Tag: Dreads for Women

Beautiful South African Woman with Over-The-Shoulder Dreads

Majestic dreads over 36 inches long. An office woman from South Africa looks beautiful and diva-like in long golden streak dreads flowing over her shoulders. The nicely done and thick dreads match perfectly well with her light brown skin and the blue top knot bun is a good match for the jean shirt. This is …

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Pretty South African Babe in Long Dreads and Ripped Jeans

A black female South African youth spotting some Tomboy Bad Girl swag. Whatever a pretty girl wears she always looks good. This young dreadlocked woman is looking cool and attractive in stylish ripped and washed out jeans. Ripped jeans are popular with today’s youth who believe in freedom of expression and making a statement through …

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Beautiful Light Skinned South African Girl with Afro Dreads

  You have to love the morning attire for this light skinned South African girl. She looks pretty, cute and amazing while 90% covered. And you have to love her afro dreads hairstyle that fits in well with her oval face shape. This is what confidence is all about, not afraid to dress decently just …

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Chicy and Pretty South African Girl with Swag

  Looking chicy,sophisticated and smart,this pretty South African girl got swag.Everything is perfect – a tight fitting dark blue top with long neck,clean and sharp dreads that are well taken care of,face matching eyebrows and glasses, perfect red lipstick,cute oval face and lips and the necklace is on point.