Clicks Specials and Offers South Africa

Clicks SA Website

Clicks SA Website

Clicks Groups of companies is a grand healthcare retail group that registered the JSE Limited in 1996. It is one of the leading healthcare retail brands that have enlarged its industry to beauty care, household, toiletry and gifts. This group has more than 650 stores crosswise South Africa. Clicks Group is leading healthcare market with the longest pharmacy retail chain running around for the customers. The company gives specials and offers which vary from season to season. This season, they have brought many special offers given below:

Grand Offer

The company is celebrating its 125 years of success with its customers which are each successful firm’s way to celebrate the growth. So, the company is giving grand offer in form of cash prizes and other presents. The total value of the prize is R125000; the customers can win Philip products equal to the amount. All they have to do is to buy a Philip household or personal care appliance and have their name in the quiz to win lots of things and cash prizes.

Discount Offer

Around 30% off on various pharmacy and beauty products is the company’s discount offer. The offer works with only selected items on the website, besides it has limited time period.

Mix and Match

Buy three selected products and match them, send them and get the most inexpensive free. The items, which the offer is applied on, must be purchased in 3 numbers to match the same items. A limited time period for the offer!

Bulk Offer

Bulk offers give minimum 2 products of the same brand for only one price. The offer is applied to limited stock but to a host of things. Another limited offer!

3 for 2 Offers

This offer means that the customers who buy three of the selected items for the special will have bear cost of only 2 of them. Besides selected things, this offer will not apply.

ClubCard Offers

Through these offers, the customers can win cashback prizes by winning ClubCard points. The offer is only for selected sale items on the website. Though the offer is for only selected stock, the stock has variety and large set of items.

Buy One and Get One Free Offer

Through this product, when a customer will buy the selected product on the website, another same product will be gifted to him. He will have to pay nothing for the free product. For all selected items, when you will purchase one, you will get one for no cost.

Online Only Offers

These offers are limited to online customers only. Those who purchase through online website can avail this. It is also a limited time offer for only online consumers.

Deal Offers

Save on deals, like purchase household set on discounted price.  This package is also for selected products, for limited time period.

All the packages by the company are restricted to the season. For the next season, the offers might vanish and replace fresh offers and new packages for the customers.