makes these items special is that they are unique, growing in popularity, most of them are relatively new in the industry, some of them are virtually unknown, but what you will like about these items is that they are creative concepts, some of them such as the dog water bottle are actually useful ideas that have never been thought of till now. The other benefits for these items is that they are lightweight, small and compact.  Also, you are not going to break the bank by buying one of these items. They come in different styles and high on quality.

Moon Lamp

Spherical Moon Lamp on Table – UpKeepYoga

A moon lamp is a creative backlit LED lamp that is shaped, textured and colored like a real moon. There are two types of lamps – a spherical lamp which is suitably placed on a table and a semi-spherical lamp which is suitable for walls. You can fix them on the wall, ceiling or any flat surface. Switch off the main lights in your room, and switch on the moon lamp to achieve dim lighting. The effect is magnificent, you will literally have a universe in your room. The moon will maintain its realistic appearance even during the day when you are making use of natural lighting.

Wall Moon Lamp – ThisIsWhyImBroke


World Map Wrist Watch

Voyager World Map Wrist Watch – WonderLandDesigns

This trendy wrist watch is a modern piece of art and craft. It is essentially a unique fashion item which will look good on any woman or man, thanks to its unisex appeal. It’s thin, elegant, cool and genuine with its leather strap and metal body. More likely, no-one in your circle is wearing this fashion watch and only a few have seen it.

Dog Water Bottle

Gulpy Travel Dog Water Bottle with Rectractable Dispenser

Water bottles are a common utility item with most people. We carry them for travelling in our cars and backpacks. Cyclists have one or two water bottles hitched on their bike. But have you ever thought about getting a water bottle for your dog? Most likely, you have never thought of getting one because they are a brand new innovation. Anyway, you can be one of the few people to get them now. Dog water bottles have two main features – a normal water bottle, plus a drinking container attached to the mouth of the bottle. To feed your thirsty pet or dog, you simply open the cap and then pour water into the drinking container. The rectangular drinking container has a wide girth and deep enough to allow a good gulp for the dog.

Puzzle Mug

2017 Style Puzzle Mugs Drinkware – DHGate

There are hundreds of print designs for mugs, some with quotes, flowers and abstract art, but have you ever seen a puzzle mug? It’s one of those cool mugs that will give you a unique choice among common mugs. You just have to see this mug to appreciate its creative topography.

Choker Necklace

Trendy Leather Choker Necklace with Crystal for Women – ALIEXPRESS

A choker necklace is a modern fashion item for women that will make you look elegant and appealing without much effort. What makes this item hot is its simple, attractive and minimalist design.

Arrow Bracelet

Trendy Arrow Bracelet for Women – AliExpress

The modern generation is obsessed with the minimalist style. The arrow bracelet is one piece of jewelry that accentuates the attractiveness of simplicity and style. You can find this bracelet in most types of high quality material, from gold plated to silver metal, and polymer-fiber materials.

Double Wall Gel Freezer Mug

Double Wall Gel Freezer Mug – ALIBABA

This is a cool mug with amazing effects.  The mug has double walls filled with a clear liquid. Even when it’s empty, it looks like it is filled with water when you see the cup from the side elevation. When you look at the top, you will realize that it’s actually empty HA HA.

A double wall freezer mug also known as a liquid filled mug is used to keep your drinks, beer and beverages cold. Usually made of plastic or acrylic walls, they cannot be used for hot drinks. With this mug, you will not need ice to keep your drink cold.