Zodwa Wabantu Takes Off Clothes Reveals Big Backside While Taking a Covid-19 Jab in the Clinic

Zodwa Wabantu Takes Off Clothes Reveals Big Backside While Taking a Covid-19 Jab in the Clinic

Zodwa at Herwood Medical Centre

Zodwa at Herwood Medical Centre

South Africa (Fourways) – A video has emerged on social media [Facebook & Instagram] of Zodwa Wabantu fully uncovered while taking a Covid-19 jab at the Herwood Medical Centre in a sponsored post advertising the opening of the Vaccination Centres at 28 Waterloo Road, Bryanston, Sandton and Umhlanga Branch in Durban. The popular sultry and seductive stage perfomer looked excited and talkative while bending to take an injection on the backside. Ulezibunu ezinhle njalo ezigcweleyo lomfazi. Ngiyathemba iBen10 yakhe iyakholisa kakhulu ecansini. She can be seen inside the vaccine clinic teasing the audience and having some small talk with nurse while facing the camera:

“Okay nurse, give it a shot, give it a shot!!!”

She makes a tongue out and FY gesture before saying “I am tough like that!!” All the while checking out her backside.

As the nurse prepares to jab her backside, she says “Come closer because you think we are lying”

The nurse proceeds to inject the vaccine and Zodwa chants:

“Show them, show them, show them”

She winces “Yes, Yes” as the elderly nurse administers the vaccine shot, pulling out the hypodermic needle and using a cotton ball to apply pressure and prevent bruising.

Zodwa Wabantu then turns to the camera telling the audience she has done what is required of the law: “Okay guys, izinto ezisemthethweni!”

Apparently, this video was captured and used by state health authorities as part of a campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Celebrities and prominent people worldwide have been used to back and endorse the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

While taking the jab, Zodwa’s backside and lower body was completely uncovered, wearing a tight striped crop top, no pants and cool sneakers matching her top. These are the types of daring antics that have made Zodwa famous all over South Africa and the continent. She definitely understands what it takes to draw attention.

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