4 Ways to Contact a Company Offline Effectively Using Traditional Methods


4 Ways to Contact a Company Offline Effectively Using Traditional Methods_Customer Service

Digital Telephone

When you have exhausted all channels to contact a company online, then you should try to contact them using traditional methods. A lot of companies will not take you seriously if you can’t pick up the phone or pitch up at their office. Modern methods of contact such as email, live chat and Skype are convenient for most people who grew up in the digital age but there are companies out there that put more value on traditional interactions. Here are 4 ways to contact a company using traditional methods:

Pick Up the Telephone

Telephone is an effective method of getting the attention of customer support. If you have the support number, then call them directly from your mobile phone or landline. If you don’t have the number, take a look on their website. Depending on where you stay, the line might be a toll-free number or 1-800 number. Most companies will offer a toll-free number that is dedicated to customer support and potential leads. A toll-free number is ideal because it encourages a client to call the company without incurring any call charges. A toll-free number will not work if you are outside the toll-free zone, for example if you stay in Japan or Australia, and you are dealing with a US-based firm, you will not be able to benefit from free calls. In this case, when you call a US firm from Australia, your calls will be charged by the Telecoms Company at international rates. That’s why it’s much better to deal with a local company.

How to Find a Telephone Number

Sometimes it’s tough find a phone number of a company that you want to contact. If you can’t find it on the company’s online properties, then you should check a Local Telephone Directory. In most developed countries, A Local Phone Directory can be found online. Just do a Google SEARCH and you might find a free directory that doesn’t require you to pay a fee. You shouldn’t pay to access an online directory unless you have exhausted all free directories.

Besides the internet, you can find a Phone Number Directory at a local post office or Telecom shop. Depending on where you stay, a Telecom company usually prints volumes of directories each year. These directories are very detailed and thick, with hundreds of pages listing contact details of local businesses and residents. An annual directory is distributed freely to consumers but some companies may charge for it. In order to avoid paying for a phone directory, you must look for directories issued by government companies (parastatals) and local authorities such as Town Councils.


Find the Fax Number

Sending fax to a company may look like an old-fashioned thing but a fax can get the attention of the Administration much better than email or telephone. Since most people will not think of sending fax, when a company does receive fax, they will treat it like a VIP message. When a secretary or office desk assistant gets a fax, the first thought is to show it to the Manager. Fax has a powerful effect, there is something special about it, and its every effective in relaying a sense of emergency. To find a Fax Number, you must browse through a local telephone directory.

Visit the Office

Visiting the office should be a last option, but if it’s a local company that you are dealing with, making an appointment with the Support Manager is a responsible thing to do. However, you won’t be able to visit the office if it’s overseas, so you should remove this idea from your options. Before visiting the office, you must call the receptionist to make an appointment because the Support Manager (Administrator) might be away on holiday or attending a business meeting .Besides, it’s a professional thing to make an appointment rather than pitching up at the office without notice. If you really feel like going to the office today to solve the matter, then you should go there under the pretense of making an appointment. The receptionist will give you a date, but of course you should tell her that it’s urgent. Receptionists and secretaries are very good at convincing their bosses, so never underestimate them or disrespect them.

Talk To a Friend Who Works at the Company

A lot of companies are anything but too eager to listen to concerns and recommendations from insiders who work for them. This is how a lot of people find jobs, an employee who works at company XYZ will recommend a friend to her boss. Most Managers will be happy to know that one of their employees is a friend of the company’s client, and they will be willing to listen to the client because of that. The Support Manager may discuss the matter with the employee or invite the friend to the office. The matter is usually fixed as soon as possible because of the employee’s involvement. So friends can really help you when all else has failed.