Marie Clare Competition

Marie Clare – Isabella Garcia Skincare & Makeup Hampers

Marie Clare is a well known fashion and beauty magazine for women. This glossy magazine runs competitions on a regular basis. The Marie Clare South Africa magazine has a lot of competitions from a range of brands in jewellery, skin care, hair products, home furniture, travel, home appliances, hotels, vacations, fragrances, stores and supermarkets.

Winners are announced on the magazine’s website. There is at least one Marie Clare competition each month, and you will be hit with an avalanche of competitions on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day including tons of contests for summer holidays.

Let’s look at some of the contests that are featured on the magazine:

Win Jewellery

Jewellers such as Georgini run special promotions on the fashion magazine, giving readers a chance to win classic and expensive necklaces, rings, earrings and other body ornaments. If you are a lady who loves jewellery, a wide range of collections for women comprise one of the prizes that is given away every month. Sets of jewellery with a value of R4,000 and even above are there for the taking.

Since Marie Clare is an international magazine, you have a chance to win jewellery from top jewellers in Europe such as Emozioni. Items worth R5,000 can be won comprising of high quality diamonds and other precious metals.

Win Skincare and Makeup Hampers

Dozens of skincare and makeup hampers are won each season by lucky readers. If you are a subscriber, you should be running into these types of offers throughout the year. Buy a copy of the magazine in shops and supermarkets or have it sent to you by post. The free and easy way is browsing the online magazine on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Isabella Garcia is one of the skincare brands that run competitions on Marie Clare.

Win Queen Size Beds

Home furniture such as queen-size beds is given to lucky winners who are subscribed to the Marie Clare magazine. About six beds are up for winning at any time. Have you ever thought of buying a bed worth at least R10,000? There is a difference between a R10,000 bed and R3,000 bed. If you are serious about comfort, class and quality, then you will not make any compromises. You have to get that R10,000 queen size bed. Money is a problem for most people, but you can opt for a cost-free method of acquiring what you want. Enter the competition to win a queen size bed by several bed suppliers such as House & Home, Sealy, Dynamic, Simmons, Serta and Genessi.

Win Spa Vouchers

Spa vouchers are one of the things you can win in a Marie Clare competition. Mangwanani is one well known prestigious and upmarket spa that allows magazine readers to win vouchers as much as R4,000 or more. As much as 15 spa vouchers are put up for grabs. Who knows, you can win a voucher for Valentine’s Day to give to your loved one, or a spa retreat and booking for a day or two to get that oriental massage which is administered by skilled masseurs.

If you have ever wondered what goes on in exclusive spa retreats such as Trogon House & Forest, Summerfields Rose Retreat and Fairlawns Boutique, then you might win a holiday or session at one of these resorts.

Win a Samsung TV

A home without television is a boring home. Everybody loves entertainment, it is one of the best ways to kill time. Now you have a chance to win a Samsung TV which could have cost you over R15,000 in cash. Samsung is one of the hottest names all over the world including South Africa where everybody wants to own the high-end Galaxy touchscreen. Now, everybody is watching if they can achieve the same success with television. Along with a Samsung television, you will get DSTV Explora, which has a vault of entertaining movies and programs.

Win Perfumes and Fragrances

Where there are perfumes, there are women. It is becoming harder and harder to choose a bottle of perfume with the right fragrance because there are hundreds of brand names on the shelf. The variety is also infinite, with classic perfumes from Europe, exotic perfumes from Arabia and Asia. To differentiate them from the rest, some perfumes are named after the inventor. One of the names that you would like to get is Alaia Blanche, a brand new fragrance from Azzedine Alaia. In the Marie Clare competition, as much as eight bottles of perfume are given away to lucky winners.

Win a Shopping Voucher

A lot of high-end stores that you can find at shopping malls around South Africa are featured on Marie Clare. Whenever there is something exclusive and worth mentioning, you will read about it, whether it’s a competition, promotion or special item. Do you like shopping and are you one of those people who makes a weekly trip to the shopping mall as a pastime activity? If so, then you should join Marie Clare to enter various competitions where participants stand a chance to win shopping vouchers up to R5,000. With this voucher, you can go shopping at an upmarket shopping mall like Cavendish Square in Cape Town.

Win a Holiday Trip or Vacation

One of the best rewards of being a Marie Clare subscriber is winning a holiday vacation at a resort that you have always dreamed of. As the season for holidays approaches, there is no shortage of promotions for holiday getaways, flight tickets, vacation trips, hotel stays and attractions. You can win an excursion to one of the top attractions in South Africa, for example a holiday for two at the Kruger National Park. You will be staying at a luxury lodge and getting all the 5-star benefits that come with the booking. In this case, you don’t have to book, you are VIP and the vacation package is ready for you. All you need to do is pack your bags and wait for pick-up time. Vacation packages worth R18,000 are won by readers every season, and depending on the competition you can have up to 7 days of holidaying.