Ricardo Drools at Zodwa Wabantu’s Bottom While She is Sunbathing in Thongs

Ricardo Drools at Zodwa Wabantu’s Bottom While She is Sunbathing in Thongs


Zodwa 13 November 2021_CUT

Ricardo Looks at Zodwa

South Africa (Durban) – Zodwa Wabantu and Ricardo were spotted holidaying just off the coast on the Durban beach.  On a sunny day of 13 November 2021, the love birds went on an ocean excursion, revelling under the sun aboard a yacht and taking the opportunity to showcase their sponsor’s GO & FUN Green Energy drink, which they sipped like wealthy people on a vacation, playing some electro music in the background.  In a couple of pictures taken in the beach resort, Ricardo can seen looking at Zodwa’s rear with drooling eyes , while Zodwa is lost in the moment looking at the other side far into the ocean waters. Clearly, a lot of fantasies are running in his mind as he fixes his gaze of the beautiful site before him. Apparently, Zodwa uploaded the photo on her Instagram as well as Facebook with an amusing caption written “He is looking at it”J We block now negativity J imagine not seeing my posts J”.

The sultry dancer had her bottom rear to the camera while lying on the yacht deck, wearing a thong with blue stripes as well as a matching bra. Her younger boyfriend Ricardo was also wearing some blue tropical shorts and a blue scotch T-shirt.

In the same yacht scene, Zodwa captions a photo with the words: “A backbone is a symbol of strength in character, an unwillingness to be used or taken for granted, and a firm commitment to uphold one’s decisions and feelings. We’ve seen and heard of people who have a backbone, they are the strong ones, the ones who get what they want. My circle is so small because of my character.” Lol, can you believe this is Zodwa the scantily clad chick philosophizing about life? Maybe she is referring to her controversial career which many frown upon. It really requires a backbone to go into this trade. It’s not for the weak.

The last video taken on this Durban vacation shows the pair hugging and thumping to music like DJs on the yacht deck, enjoying or maybe mimicking the time of their lives. Zodwa captions this video with the message: “Life is so simple * We complicate it * Live it you won’t come out alive anyway J J J”

PICTURES: Ricardo Looks at Zodwa Wabantu’s Big Bottom in Thongs