Coricraft Furniture Store, Factory Shop and Offers

Coricraft Collections – 2 Seater Leather Couch

Coricraft is a furniture store which is well-known for manufacturing high quality leather couches, but it also supplies other types of home furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, headboards, cabinets, desks and accessories. The store was founded in Cape Town, South Africa. It changed hands in 2005 when it was acquired by new owners who set up their head offices in Epping and Sandton. The present-day Coricraft is a huge organization with 53 stores in South Africa, and a few stores in Namibia and Botswana. The Gauteng province takes the lead with 30 stores, followed by the Western Cape with 8 stores. KZN is closely behind with 7 stores. There are 4 Coricraft clearance centres situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KZN and Western Cape. These centres also function as collection warehouses or factory shops.

So what makes Coricraft factory shops different from other furniture manufacturers? The traditional couch manufacturing process at Coricraft makes use of 100% genuine leather, which is applied on a wide range of furniture items in stylish creations that give a unique feel to your living room, dining room, bedroom and studio. The customer is given an option to choose a specific type of material other than leather. The range of options that a customer can have goes beyond the choice of materials – you can choose colour, upholstery requirements and texture, from classic leather to an exotic touch.

Coricraft Latest Unpacked Furniture

If you are interested in the latest range that is offered by Coricraft, you have to check the just-unpacked collection. Here, you will find fantastic furniture designs and accessories, ranging from recliner slouches to ashed vases. Art pieces such as checkerboard oil paintings, Bari antlers, Chevelle horses and Buddahs are also found in this section.

 How to Shop on Coricraft

In order to get the most out of the Coricraft online store, you have to use the product filters that allow you to find the exact items that you are looking for. These are the category, attribute, price, textile and size filters. The textile filter allows you to choose the desired fabric and the attribute filter allows you to choose appropriate items for your dining, living and bedroom.

Coricraft Deals and Offers

The benefits of shopping at Coricraft furniture stores is that you don’t always need to pay the full price. There are promotional deals left and right, that you can take advantage of. Just by visiting the online store on a regular basis, you will find price discounts in the form of product launches, vouchers and seasonal sales. Promotions are featured on the home page. Combo furniture sets for the dining and living room have their price reduced by as much as N$3,000.

Social Media Furniture Deals

Coricraft deals and promotions are also featured on the company’s Facebook and Twitter Pages. Follow the Twitter page and join the Facebook page to receive daily updates on furniture savings opportunities. The key to get bargains is to be a regular buyer at the store. When your purchase exceeds a minimum amount, you will save at least R1,000 on furniture. As an example, the “Buy More Save More” promotion rewards buyers with a R1,000 discount for R10,000 minimum purchase, R3,000 for R20,000 minimum purchase and R5,000 for R30,000 minimum purchase.

You should also watch out for Best Value promotions that are posted on a regular basis on Twitter and Facebook Pages. In these promotions, you will find 2 seater slipover couches for only R6,995, leather couches for R8,995, Etosha recliner for R9,995, Moka dining combo consisting of 8 chairs and table for R15,995 and so on.

Coricraft Card

The Coricraft card provides more savings opportunities for people who register a customer account at the store. You don’t need to visit your nearest store to apply for a store card, but you can submit your application online. Visit the online store and click the “Apply” link on this page. Follow the instructions and collect your card at the store when it has been processed.

The advantage of getting a store card is that you can buy selected furniture products at a lower price that you would if you didn’t have the card. The card comes with a lot of promotional benefits, and you have to take it to the store with you all the time. For the first 6 months, no interest is charged on your purchases when you buy with a store card at the POS machine.

A Coricraft store card allows you to join the RCS shopping network with more than 600 stores in South Africa. This technically allows you to use your card at any of the stores that are affiliated with RCS. These are stores like Aldo, Bata, Adidas, American Swiss, Checkers, AutoZone, Buildit and Bosch Service among others.

Whenever you want to check your card balance, you should log into the online account that you registered for at

Coricraft Catalogue

The latest catalogues and collections of furniture offerings can be found on the company’s web store. They are also distributed in several shops in South Africa and on online platforms such as Tiendeo.

Coricraft Factory Shops and Stores

Coricraft has a lot of stores scattered in South Africa, including factory shops and clearances houses. To find a store in your area, visit the store locator.