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High quality couture is the name that comes to mind when you hear the name Jenni Button. Haute couture is a French term which refers to luxury designer clothing for women. This is the type of clothing to go for if you are looking for exclusive fashion made by skilled sewers. The investment in unique fabric, skilled craftsmanship and time needed to put up a custom-designed outfit ensures that no-one else but the client has that type of fashion. As a result, you are not going to find haute couture at your favourite fashion shop like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Edgars, Truworth or Mr Price.

In a regular fashion store like Macy’s, you will find mass produced clothing in different sizes and collections. If you can’t find your size, then bad luck for you. You have to wait for the next batch, which may be available next month or next season. Most of these fashion retailers don’t take custom orders. When you do request a custom order, they may take your order only if your size is available and is actually produced by the clothing manufacturers. If not, you may as well forget. These stores make money from mass produced standard outfits sold at a lower price tag, therefore they won’t lose sleep over one customer who wants a custom outfit.

High-end fashion stores operate differently and they cater for one type of customer – a woman who needs to invest in custom clothing which is perfectly suited for her body shape and measurements. The designer will take time to produce this type of outfit, which requires hand crafting, fitting and sewing skills. Due to these requirements, haute couture is more expensive than regular fashion. This is the type of fashion requested by celebrities, the affluent and other people of high status.

Jenni Button International is a high-end fashion store based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by Jenni Button, a South African fashion designer from Cape Town. The store has branches in London, Paris and New York.

If you are looking for premium hand-crafted clothing for women, Jenni Button is the shop to visit to make a consultation or get new arrivals. The store also includes a section for menswear.

Shopping on the online store is easy because the interface has a clean minimalist design that allows you to find what you are looking for in an instant. You can view the latest trunk sale, check the latest arrivals or simply visit the store to shop by season or category. There are winter and summer collections. Fashion items include dresses, tops, pants, jackets, kaftans, nightwear, bags, wallets, swimwear and scarves. Jewellery like necklaces, earrings and rings is also on offer. On this store, you will find dresses featuring an exclusive handcrafted design that is not found anywhere. The price of dresses which range from $70 to over $300 depending on the style, is quite affordable.

If there is a Jenni Button trunk sale in your nearest location, you can attend the show to capitalize on discounts that will be on offer to attract customers.

To get hold of the latest arrivals in fashion, you have to check the online store on a regular basis or you can simply sign up for updates with your email address. Visit the online store and scroll to the bottom of the website. Enter your email in the subscription form provided.

You can also find fashion collections and updates on the Jenni Button Twitter and Facebook Page.


Jenni Button Stores and Factory Shops

The women’s brand has fashion stores in several South African cities. You can visit the stores to find low-price deals:

  • Durban – Gateway Theatre of Shopping  – Tel: 031 566 3713
  • Cape Town – Cavendish Square – Tel: (021) 683 9504
  • Sandton – Hyde Park Corner  – Tel: (011) 325 4066
  • Sandton – Sandton City  – Tel: (011) 783 3209
  • Pretoria – Menlyn Park Shopping Centre – Tel: (012) 368 1882
  • Moreletapark – Woodlands Boulevard – Tel: (012) 997 5956
  • Cape Town – Canal Walk – Tel: (021) 552 0077
  • East London – Hemingways Mall – Tel: (043) 721 3584
  • Roodepoort – Clearwater Mall – Tel: (011) 679 3718