10 Cool Items to Buy Overseas in 2018 – You Will Love These Innovations

Being a window shopper exposes you to all sorts of emotions on your weekly shopping trips. As you shop around looking for the latest item, you will be overwhelmed with admiration and good feelings when your eyes land upon a beautiful item that you would buy on the spot if you had the cash. Window shopping is not only relegated to a trip to a physical store or shopping mall, but you are unconsciously doing it when you check a passerby wearing a fashionable item or when you visit friends and neighbours to check the latest items in their house. In most cases, your admiration turns into a healthy type of jealousy and envy, which motivates you to enquire where they bought the items. The following items are not only cool but they are impressive and valuable, they will have your friends and neighbours talking, and since they are exclusive to developed markets, you might need to source them overseas:


DetraPel Liquid Repellent Spray – Makes your fabric resistant to stains and liquids for up to 12 months, saving you tons of washing.

DetraPel is a liquid solution that was invented by a 17 year-old young entrepreneur, David Zamarin. It is a solution that will make your fabric water-repellent and resistant to stains. Are you the type of person who hates washing your canvas sneakers every now and then? Then just buy DetraPel and spray it on your sneakers. The nano-liquid will fill the pores of the fabric, causing it to be stain-proof and water resistant. The good thing about this solution is that it doesn’t change the colour of your fabric and the texture will remain unaffected. As the manufacturers of the solution claim, DetraPel can protect and keep your material spot-free for up to 12 months. Now, that’s a long period of time which will make anybody happy, considering that many people would be satisfied with a solution that only lasts 2 months.

As demonstrated in the picture, DetraPel can work on various items such as sneakers, boots, ties and just about any solid material. The solution is also safe to use since its non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and biodegradable. These aspects make it a unique repellent, different from other types of repellents available on store shelves.

Price – $12.99

Outdoor Glass Covers/ Drink Tops

Outdoor Drink Covers / Tops will keep fruit flies, dust and leaves away.

Are you always bothered by flying bugs, dust and leaves that land in your drink when you are relaxing outdoors? Drink tops also known as outdoor glass covers are a simple yet innovative invention that will cause you to wonder why somebody had not thought about this in the last 20 years. This simple but essential item was developed by a mother who was tired of having her wine spoiled and polluted by fruit flies, dust and other airborne particles found in an outdoor environment. Linda Wachter, the founder of Coverware Essentials produces a wide range of drink tops for different types of glasses, but these are not just drink tops. The silicone tops are cleverly manufactured to keep a tight lead that maintains the drink temperature like a thermo flask. You can also use them as a mat or coaster for resting your beverage or drink.

Silicone tops are not disposable but they can be used multiple times. To benefit from these covers, you have to get the type that fits your glass diameter. There are tops for big glasses such as margarita glasses, as well as tops for small glasses.

Price – $19.95

PocketPalz Smartphone Holder

The PocketPalz smartphone holder sticks to any wall or solid surface

PocketPalz is a patented cellphone holder that can be stuck on any hard and solid surface. On first looks, you might under-estimate the usefulness of this simple item, but when you realize that most people damage their smartphones by accidentally dropping them, you will appreciate this phone holder. Modern smartphones have fragile touchscreens which are easily broken when dropped onto the floor, and there is nothing as disappointing as having your expensive phone damaged. To avoid one more cracked touchscreen in your life, simply get the PocketPalz holder.

This small holder can be taken anywhere with you wherever you go, at work, home, travelling or outdoors. People are so much attached to their phones, they will take the phone with them when taking a bath, working in the kitchen, sleeping or playing a game of tennis. However, among most people who accidentally drop phones from a table or bed, none of them ever thought of the risk they are taking. With PocketPalz, you can stick the holder on the nearest wall or furniture, and safely put your phone inside.

Price – $12.99

The Handcrafted Enchanted Ring

MySecretWood collection of beautiful handcrafted Enchanted Rings made of natural materials – Price starts from $95 per ring.

This unique and stunning ring handcrafted by MySecretWood is not diamond, gold or any precious metal, but its high level of craftsmanship and natural looks makes it worth more than any diamond ring you have ever laid your hands on.  The wood and resin ring is handcrafted to perfection using natural materials such as corals, moss, amber and flowers. The makers of this ring decided to manufacture their own rings after being disappointed with what was available on the market. You can choose from available selections or order a custom design. The company also produces amazing necklace pendants with stunning natural materials.

A beautiful necklace pendant from the same company – MySecretWood.


The X Suit for Men

X Suit in black and gray

The X Suit is a classy and comfortable suit for any man who is going to the workplace, business meeting, social event or any special occasion. However, the suit is not like any other suit. It has special qualities that give it an edge over other suits. The X Suit will make you look and feel good all the time because it is resistant to a lot of annoyances that plague a man in ordinary suit. The nanotechnology used in manufacturing the fabric ensures that it’s resistant to wrinkles, liquids, stains and odours. The slip on suit is made of nano-stretch fabric, there are pockets to put your phone and coins, and the seams are reinforced.

The X Suit cannot be tainted by stains and liquids. They just slip off the garment.

The most embarrassing thing when attending parties or functions is when somebody spills some liquid or drink on your suit. The X Suit is stain proof. The fabric will not absorb the stains, but they will be repelled from your garment like the same poles of a magnet. The stretch fabric affords comfort and flexibility in all positions and movements. The suit is a product of craftsmanship and it can be customized with up to 12 pockets to store your notebook, wallet, smartphone, business cards, pen, money, glasses, passport and other accessories. All the while, you will maintain a slim appearance.

Price – Complete outfit starting from $370


Coach Tote Bag for Ladies

A coach tote bag is a woman’s best friend because it’s a versatile bag that can afford her to walk, shop and carry things in style.

Price – $200

Diesel Men’s Leather Watch

Diesel Men’s DZ7345 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band

A watch that separates men from boys. If you are serious about style, class and brand names, this is the watch to go for.

Price – $124

OnePlus 3 and Moto X Pure

OnePlus 3 Smartphone – Price – $338

If you are tired of Samsung smartphones that everybody around you seems to be having, it’s time for you to switch to the most widely reviewed  and reasonably priced phones such as OnePlus 3 and Moto X Pure.

Motor X Pure by Motorola – Price – $338


Air Jordan 9 Retro OG

Air Jordan 9 Retro Released on 3 December 2016

Released last year in December 2016, the Air Jordan 9 Retro OG is a pair that sneaker fans would like to have at all costs. It comes in a white/true red-black color with style code 302370-112.

Price – $190

Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 Denim Corduroy to be released this year.

The Nike Air Max 90 is the latest model to be released this year.  Featuring the Japanese indigo design, the model comes in light-blue denim and corduroy material, white midsoles and gum outsoles.

Price – Not Available