The 2024 NSRI 4-Car Competition: Supporting a Lifesaving Cause

nsri competition

nsri competition

The 2024 NSRI 4-Car Competition: Supporting a Lifesaving Cause

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has unveiled the rules and particulars of the 2024 4-Car Competition, providing participants with an opportunity to contribute to the organization’s crucial lifesaving endeavors while also standing a chance to win exciting prizes. This competition, open to individuals aged 18 and above, is designed to generate funds for the NSRI’s essential operations along the South African coastline.

The competition will feature the selection of four winners by a representative from NSRI’s auditors, ensuring transparency and equity in the selection process. With multiple draws scheduled throughout the year, participants have several opportunities to secure one of the four prizes on offer. These prizes include high-value cars, offering the chance to drive away with a top-of-the-line vehicle.

Entries for the competition are capped at 45,000 tickets, each necessitating a minimum donation of R695 for eligibility. Participants are encouraged to acquire multiple tickets to enhance their chances of winning. The NSRI underscores that all prizes are tax-free, providing an added incentive for supporters to engage in this charitable initiative.

It is crucial to note that any prizes not claimed within 12 months of the winner being notified will be donated back to the NSRI, further underscoring the organization’s dedication to its cause. Furthermore, the NSRI’s auditing firm will oversee the competition, ensuring that any disputes are handled impartially and efficiently.

To participate in the 2024 NSRI 4-Car Competition and bolster the NSRI’s lifesaving initiatives, individuals can visit the official website to purchase their tickets. The competition presents a unique opportunity to effect change while potentially winning a valuable prize.

For further details on the competition, including comprehensive rules and entry requirements, interested parties can visit the NSRI website or contact the organization directly using the following contact details:

**Contact Information:**


**Phone:** +27 21 434 4011

Do not miss this chance to support the NSRI and potentially drive away in a brand-new car. Enter the 2024 NSRI 4-Car Competition today and contribute to saving lives on South African waters.