Shoprite Checkers Competition

Shoprite Win a Car Competition

The Shoprite Group owns Checkers stores in South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa. The majority of people prefer to shop at Shoprite supermarkets rather than Checkers stores because the prices are much more affordable. If you need richer and better supplies, or a bunch of fresh goods, you will have to visit Checkers, although the prices are slightly higher.

By participating in a Shoprite Checkers competition, you can win a car, shopping vouchers or a supply of brand products from the shops. From September towards the end of the year, you can find a lot of competitions to join, including the New Year.

Besides the opportunity to win a car each year, Shoprite also runs the biggest competition of all – the “Class Of” competition where more than R5 million in school fees has already been won and shared between hundreds of learners in various schools across South Africa.

Shoprite Win a Car Competition

This is a competition that many people are looking forward to because the prize is a vehicle. It’s not only one vehicle, but 150 cars will be won by lucky participants. Various hatchback and compact models from VW, Toyota, Nissan, KIA, Honda etc are up for grabs. You may win a VW Up in one year, the following year might be a KIA Rio hatchback or Opel Corsa bakkie. There is no better way to celebrate the festive season than winning a new car.

In 2016, Shoprite had 150 VW Up hatchbacks for competition winners. The competition started on the 28th of November and culminated on 24 December. Between this period, 150 lucky winners were chosen on daily basis.

To enter the car competition, you simply have to buy items worth at least R100 from any Shoprite or Checkers supermarket. Alternatively, you can also buy any participating brand listed below. Buying items valued at R100 plus any participating product will enable you to enter the competition twice. After purchasing the items, you should write your name and cellphone number on the receipt. Drop the receipt in the competition box inside the store. Alternatively, you can enter the competition via your mobile phone. Dial the USSD code on the receipt. If you meet the requirements, you will receive an instant mobile notification advising you of a successful entry. Participants can enter the competition as many times as they can, but entries are limited to only two per day.

List of Participating Brands

  1. Oros
  2. Maynards
  3. Enterprise
  4. Albany
  5. Ace
  6. Tastic
  7. Fattis
  8. Golden Cloud
  9. Jungle
  10. Morvite
  11. Ace Instant
  12. All Gold
  13. Crosse & Blackwell
  14. KOO
  15. Black Cat
  16. Doom
  17. Ingram’s
  18. Sunlight (Powders Handwash and Auto/Dishwash Liquids and other HHC Lines included under the Sunlight brand)
  19. Omo Powders Handwash and Auto
  20. Surf Powders Handwash and Auto
  21. Ricoffy
  22. Cremora
  23. Nescafe Cappucinos
  24. Nestle Quality Streets
  25. Ultramel Custard 1L
  26. Nutriday Smooth Yoghurt – 6 x 100g Smooth


Win Shoprite Vouchers

Shoppers may participate in the Shoprite Voucher competition which is held around the end of September each year. Brands will give away a supply of products to winners, including vouchers to spend on selected products.

Win School Fees Voucher (Essay/Drawing Competition)

The Shoprite “Class Of” competition comes with the biggest prize valued at R5 million, that has to be shared between 420 lucky students around the country.

To enter the competition, you have to be a learner at a Primary, Secondary or High school. Learners in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to participate. Participants are required to write an essay or draw a picture of what they aspire to be when they grow up. Basically, the learner has to write about his or her future goals and ambitions in adult life.

As an example, some of the winners of the Shoprite Class of 2016 competition are Aaron Nzenzo, Levontai Prince and Thaakira Baradien who want to be a president, surgeon and teacher respectively.

There are more than 420 winners overall, so you have a chance at claiming a prize if your essay or drawing is creative, imaginative and impressive to the adjudication panel.

Parents should be eager to see their children participating in this competition because it’s an opportunity to get free tuition for your kids. Imagine spending a year without worrying about school fees. You will save a lot of money and you can have peace of mind knowing that your kid will not be sent away because of non-payment.

Every learner who is interested in joining this competition, should download entry forms on the Shoprite store or you can visit your nearest store to get the forms.